Monday, December 28, 2009

I'd Like To...

Like to take a moment here and thank all my readers over the years. All of their cards and letters have been such an inspiration. Here this early morning, it is dark and cool. It should have rained yesterday but might today instead. Or, it rained somewhere else yesterday and we won't have to worry about any thing like that today or at any other time soon. Just like to say thanks and looking forward to the new year. Hope to have some days with y'all to share what's going on with you then. Be good. Be safe. Keep in tune.
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Saturday, December 05, 2009


I'm proud of what I do. I'm grateful to work where I work.
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Thursday, December 03, 2009


Thursday, I can't say I don't care about you but I really am tired and though you are my Friday, my week's end, and even I can't seem to sustain the illusion I am certainly more than the sum of my parts, which are just a guy who works the rides, I must say, I'm never going to give it up. You'll have to jerk me out, kicking and screaming. You'll have to over-power/force me out. I hope I'll never go willingly. I want forever to be known as the best writer of my kind, though I may never be able to have, in my lifetime, that moniker as my actual title thing, only source of income, never be able to have that as my only job, have it plentiful in payoff, and satisfy my soul. (I'll have of course the travel to Asia and promote Whisky, Clothing, Paper and Writing instruments on the side to supplement my income of course. That goes without saying, and is beyond reproach, what I, as a man, must do.) Yes, Thursday, you, like any one, thing, place, all are fodder, grist, muse for my mill! I love you, by and large. Thank You.
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Spicy Chocolate Coffee

Take a large piece of your favorite chocolate to fit and slip into a large mug of Pike Place coffee, but before pouring, get a generous heap of some powdered Pico de Gallo, or some like "spice," and cover the chocolate piece at the bottom of the mug, then pour it on, your pipin' hot coffee o' the day, and stir till the chocolate has disappeared. Sit back with friends or in solidad, and enjoy this gift from the Mayans.
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Monday, November 09, 2009

I Am In Pain

Both mental and physical I am in pain. Not like a lot of people, mine is simple and mundane. Most people to hear it would shrug, toss it off and say if any thing at all, what's the big deal? Join the club. My point is I don't want to. This is not for me. Not that it can't happen or denial: this is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening (As tempting as this is, I've tried it!).
It hurts! I am in pain and there's nothing to do but ride it out. I could spend money on doctors, face horror of horrors in embarrassing situations, but I'd rather not. I'd rather not. So publicly I share it. Spock (TV character on Star Trek, TOS) once told actress Jill Ireland (I forget her name in this episode with "The Spores".) "We all live in our own self-made hell's. Mine can be no worse than any other." I'd like to think it was a line written my that master of the tale then: D.C. Fontana, she was a genius!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Boy's Spanish is Pretty Good

Well now I would not say that, but certainly I'd like to give it a go. Learn some rules, languages, jump in and swim.
We're here amongst agave and other sundry huddled against Mexico's mountain range known as the Sierra Madre. Northwest of Mexico City. And just a 3 hour drive to Puerto Vallarta, about 5 thousand, 2 hundred feet above sea level.
Been here 5 days already. Today is the first day I've worn shorts. It's been too cool for me and we've been under the weather since before coming. I'm okay though. Getting by, getting by.
Not doing much. Don't want to. Can't afford it any way. No Spanish (Castilian or other) fluency, and tons of general fear of being incapable of negotiating buses; routes, maps, timetables; my own sense or body needs...ah who knows, you know? Best deal here now and all is to sit read write and chillax, right? Right.
I'm writing on this thing and am doing so like a duck takes to water. What could be mas bueno?
Ya tu sabe. Salud Amigos.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

If I Can Just...

Maintain, maintain, maintain! Take an energy pill, eh? What in the hell tore up your tummy besides Salsa, Corn chips, and Beer of unknown Vintage and brew properties, that was your snack and bebidas on the plane from LAX to GDL this morning/last night. Well, next Friday's Eight A.M. Departure will be ... What? Besides only a skosh of nervousness/fear did it for us back then aboard the all gray leather seats throughout Smilin' Eskimo's was an easy trip down here. Flew on by. I was just surmising (if that's correct) I should have more stamina now...and I do, but golly, FEAR too, STILL! And gosh darn it all, now the fuzzy feeling of falling every now and again. Guess it's from lack of sleep. Hope I can really sleep-in, tomorrow. Willing ready and able to give it a try. Last I was here I had a Carbuncle the size of a golfball on my neck. Travelled here in May in all times past. Every thing's brown then. Verdant now. Odd. Bellissima now too and unknown to me. But I like it. P.S. Surprise I saved for myself is was waiting till on the plane for headset work. Poo! Didn't work. Oh well. There's Wal+Mart in town. Must have workin' earpieces there if not at some other local place.
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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Left Ear Clicks As Does Right

