Saturday, May 31, 2008

Freak Angels

Oh, and by the way folks: Here's a great FREE online comic you ought to check out:

(Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste it yourself. This blog deal does not at least at this time approve/accept the link/live.)

Warren Ellis written story and Paul Duffield artwork. Warren Ellis approved this link, and my pasting it into my blog.

It appears every Friday, and is a very interesting tale.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Peak Performance of Peaches McCormic

Harvey Korman's gone. "You're a Tomato!" director among a myriad of other things: Tootsie too; Sydney Pollack, has left as well. Now what?
When you're feeling blue, read something really sad. 1 Liter Of Tears, by that Japanese girl who had some kind of spinal disease, heart wrenching stuff! The title, spelled Litter and Liter, should be by my account spelled: Litre. Is the diary entries of this girl from 12 to 20 years of age and then a couple of entries by her mother and a doctor. Sad. Horrible. Tragic. It'll make you stop feeling sorry for yourself, I hope. And it is the best one can hope for, it is the peak performance of peaches mccormic. What we can all ascribe to when things go rotten in our lives. When the life long dreams we have cannot seem to be materialized, etc. That kind of thing. When car accident after mortgage forclosure after tornado and earthquake and child gets killed by bus, etc. all that gut-wrenching stuff occurs.
We feel so sorry for others it seems some times. Some of us only feel sorry for ourselves. But, it is hoped, not all the time. I do know that we do have to take care of our needs but have to have in mind the needs of others as well. We have to be careful as we gently tread along.
Just a note. Hello. Hope you're there. Hope all is well. Hello. If you need me, all you need is to call.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It's warm here but very nice. The breeze blows constantly. Can't think of a single place else I'd rather be, except maybe alone. Yes, family vacation. It's fine, and it's a blessing and wonderful to behold all this time with the fam and travel and get into and out of places people I may never ever see again. Great. I do however need alone time. I do however need time to spend with and money to do it with, to get into and out of other people's lives, the people I can meet here only if I go alone. But, be that as it may, it's great to be here with the fam.
Spent 12 plus hours to/from Chichen Itza, the last known place of the Itza tribe. Fantastic. HOT. Melting in the sun. Said you'd better go in the morning or night. Catch the show they put on at night. Extra bills for the headphones to hear and understand what's going on.
Read some site some where about the place that said that it's 12.22.2012 that the world ends when the snake, the plumed serpent Kukulkan comes out of the ground of the playing field. No. Every solstice, the snake, the plumed serpent, Kulkukan, rises either up or down on the main pyramid as a trick of the light and shadow of the pyramid and the sun and shadow, on the building on the solstices, happens every one. So, no big deal there. (I just can't remember which occurs when: which solstice it comes up and which one the "snake" or serpent Kulkukan, comes down.)
The big deal will be on the solstice of 12.21.2012 because there will be a complete solar eclipse that year (unknown date) and all of the planets in our solar system will align, making a cross in the "sky". So, in the day, some where on the globe, there will be the shadow of the moon? Or what, that will fall on the sun, blocking its view from those lucky/unlucky persons on earth, and with luck: good/bad, the folks looking up in their night sky, will be able to view the "cross" pattern of all of our planets.
The Mayan calendar will on that date 12.21.2012, will return to zero...the number that they created for the world and one that all of the people on this globe use to this day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Neck

My mosquito bite as a "friend" calls it, is going down. It's not so much with the pus ooze any more. Washing it this morning for the bandage change, it bled a bit...more blood than ooze, so, yeah, washing it out. It's washing itself out. I hope to see some more...Well, no. But, you know, I want more improvement tiempo know, as time goes by.
The local witch doctor Doctorio Z has graced me with some bottles of things and will have another for me manana, all so that I may clean myself up in due course and move on away from bandages and worry. I really need to get rid of that scheiss! That's the part what makes every thing "worse", eh? Worry stress, your body gets ill.
A little rain. A lot of thunder. It's ever so nice. Need to sit out more on the porch and enjoy the peace, quiet, and cool breeze. Las Brisas. Muy Bueno. Very good indeed. More later and or on another day perhaps. Tah!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back Home Again With All The Dogs

Three years ago almost to the day--off by a few--I was here last and was in much better shape physically, I mean as far as not being visited by a little present from nature saying, Hola, welcome to middle age. And so now you have an infection in your neck which is producing pus that's the consistence of the interior of someone's implants--sticky and gooey--and just quite a mess...bacteria in there and it's producing the stuff right quick and who knows, may even have to be lanced again if it doesn't clear up, dry out, soon...what a mess. What a mess...2.5 cm deal...quite the scary thing for me. This kind of crap never happens to me, you know? Sure, every thing's perfect, I'm spoiled beyond belief, and have had for the bulk of my life both my parents to see me through. Got a lovely sister that I think loves me more than I love myself. It's incredible.
Here we are in Ajijic, Mx. and just settling in. Getting into the Ex-Pat life here with all the new locals. Gabachos people. Gabachos. Not gringos. They don't call you gringos. You call each other gringos. Numbnuts. Pretty nice people over all...every one here I mean. It's great.
Excellent food and drink and it's nice and relaxing. I've needed this for quite some time. Must get sorted a bit and into the hay...
Ta-tah for now, space travelers.
Amigo mio, mantengase con sed
Stay thirsty my friends.