Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Evening New Year

Happy New Year, ya bloody wankers! Nepal and half of Russia are already there. And since no one really takes you serious on this thing (unless of course they want to criticize and belittle your thoughts, prayers, meditations) I'm determined tonight to be in bed asleep well before midnight and all of ya's! I'm going to get messed up with a painted red haired lady, smoke some cigars, have a few beans, and a chocolate macaroni salad apple pie. (P.S. On New Year's Day I'm going to wake up, grab myself a beer for breakfast, and listen to the Doors, on my out door speakers, at FULL Volume, while I swim, and probably drown.)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What I Did Today After Work

‎Tumor has been removed from the Mumster's visage. And the other spots on back and shoulder seem cool too. Catching some 2nd Hand Skunk weed smoke here Norwalk style before perusing the latest bit from RALPH STEADMAN! Regency 8 has FOR NO GOOD REASON. And so for that, the very same, I'm here to watch this Documentary. The girl asked pointedly if I was aware of the fact. And I said, oh yeah, very much so. Big Fan, etc. Norwalk. Nothing to do. Same thing. Redundancy. Skate in the parking lot between blunts in yer 64 Impala, I suppose. I couldn't do it. Makes me sick. (Both all everything.) Hello, Big Brother. Blow a doobie for me. Catch y'all later at ELBOWS, in Cerritos.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rants of The Archer: I Love Notebooks

Rants of The Archer: I Love Notebooks

 Interesting stuff. But I want to be able to BUY some Sterling notebooks off the web myself. Lined paper or if they have it, graph!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

You Big Banana Head!

THUR. AUG. 29th, 2013
  AND, explain to me again why we have to take Syria? It's not the same old boy oil network thing again designed in the guise of humanitarian effort like that Police Action in Vietnam? When we're supposedly only in Vietnam to stop the spread of communism and finally just said well, we lost the war and won the region, the ideology, and about bankrupt everyone. But we weren't in Laos or Cambodia or anywhere else over there, either, were we? No. Bullshit! We were there. We were in the Philippines and crusing the coasts in the China Sea, to be sure.
 Who was it who said the warring leaders must meet in an area where the public will witness them with socks filled with manure, and they hit and hit and slap one another till a draw is made. Or they languish after sex like in a pillow fight, and smoke THC oil with vape smokers, and later at a party smirk or go their separate ways. Why can't we leave this shit alone? I didn't vote for one administration to get into another war just to foist it off onto another at term's end. Fuck this shit!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Monsters Are

Monsters Fairies Goblins don't exist. They're just stories we tell one another and our children to explain events and our own peripatetic motivated behaviors. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dark Cool Morning In July

It was a dark cool morning that Saturday in July. Very dark in the east. A lone jet slowly flies by somewhere above the cloud layer. The occasional clump of a door off stage left or off right. A car sighs by, then another, from a different direction. Suddenly a loud screeching whine is announced. What in heaven is that? Someone just open their garage door, going to wash their car now? Wait. It's going to rain. Just park it out on the driveway for a few hours, after the grocery shopping, while you sit inside and read, or potter about in the backyard, with your boots and shorts, t-shirt, and hoodie.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A Dream

WALKING along the something river trail, one I'd done before, but didn't know or couldn't recall how after only going over a rather steep short freeway bridge, like the one over the 5 freeway in Burbank, to the mall to the east of the interstate, on victory Blvd or some such, was found, just on the other side of the mall, this wilderness area.
 In it, on a trail, a bit of a depression in the path, some mud and water I was careful about stepping around as much as I could, I was on my current phone, writing, I suppose, people came up to me to inform me there was a man on a crossroads, and I can't recall the names, with white hair, who was hurt, bleeding, from the mouth. I found him as I approached, he spit something large and white out his mouth. It was thought by me, to be a tooth. I decidedly recalled where in general it fell, and was mindful to pick it up and maybe keep it, in order to be saved. But this man not all with it upstairs, in distress, was asked a number of questions like do you know what day it is? Who the president is? What's your name? No. He was asked, did you fall? Did someone hit you? Are they still here? I was flustered as I wasn't getting much response and there was no help coming.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