My right ear has been clicking clear of late. Ringing is most always around. Tonight my left ear is plugged; not very fun. At least we've no dizzyness.
Called Dad. Bad connection. Horrible buzz. Barely heard Dad. But Dad heard me. Told him I'd get on the computer and use Skype. After one two three tries, it worked. Found out it's hot there and cool at night. Green and rainy season is over. Oh well. Maybe it'll stay green for my stay. Wish me luck.
I've bought a bunch of crap but useful stuff, from Walgreen's tonight, after getting that Instant Coffee they have for sample free this weekend from Starbucks. November Vanity Fair and lighter fluid, cotton balls, sun-block, toothpaste, hand-cleaner, cool new gloves for pool pole work and ah, the junk in the pool this afternoon as a direct result of the wind. So much to do with the house...and what the crap all else here. Got cotton balls from the grocery store before where I got bananas and meat from the Deli counter. Not Walgreen's like I said. The meat (Turkey-Jenny-O.) A buck less from the usual per lb I get and have gotten for years, but so big the slices...will just have to use only a couple of pieces and flop them over on the bread. Time for bed. Enough for now. Wish me luck. Late start tomorrow and then early start the day after, FUN!
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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Where We Weren't Yesterday

We're here in Little Tokyo getting massages just down the street from where Venkman's used to be. That place of ol' Los Angeles where only Piute Indians dined. No, that's not so. It was near the Coca-Cola bottling plant, that looked like some ginormous Deco steamship.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Motivation, and how to get it. How to utilize this handy tool (instead of handling your own all the time till you've got scabs or at least until you need glasses), to get even more.
This will be the subject of our discussion over the next several seconds; minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, to come.
Remind me about it from time to time. I'll get back to you. I have to step out just now. There's an urgent matter elsewhere, which I have to attend to right away...
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Farcical Aquatic Twit

How about this then: The true story, autobiographical telling of the ultimate loser. A loner who has no purpose or function in life. But get this, it has a happy ending and it's not done in suicide.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Have half a mind to go hiking in the woods right now, but of course as I write this (if one can call this hunt and peck w/thumbs writing) one needs to sit on a rock outcropping and log. Perhaps one day will come when I can do just that, maybe that will cure it.
Snot flows down back of throat, ears clear, and ringing isn't so bad, but when I walk today, the disequalibrium is pronounced to feel like the water level in the glass going back and forth, just so. Precisely. Like a film show. Back and forth.
It's a combination of many things perhaps. Stiff neck due to sleep/snoring. Sinuses...problems there. Snoring. Stiff neck muscles/blood flow or lack thereof. Allergies. And they all revert one to the other.
6 of 750 mg NAC (n- acetyl cysteine) in the morning and once again at night. Supposed to help clear out sinuses. I am my own doctor in/on this. Practising on me, on my own.
There was time yesterday that I was out of the woods, into the light. Over it. But every time I noticed it wasn't, it was once again, just a little bit, ever so slightly. What is up with this malady?
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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Strange Weekend

Over now, my MOST expensive one in quite a while. Don't know HOW I'm going to pay for it all. Don't know quite how all these women I visited reconcile their "day's" without some odd/bizarre ablutions. Just don't see it.
How it is I so wish I could write to you openly and honestly and not bore you to tears.
I want to tell you how poor and stupid I am and how out of control as well. And how simple it'd be if I could just get my self going where it needs, where it really SHOULD be going, it'd be so much easier, no?
I just want to be able to get going with some money and creativity and get done, some of the basics of love, and sex, and work/job/whatever, to be able to afford it all.
How difficult does it have to be? Life can't be all LAME, can it?
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Monday, August 31, 2009


Been bitchy about bitching about not reading so much of late. And finally I am capable of professing here loud and clear that I have in fact plowed or systematically been through some books.
Enjoyed What If Our World Was Their Heaven, Interviews with Philip Kindred Dick. Countless Manga and Manwha titles. Finally completed St. Leon, by William Godwin, the book that launched others. Notably, Frankenstein, by Godwin's daughter, Mary Shelly. And I'm about to finish Ancient Gonzo Wisdom, Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson. His last "book" Mutineer, will be out in late October, but if we're lucky, it will be early, and I'll be able to carry it with me to Mexico for my trip. But I'd really rather have finished The Plumed Serpent, by D.H.Lawrence. Bought and started that one prior to several trips to Mexico, several years ago it seems to me. There are plenty more where that came from and not, which I'm determined to finish before I die a horrible death of natural causes. I HAVE to finish!
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fw: A Few Quick Notes: From This Week

Subject: A Few Quick Notes: From This Week

AUG. 23:

Are you still around? Ever thinking of California? It's "different" out here now. Folks are dead, grown up, or married w/children.


