Monday, March 29, 2010


MON. MAR. 29th, 2010
DREAM: Emma Watson and I were dancing in a roundish room of doors, after we had been tasting a bunch of whisky. Highland Park was the last glass. It was the lightest and sweetest best taste. Our mouths were burnt and burning from others, the HP was like fresh water. Earlier I had been hiking the hills to the rocky high promontory coast. There had been some land cleared out and soil added around a few trees. One tree was on a high top area in the middle of this high end housing tract, and with my bare hands, I was patting it. I'd followed Emma on horseback, her back to camera, we as ghost flying behind, admiring the beautiful female body shape form. And I was on that hilltop, saying something, and then we were walking the hills together for a bit and then were in a room. A bar. A tasting place at a long table, trying out the whisky. Laughing. Having a grand time of it. After the last sample, really good and buzzed, we left. We were in that room. Pushed a button for the Lift apparently, and then she grabbed me and we began to dance. I followed quite easily, until I thought about it and then didn't step too well, then she stopped. THE END.
SOME other dream after, along the coast, car parking under water. Florida I think it was. I wanted to read this magazine article. I was having to check out its length and put a book mark in it, but the words kept going on. There were the photos and they were those moving images ones where the rain drops falling slowly on a sunny day illuminated clearly the overly sunny bright Florida coast, as the raindrops very slowly dropped, making big ripples here and there. How did those people get into and out of their cars without them flooding, much less, start them up?

{From The Handheld}

Monday, March 08, 2010

I Say, Good Bye, True Love.

Giving up writing as a career choice now certainly has freed up in me a lot of pressure from the standpoint of all the heady emotions I used to have. I'll bet now my health will improve as well, no more barrage of oddity squeaks and squirms, the hurts and fears here there that I used to endure. I'll be pain free until death do I part. Well, yeah, sure, why not?
People ask me about something and I plainly tell them. I don't wear much of a face on, but what ever I may have in the moment, I ride on the outside, and if I'm bored or tired or any thing, it's broadcast loud and clear, I guess. Or when I tell people something, my family way of speaking like a major authority, comes across as bossy or arrogant or I'm having to stop my day to tell you?
I guess that's what, from time to time people ask something, I tell them, then they tell me: "Okay, I didn't know. I was just asking. I've never been here before."
And I then really chafe. I say: And you asked me and it is my job to tell you and so I'm telling you.
Which isn't best under current circumstance, to be uttering. Just don't say any thing, or smile, mean it, and say; Have a nice day. Or I'm sorry. I'm really at a loss here for what I've done to hurt you. I didn't mean to. I was asked a question and I did my best to be as thorough as possible and answer your question and then some.
That, 'and then some', may not be necessary from time to time. They may only need a 'turn left at the crossroads', and nothing about the weather, or conditions of the sign; the minute descriptions of the myriad confounding little sidetracks, all along the way. They don't all need that, but pity me who's taught to be the best and is trying hard and ends up allowing them the opportunity to say something that you decide hurts you, and since you don't have anything of the sort in re - a poker face, your anger frustration screams out at the world through your visage, sorry!
One day some guy asked What are we shooting at today? You reply Same thing every day, the targets! They say the killer line "Never been here before".
Great, pissed us both off once again. I'm tired of this. I think, why are other people so emotionally super sensitive? Truth is, YOU are!
{From The Handheld}

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Had wanted to sit and think and write a spell. Got on this thing after yet another pee and spate of reading Lehane's Shutter Island, which I was inspired to read after seeing the film. I usually do it the other way around, esp sic after I know the film based on the book is coming out. And after a dump of some stomach wasting toxicity, and reading again. I got back here instead and began to read yet another one of these huge It's A Conspiracy of some sort emails my sister sends of someone on a typo/poor argument bound thing about Vaccinations, and how folks are getting sick from them actually. Had to stop. It was all over the place. Gave me a headache. Well, I read some more of the book after the pee as I said and after the Lehane book reading, which I at first at one point wasn't interested in picking up again, I got on email and then got back to the book, again, after peeing, long after the shit...and boy oh boy is this confusing or what? And who wants to read this any how? I can't even clearly write it, the order of events, kept straight, I think, in my head! Dammit, man. Shit!
It's 7:05, I start at 8:15, and I usually go in from the parking lot a half hour or so beforehand to make sure I'm on time. And there's plenty of time and re-reading this, it isn't so bad, but in a better frame of mind I'll be better able to sort it out. What to do?
Well, I can cull some pens, just a few, simple dealios and have that be my bag for Mexico. Not like the crazy stuffed bolsas of past visitations. I just must maintain a semblance of peace before ... before work today, and the trip then which I hope I can do without the dizzying low blood pressure relaxers for plane flight, but still be calm for the journey. Fuckers moved the cones next to me and though there are plenty of other places closer to the shuttle stop this short fat chick w/radio blaring door open blocking my exit too, just taking her time setting herself and her car up for the long park exposed to the elements of the day. What with clouds, I don't think much sun, but she's putting up her sunshades. Radio still on ... yet another apron put on. And now a sweater or two. Shit! I have a window open here on the other side of my car, but I'm so frazzled, irritated, and choking, I need to get air on her side (I'm in the front passenger seat.) so I open the window there, and still nothing of radio silencing or turning down. It's not that loud, but fuck! Close your damn door! She gets now into her car and still, ready for work she sits a spell. Putting on make up? I don't care. Just, you know, I got here because I figures no one'll park next to me. Already a car on my left. Cones and spaces for the shuttle-buses next to me on the other side. No one'll park there. Can't move those cones. Well the shuttle guy's moved bus after bus and then moved the cones!! I just can't handle people and radios and car alarms when I'm trying myself with a full bladder to sit and read and relax, to sit and read and relax!!!
{{From Unit # 9630}}