"The road for happiness is proscribed by less distinction." I love the sound and feel of this sentence, but it is quite simply untrue, I hope. Proscribed means banned. Hope is, for more joy, the less we specify, the more we give up and give in to LOVE, deep within our hearts, with each and every encounter, if we can. It's a process, it's not perfect. In fact, the Indigo Girls once said something about less definitive searching, allowing for one to be more defined. How does this magic work? Is that really how powerful love is? I say to you: It is 4 o'clock, no matter how many times you ask, no matter how many of you ask, and no matter that you ask right on top of one another, not listening to each other. If I say it with peace each and every time, in a cheerful, friendly way, it just might work. Let's help one another do this, every day, in every way.
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Friday, May 03, 2013


If 'freedom' aint free, then freedom doesn't exist. I'm all for supporting people with the guts to sign up for 'dying' because their country's politicians have small penis's and think nothing of sending their country into a downward spiral fighting what they call 'just' police actions, but it's bullfucking dogshit, and everyone and their brother knows this. Either that, or this world is just operating WAY out of hand. And, quite possibly this life is a world of senseless idiotic stupid HURT!
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Friday, April 26, 2013

2 For Today

FRI. APR. 26th, 2013
You're always on my mind. I'll take you there. These 2 tunes are on my mind today, and for you maybe they mean something.
They do for me, as random as they are. Not really, but somehow the brain has called them up and on they play. Not as a mash-up, which, yeah, they're sort of going, but as 2 separate beings occupying my brain-space.

Geez, that sounds like someone in dire need of doctor intervention. Yes, tomorrow, the good ol' Doctor Who can definitely sort it out, what with the Gallifreyan 2 heart dance.
2 hearts. Wonder which one has that little slice of ice in it, which author Graham Greene said every writer needs. Kill your little darlings' Truman Capote once said.

Spring cleaning continues apace, and it's 6:15 now. Time for a swim, I suppose. It's cold there, and must be done. Some things are like that. You will always be on my mind, Young one. And, I'd have to say, I'll take you there, if you'll have me.
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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Think I Think How Do They Know This?

Even Vegans eat spiders at night when they sleep. (How do they figure this crap out?) Can everything be simply explained some day? Does it need to be? When faced with the overwhelming, what do we do? Freeze? Reboot. Break it down into manageable components. Begin the beguine, all over again. OK. Good. But let's be honest, the unemployment rate is just that. You can get numbers, math, to argue anything, and still be wrong. You need emotion to set it off. Math isn't absolute or perfect. It can be manipulated to say like logic, semantics, etc., to say whatever you may. Doesn't mean you're right perfect true. It's all relative. One day they may assert, my Dad once suggested, Einstein was wrong. But, it required him to come along and to do his thing, for us to get to where we are. What do I want to say here? Nothing, therefore, I said it.
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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Good Night For Now

Good Night everyone! Try not to fuck up the world while I'm gone (to consciousness, in slumber), or, if, in failing that, make it a really bad one. Something so completely heinous it's impossible for me to wake in the middle of it maimed and ragingly righteously pissed, but in sleep, be wasted into oblivion unknown. Thank You. OM!
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Many Tied Tomatoes

O.K. Let's figure this thing out. We've got a boy, Man-tied to Mayo (His.), gets the world; hook, line, and STINKER. Bad p.r. "person", or horrible novelist, in disguise as football player. Just a kid. Stupid subterfuge, nevermind what Stendhal said about robbing a man of his subterfuge, and he goes crazy. This person is a kid, just a kid, and what's viral, is a lot of people are talking, like any press is good press. Got coverage, like Catfish, on us all. And so what does this mean? It's a waste of time. It's way too stupid to be the classic bit of the Magician's, prestidigitation. The clasped hand pointing to the other, opening, which reveals No More COIN. Remember, the hand pointing, has a fist, and the COIN is probably still in it. What's the REAL stinky carp here on the dock, bloated, drying, fly bitten, in the HEAT of topical attention?
Guess like many things, we should all just ignore it, as like most, it soon will pass.
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We see a new age of people. Who do things but don't make such a big deal about it. Single or Married, with or without a significant other. Doesn't make a big deal about the things they believe in. They don't drink or do other drugs and drive. They don't smoke (any thing), but don't make a big deal out of it. If you ask their advice they may give it. If you want to know what they believe in, they'll tell you, in some kind of vague circumspect fashion. And that's about it.

Ian Rankin at Book Soup

It was a boot for me to be able to have the day off and get paid and go see Ian Rankin at Book Soup books. I went by places on Sunset recognizing and calling out names of them and bits of their and my history with just before passing directly in front of them and really reading their names and finding my conceits not. But having reality match my conception. Nice feeling. Peaceful, easy feeling.
Message From Pisgah