Mom's gone now. Probably well into sleep in her stateroom by now. Hope so. Met her this morning at 2.30, and I had been in bed for a few hours. She had not.


AUG. 27, THUR.

My Friday

It was a great week for us by and by. We'll see if I can handle a bit of "self imposed" style dehydration, as opposed to the just being at work and what's wrong with me re: "dizzyness".

I think it's the weather change/allergy bit what really does this "dis-equalibrium" thing inside, and I believe water exercise and LOTS of NAC will do the trick to rid my body of this irritating nonsense.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009 2016? I MUST GO TO JAPAN!!

in Odaiba trying to find @ellouis on Twitpic

What Do I Want To Do Now?

That I am insane and I owe my mother much more than my life right now and that I should either be locked up or tortured or killed quietly on the side, very quickly and painlessly right now for being such a pain in the ass dickhead of a son all these 17 plus years? Yes, but so what? I'm here and it really should stand for something that here we are and there HAS to be SOMETHING for me to do besides blow up in anger every whatever it is, have painful, crippling sciatica every whenever, and labyrinthitis or whatever this nauseating dizzyspell-nesses every whenever as well. Happy Ramadan every one!
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Is & What Should Be

Okay, so we know that they'll soon be selling us these mp3 micro data cards w/music loaded soon, but what's next? We've got to get in on that in order to make any real "dent" in life.
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Monday, August 17, 2009


Contrary to what Kurt & Chrissie have told you, the real reason we're here, is to sit, read, and meditate...and write occasionally, but not necessarily to publish, and for sure NEVER play music while you read. That's for public transportation over your ear buds.

Friday, August 07, 2009

That There Will Be A New Post

Come the New Sun, there will be a new post, preferably on the morrow, with the mobile unit. The "fact" remains to be seen. As always. As it always will. Buena Suerte.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Mood Is Right

I can write here while micturating. Ol' "Ernst" would be proud. One hand thumb typing while true sentence back there, a bit slow, but accurate as hell w/out too many tries. I say as I screw up some again. Tired but not enough to get off this thing.
The deal is to write or to read with this thing and so far it's just been Facebook commentaries, a few text messages, and some emails. I mean I've put on some voice notes and some text, and have taken some cool photos, but haven't gotten writing software going.
Sent my short and quickly expiring July Journal here, and it exists in an email to Nick, but I cannot as of yet get my nut around this Niagra machina to cough up some writing fun! Slightly numbing. I just attempted a "media" load on/through my PC via this here "mobile", but nothing doing!!!!!!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Monday

I can't say as how much I appreciate what and how much I have. I may be the most lucky person in the world.
I can swim alone in the morning while it's dark, without having to wait. I can then shave right after without waiting.
Then I go to work in my own car I am paying for myself.
In a word, it's perfect. I feel real spoiled. What am I doing or have I done to deserve such a wonderful life?
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Journal Entry For The Day...Thus Far

SATURDAY, JULY 18th, 2009
1. You must write.
2. You must finish what you write.
3. You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order.
4. You must put the work on the market.
5. You must keep the work on the market until it is sold.
These are from Robert A. Heinlein, his “rules for writing speculative fiction,”
written in 1947. Still hold true for today I think. Powell agrees with all of them except for #3. But, I just don’t think he read it properly…but he (Powell) said on his blog that his earlier drafts are a bit rough, and need some re-writes. Every one’s does…and I think what Heinlein meant was that, it’s too easily ruined, every piece of writing if the writer has a critical eye of any kind, to destroy a work through too much go through.
I have my smart phone now. It was a harrowing day getting it. We’re going to go to maybe one or three stores and just went to one and just getting the bit down to go to a place to eat first was a pain in the arse. Then, in the store, I’m asked a question by my mother and she doesn’t like or doesn’t get my answer and then makes this: “That’s what I wanted to know,” comment when finally I spoke the words and way she needed to hear what she was asking, and I just went off. Cussing and criticizing how arrogant she comes across as, and how I do too…that I hate her doing it and I hate me doing it…and she was trying to get me to calm down and I just sat down and cooled off. Didn’t do any breathing exercises or any thing…just, I cooled off. Glad. Grateful.
The day was fine, I’d decided to get my self a phone. I heard her talk and was told that we’d try to get a two for one…and later I told her that, I’d do it, I thought, but only if she would NOT ask me to help her with her phone, because I would have to go through the shit and I’m NOT going to do that; getting mad at her, her not listening to me, etc. For get it.
Yoga, I was late for because the deal came about that the pass was for 7 days, not 7 sessions, like I’d planned, or thought…and they let me go but I was late, and for the second time in a row and it derailed me. I hated it. I couldn’t concentrate…people kept coming into the class late and it was an annoying thing. I can’t. I can’t. I kept saying about all these simple poses…and just…I had to get up and leave and it was awful.
On the way home I saw a cat that had had it’s right rear paw or leg freshly fucked up, in traffic, and facing east and crying like mad. Fuck this shit! I almost drove to a massage place but figured I need my money, I might just plop down cash for this thing…the “rebate” is a mail in. Fuckers! There was 2 amounts of $50.00 off of the purchase, and it came in at (Because they charged tax on the full phone price: the fuckers!) $219.99, and there will be a $70.00 "very-zone-e" Debit Card, with that amount on it coming from, who knows where. The rebate had me mail two items with specificity to an errant P.O. Box in El Paso, TX. But I bet I get the card/rebate, from New York or Florida or Maine for some dumb-arse reason.
YES, I mailed the original receipt plus the cut off cardboard serial number etc card on the side of my box, destroying the fucker for good (in order to return the thing, 30 days, whatever, you have to have the original packaging, etc.), so, it’s my phone for sure now, eh? Like it or don’t!
But, I do. I think there’s a duplicate with the email. As far as, I get my mail already on it, and can get and did load but well, what do I need the thing twice for? I’ll check on it. I have my gmail account, which I never use and my excite account, I’ve not had success loading. I loaded up Opera Mini…but it won’t allow me to type a lower case letter for the first letter of the email/password entry to get into Facebook! How lame is that? Because, my email and password are NOT capitalized on the first word, or any, and so that sucks. But, whatever. I’ve set my alarm. I’ve got a couple of photos taken.
I can’t send mms. Which is a photo with the text message over the phone, but can go through the motions as if I could, which means I can take a photo and get a photo and track ball through the menu to send it, but, maybe it’s just that the recipient (my sister) doesn’t have that capability. I’ll try it with Bim Budless. He has the storm, and it might at least work that way.

Friday, June 12, 2009


If true, the legend, that, oh, back in 74' the last it was that there was a game 7 in the Stanley Cup Playoff...and, I think: 71 that, the Visitors "WON", well, I hope that, in this year, on this day, it can happen. It would make me and a lot of other Hockey Fans HAPPY!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009


So what? I love the Penguins, you know? But so what? If they don't WIN game 5 on Saturday, they are DOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Is supposedly available via:

And I guess you'll have to select and copy and paste that in your browser, because it's not friendly here. Sorry about that chief. Oh well. Please buy my book. I have had a major connipition getting the damn thing together. It wouldn't put on my photo and it just selected it and sat there and then my damn computer would not shut down the windows or close programs fast enough for me....I blew the fuck up. Real pissed. I'm head-achy. 9.56 P.M. Pacific, and I'm still hot in the head. The SOJU didn't help. I was getting all head-achy just putting the file in order...real pain in the ass. Gat-dammit! My head is yelling at me. I hurt like a man in terminal cancer stages or some thing...I need some rice milk and magnesium and slumber. OUCH. Gat-dammit!!! FUCK! BUY MY BOOK NOW BEFORE I'M DEAD!!

This is the link. I apologize if you have to copy cut and paste, but, it IS worth it. Do it now. Order. I have.

Thanks. Lots of love, William McKenzie Neal.



Soon you'll have to go to LULU.COM and buy my book. It's a novella called RATS WITH WINGS. Hope is all the ugly stuff will be sorted out right quick, just as fast as I can get all the text arranged like I prefer...once loaded, who knows? I've never done this before, but I do want my work out there and certainly no one I know is going to do it for me, so, you know, I have to do every thing all by my self. KINDLE here I come. Watch out. Find out. Look for me. BUY ME BUY ME BUY ME BUY ME!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Add Photo. Test See. Where's That Writerly Photo?

OKAY, here's this, a photo, right? From Acapulco, MX., this past week's end, I'll have to put in vacation time for the next holiday. Was going to go for 2 weeks in October, but really, I prefer one then and another in January, and this is the time to do it. I would like to take a solo (rail travel) trip for Vegas, (The Nevada one, not New Mexico, not that there's any thing wrong with it.), just in order that I may hang out for a while, get my bearings...might work, could bring others, doubt it'll happen, (the others bit), but you never know!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Have had SO much food and liquid today. I feel bloated, full, and yet, somewhat empty. Simply put, it's a knowledge here that all this is just temporary and it will be replaced with the stagnant sameness that was once before...after of course what could be terrible or just all right or okay on the way back, a couple of aeroplane trips. One from PIT to IAH and one from IAH to SNA.
Went onto the Strip today, had a pastry that had spinach and goat cheese but before that it was a cheese omelette, potatoes and rye toast and coffee over ice. I also had a pastry with cinnamon/powdered sugar, and some kind of cream inside it. Started the day off with one glass of water, 2 glasses of grapefruit juice (Florida's Natural Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice of course.), a Gala apple and a banana.
Then we took off to Mt. Lebanon (LEB-en-nen), for a bit of some ATM action for one member in our group, and some health food store shopping as well. Picked up Vitamin E (dry e, with lecithin and selenium) and some NAC. I'd run out at home...and so, there we go. But, going to the strip, it was incredible. I could have walked away with 2 shirts. A distressed silkscreen iron on a black shirt to express my support for the PENS (Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Team), and or a RED POLO shirt, in English with POLISH: Polska, and the country's flag/bird icon thing on it. I didn't. Don't know exactly why and really, it doesn't matter, but somehow it seems we cannot some how rid it from the synapse. Perhaps tomorrow when we visit (for the second time) PNC park, to watch the Pirates play, I'll be able to find a vendor on the street selling some less than 20.00 t-shirt with Penguins on it...hope is with the proper coloring. I saw another one, a gray one but it didn't come in my size. Oh well.
There was a great steak burger or something I don't know later on, after going to a place in the Strip area that served Red Seal Ale and a Rye Pale Ale I really enjoyed...also tried Anderson Valley's Summer Solstice or something like that as well. Very good. The burger and that simply sinful cinnamon pastry thing I went for later...we put in 5 dollars on the Preakness and I lost four. Won only a dollar. My horse came in third. Not bad. Just a simple bet/pool/thing here at home, South Hills area of Western Pennsylvania.
AH--To tomorrow...I guess.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Time It Requires

"By the time I get to Phoenix, she'll be rising..." --Jimmy Webb
It occurred to me the other day when I was in Mexico City, MX., at the "International Airport", that we have here a great opportunity to relax and count one's blessings.
I mean, because not only are we not "sick", but we've just come off a 2 week "sickness", and we didn't know exactly "what" in the world it was. I mean I found it odd personally that someone died right next to the President of the United States when he visited a archeological "dig" in Mexico City and then all of a sudden all hell broke loose with this "pig" virus. People were "sick" all over the place prior to that and it was just "uncanny". Leave alone pot smokers with their "paranoia" or speed takers with "theirs", you know? Just, you know, strange, to say the least. Any way, we'll be on the road soon and hope is we'll be able to test drive this Eee PC 1000 HEB "notebook" I'll call it, on the road...get on line, post blogs, twitter, email, etc. Who knows, it might even catch my home world rss feeds. We'll see. That's all for now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What To Do. Technology STILL screwing YOU!?

This is really frustrating...I clicked on and saved or copied a link or page or image and when I came to this page, it didn't PASTE, because it wasn't THERE!!!

snks_skyscraper.jpg 120×600)

It won't work, perhaps it'll work.

Friday, March 13, 2009


And it would appear that we are here and that there is a film screening next THURSDAY, THE 19th of March at the Westside Pavilion at 7.5 (P.M.) of the film entitled: ADVENTURELAND, which is custom assembled for people who work THEME parks. It stars: (Intentionally Left Blank) and (Intentionally Left Blank) and (Intentionally Left Blank) . So, you shouldn't miss it! But seriously folks, what limited release or whatever could this independent feature secure? Who's going to watch it but the 12 or 20 thousand 14 year olds who love cotton candy and churros? We'll see. We'll have to see. I hope it works out. Wonder who wrote it and if they in fact actually ever worked an amusement park...

Saturday, February 28, 2009


So, you go to technorati, you want it being the ping place for when you update this blog...and, is it? Well, is it? You have no idea...the instructions are fully there. I don't know if I've done this correctly. I want to ping the multiverse whenever I've added to any one of my 3 blogs. Who wouldn't, you know? And TWITTER too...since friends absolutely do NOT want my adding them to my Twitter. They don't want to know all there is to know about me and I don't want to keep tabs on them either I don't expect. But, you never know, it could be useful some times. I just want one of those smart phones with everything and be happy with it...being in that able to afford it, etc. Just like most it seems every one around me, all along the way.

Friday, February 20, 2009

"I've had twree dallahs, I've had twree million dallahs, day-er boff duh same."

And so now there's this: We just sit and wait and watch things happen, right? What the heck? I have to do something...I'm ever so tired of that...really. I'm sick and tired of that...and not doing the simple daily life attributes...but I am doing that...I'm getting stuff done...but like I want? Not always but not always flaking either...and so what? What schedule program whatever is there and do we have to do things by any way? Isn't that stuff over rated any way? I certainly think so. Just as full of it as any thing else. The stuff of accumulate. Work hard. Get do family ugh ugh is just as full of it and stupid as not doing any thing. They're both the same. I think Donald DeSimone was correct: "Life Aint Nothin' But A Wastepaper Basket."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

play music to get you through the night

FOR THE BENEFIT of Mr. Kite and every one else out in the land of no lovers and absolutely no sex unless it’s done on your own, I have this message: Fuck You Hallmark! That and Mother’s day in May and Lucky Charms day next month and Snakes on a Planet not our own day next year, all of it. Fuck You.
Do your laundry. Get on line and search repository things because no one will be on line and bandwidth will be easily spread. There will be simple down load ease, because who could be on line? Every one will be texting, that’s done on the phone, right? Simple email to loved ones…ah, fuck, hang the sense of it, but don’t hang yourself in your own closet in Claremont, California. Where the hell was your wife all this time Foster? Dammit! What the hell? Tristan, fuck your parents for calling you that! Egolf…what did you find there in Oxford, Mississippi that didn’t save you? The fact your girlfriend was the reason you hooked up for a literary life? And Thompson, your gal pal was leaving? You old man you, how long had you been around? 67 years! That’s a long time. You had to have figured something out without love, eh? No one can make it, eh? No one? Damn, that sucks. That really sucks.
Yeah, it’s winter and it bites, even here in happy-go-lucky Shell City, California, where I live. It’s COLD. 40 degrees. Must feed the cat. Must get out and get it done. Must get moving and have at it with my laundry and like that. Damn, what nuisance. What’s going to shave me? (A play on that, Midnight Oil song: Who’s Going To Save Me(?) or whatever song title Blue Skies, it may be. Too many songs with that title. I think of the blues tune. Blue Skies, smiling at me.) Peter Garrett, you giant, bald-headed, freak! Not enough going to save your homeland…it burned. And what’s with the planes of late? All fall down. Ashes To Ashes, All Fall Down.
Picture this Deadheads: Ashes To Ashes: All Fall Down, and the TWO towers fall. No love there. What a long strange trip it’s been. But, at least I’m enjoying the ride(?) We will survive, we will get by. Keep Going! Keep Going!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009


You stuuuuuuupid miscreants! Selling my likeness on to TMZ (Behavior Police 2009 or The One and Only Way To Get Back at all the Uppity Celebrities channel), without my consent, and they of course get it sold to Today shows and the original seller thinks he/she's going to get a mint, but doesn't...not only do they get hosed that way, they lose their Movie Set Sound Recorder gigs because they did a boo-boo themselves: cut their own throat via trying to show up some leading film figure type...HA-HA! You violate your gig's "trust" by spilling industry secrets. Now you'll be blacklisted out of jobs. Oh well. Too bad. You too were better off by just getting gigs where and when you could and shutting your stupid fricken mouth...and possibly erasing the daily grind at day's end.
And you must know, you've gone one toke over the line, sweet hey-zeus!! The money lost from the deals of films and endorsements which would have been taxed? Which we could have used to help build the economy? Well, that's no longer here now, is it? NO! IDIOTS!! Now you'll waste/spend more tax money on crap like investigating bong hits. Brilliant. You stupid miscreants.
Where and when did "What happened?" replace: "What's Going On?" I want to know! Where and When did TMZ get the "prestigious" role of behavior police? It's unconscionable how the sold SND footage was laughed at...the "behavior" of the man in the rant, at the purely idiotic Director Of Photography (Who though we know in big shoots doesn't much look through the camera her/himself when the shoot is "rolling"...has to know NOT to go in front of said camera then, I mean, COME ON!!! What a NIMROD!!!) is in dire need of doesn't aid anyone, one iota laughing at a Stutterer When She Stutters By pulling her top off or panties down then laughing at her when she flubs up her lines. No. Stop it already. Who put you people in charge of all this? What gives you all the right to steal someone's likeness when having a harmless little smoke or venting of some righteous volcanic fury when absolutely no one should suffer fools? WHO? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?
I mean when I was a kid, they used to play that Who song as well as others, on the radio, unedited...but then TIPPER WHORE (I mean GORE) came along with her PMRG thing and got labels of you're too stupid to be able to think for yourself on things. The songs forever artistically ruined by edits. And all this crap had to be defended by Frank Zappa of all people, king of the juvenile lyric...he had to waste his time against these "dumb-o-crats" acting like some hard-core "re-pugnicans". Remember all that? Way back when? That wasn't all that long ago...big bill and his cigar is just a cigar...Dammit. Stuuuupid Miscreants!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Frustrated Minions

To The Frustrated Minions Of Millions: We are all consumers of some sort of another. Energy, Art, Commerce...and there is our detritus, our trail come behind after we've left our "experience". We are in this closed, locked, "system", and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Most of us will chew and chew and chew. Some will say, to hell with it, and escape. Some will. Some will literally leave, at the expense of...?...and "go" by their own hand(s). Others just plod on mercilessly, hitting heads against the impermeable, inpenetratable solid substance of life. And then with luck the pain is gone because we die. At least we think over here, in this "place" that, all pain or whatnot as we have "here", is gone...we don't know, and we won't until we too make that "journey", travel, along that "path"; passing on as it were. No one knows for sure what's what, and never let any one tell you different. As far as it goes now, nothing and no one can know for sure: 1. What's what. 2. What's "next".

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Story So Far

So, we love AMANDA PALMER. We're delirously happy for HUSSEIN OBAMA. We're struck by how awesome the Samsung OMNIA works/looks\and seems. We say "appears" because we know there are other attributes and even "down sides" to this latest clever communication/personal organization device, that haven't been brought to the fore by the independent reviewers and even the Samsung/Verizon advertising, promoting-PUSHING-interactive sites.(And you think they would let us know all they can. They have a device. It's clam dever. They want to make money. Why do they hold back?)
THERE ARE BOOKS to be had...and February seems to be the holds terror and pleasure. Sadness in that it is the month which hides deep the sorrow and pain of those who have passed on and reminds us virulently that winter is biting down hard and is a bit reluctant for spring to take over. Book releases. International Pen Show in Los Angeles (actually in Manhattan Beach). Books on Hunter Thompson and by others will arrive. Hold on to your book store gift cards. Don't cash them in just yet. Pen show at a bad time once again. We've no money and one must arrive there with CASH to get purchases of really cool things. But bills are due and can you log in today and still get the day off and will you be able to use Sick Pay to fill the hours for that one day off of your week? Can you still get paid? Wouldn't that be NICE! But, February, viewed from here, though only a few days away, seems like an eternety off of the map of following time we have to pass to get to.
Bills are due. Bills are due. We sing their sad refrain. We have, ah-yes, the taxes due as well. Another bill. But what we have to pay will play well if we don't have money in the account when the accounting is made. How to deal. How to figure. We can't. We have to have the flux capacitor full to run forwards and backwards in time, and it will only be at the stroke of the right moment, wherein we'll be able to hook up with the line that allows us to pay off what we have to pay off, and sail on from there to freedom of other things.
We're struck by the allure of shirts, watches, shoes. Where does all this crap come from? We have stuff galore. We have no room for it. Why must we be victim to its thrall? Why can't we get rid of it? Why can't we, sit in our chairs and read the damn books and magazines we have stacked up everywhere, and why can't we be satisfied with the time pieces and fully ridiculously stacked piles of clothing and footware we have teetering/tottering all around us, in this, their ever-accumulating dust-ridden space here in Shell City?
Our throat is limned with scum and we scrum like werewolves trying to clear it, making it sore. It is in pain in the morning and again at night. Why? Snoring? Sleep Apnea? Found a dentist yesterday on line nearby who treats (Non-surgical methods!) just this type of thing...was looking for a TM center. Many eons ago there weren't any in the O.C., now there's one, just down the road as it were. About time! We need to learn to chill. Get the right mixture of herbalistics and action of inaction of meditation; tai chi chuan, and yoga. That and all the while, all along the way, writing...oh, goodness, please: WRITING. Writing stories. Publishing them, and being happy...oh yes, and getting a new job this year in addition to writing, right? And NOT having something untoward happen that derails and in general does not allow us to move on like we should. Into the happiness center we so richly deserve. We're sick and tired of vomit central. Enough already. Time, more than high time, to move the corpus on.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frustration With The Post

See, I think I know why the people who make websites don't make it so that their search engines actually find what's on their sites. It's quite simple. If you could find it right away...Say, I don't know; Type in the data and it loads right away? Voop! You'd be out and on to email or whatever it is you'd rather be doing besides cursing the writers of the blog, the administrators, etc. Yes...'that would make sense', we say at work. So, it's not done. Great.
See, it's to THEIR advantage to get you to stay. So, it doesn't pay for them to make their site work right. Get it? Make it a little retarded. Don't allow the search engine to cough up the correct spelling listing that, if only after hours of searching\spending time on their site, it brings it up. DAMMIT! You frackin' bastards! What is wrong with you? Are you members of the American Medical Association? Do you get a kickback with every conniption/stroke/heart attack victim you get from when we can't find the simplest things? Dammit! The world is lame. Really fricken lame.
Palm has a new machine. Only available at Sprint. Sweet. Guess who has a better deal through Verizon? Yes, that's right. Yours truly. The Frustrated Blogger. Not frustrated because his blog is lame and no one visits and add comments like the really clever: OH I concur, or, I know how you feel sport, have a beer or three, it's not that big of a deal. (YES IT IS!) Things are stupid and should be improved.
See, we live in a world where Celery takes more energy to consume than you can ever get any thing out of it, by eating it. How lame is that? VERY STUPID INDEED!!!
You can cure your skin condition only if you get more sun exposure...only trouble is, the more you expose yourself to the sun, the more you expose yourself to more skin more rashes that itch, blisters that are embarrassing to look at, no! Bio Oil indeed!! No, then you'd have Cancer, and REALLY have a skin problem to deal with. How smart is that? Not at all. It's dumb, stupid, lame. And this is the world we live in and have to deal with. Oh well.
I was trying to search on CBS.COM for my mother's appearance and the story regarding her trying to get people to make gray haired wigs for Cancer victims. Go ahead. Try to find that. It was on TV today, several times here in Southern California. On KCAL 9 news. The local L.A. station. (KCAL 9, the station owned by CBS, as well as CBS itself ran the segment. There were several appearances. 2:50 on KCAL 9 and 5:50 on CBS.) I dare you to try to find it with their search engine and then give me the url hyperlink, when you find it. Let me know how long it took you to get it. You won't find it with a regular search. Hence I prove my arguement with flying colors for how/why the world is lame.
Say for example there's a particular pen you like. A color or pen refill. You can't contact the company direct and get it. Sure, they could just walk over to production line and give you one. Put it in a box, even charge you for it, because you asked. But, no. There's some kind of idiotic Business Law, that doesn't allow it. And this just gets my panties in a, I guess the moral of this blog is: Stop Wearing Panties.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The World's Mess and It's Not In Your Kiss

There is a song, a number by the quintessential L.A. band of the A.D. period (After The Doors, and ironically early albums were produced by Ray Manzarek.), called: X and it's rocking hard stuff mostly...a few rockabilly influences, but mostly strained singing and raw sound, that's good. Rock. Yeah! I won't even mention the fact that they got mixed up in some kind of "movement" way back then in the early 80's when folks thought of hair bands and such. Which may have "besmirched" their passing through to other things which would have happened, dammit, if not for being corralled with "that" munk mess. And that "music" was much different. The thing I refer to here is a line from one of their tunes: The World's A Mess, It's In Your Kiss.
For me, the world is a mess and probably always was and will be, but especially now, the events near/far/wide...and in my home here in Shell City. Flooring done. Wiring. Plumbing. MESS! The stuff of the house in these areas is all over the place. It smells of concrete sealer (Which requires 3 days of don't walk there!!!) then the cork, then the dark red (beyond burgundy) coloring wood's going to make it loud in here, damnit! And it also smells of chuffed up dry wall. It's dusty with that fine white powder, oh well. (Paste now in your teeth. YES.)
There is no kiss. My storage place is closed and I'm slightly amiss. There's no place for the clothing I pulled out and then last night washed...days...days...they go by and thank goodness I got it all sorted out. Cleared out. NAMI MUN book signing appearance:
My goodness, why do I have any thing? I'm bereft of logic, thought, sense and it's amazing I still go forth. But press on I do.
The world's a mess and nothing is in your kiss. I'm amazed. I think I thought and I come and I go. Where am I now? So demonstrably enabled to...sit and cogitate but am unable it appears to make a dent in this place called: LIFE/THE WORLD, with any thing I do but get in trouble and on occasion make people laugh...and I do include my self in that equasion. I do laugh quite heartily from moment to moment in my daily routine...along with the cursings of things...talking out loud to pieces of soap, boxes I'm holding up to get put into the attic I don't know where...leaves that fall out of the net as I bend and stoop to gather up more into the holy bag attached to a pole, which is stuffed into the swimming pool again and again to clean. (Moon's Full. Air Is Dry and Blowing stuff every where.) It's life as I know it. The world's a mess and it's not in your kiss.

Friday, January 02, 2009

More Content

It would seem to me that some where some how there is a reading public for every one going...just like there is a person with whom one can share certain "intimacies" in life, for every one...but whether or not any one meets up with that certain someone, is, any one's guess...just as whether or not a painter sells a painting, or even wants to...a photographer has a show some place or another, a horse rider gets to ride and perform before others their host of tricks learned together with their "mount"'s any one's guess whether or not any one can "make it".
Looking for something else in the bookshop tonight I found a book written by a woman a friend of mine knew fairly well...this only person in the world from life long long dissipated surfaced tonight in the form of an author...a book, on the shelf, and I duly purchased her "first" novel. I'm excited to read it. I hope she does well. If I find her giving a reading some where in town, I will make DAMN sure to be there. Something told me: It's going to happen. It's going to happen...meaning It will happen for me too...if only certain things take, I write some things and two I get some publishing going.
The idea now is to copyright and or otherwise protect what I have in addition to getting or going for an agent with it...getting it listed hooked up with some of the more popular electronic publishing venues...the book place on line and the portable text reader thing as well...yes, it's going to cost me some money, about 2 hundred bucks or so all told...but it is worth it I feel. Takes money to make it...can't just make money in real estate over night without any money to first buy some...then, you have to sell it, don't you? Yes, of course you do...and good luck to's a buyer's market right now, not a sellers. Buena Suerte Suckers!!!