Thursday, February 05, 2009


You stuuuuuuupid miscreants! Selling my likeness on to TMZ (Behavior Police 2009 or The One and Only Way To Get Back at all the Uppity Celebrities channel), without my consent, and they of course get it sold to Today shows and the original seller thinks he/she's going to get a mint, but doesn't...not only do they get hosed that way, they lose their Movie Set Sound Recorder gigs because they did a boo-boo themselves: cut their own throat via trying to show up some leading film figure type...HA-HA! You violate your gig's "trust" by spilling industry secrets. Now you'll be blacklisted out of jobs. Oh well. Too bad. You too were better off by just getting gigs where and when you could and shutting your stupid fricken mouth...and possibly erasing the daily grind at day's end.
And you must know, you've gone one toke over the line, sweet hey-zeus!! The money lost from the deals of films and endorsements which would have been taxed? Which we could have used to help build the economy? Well, that's no longer here now, is it? NO! IDIOTS!! Now you'll waste/spend more tax money on crap like investigating bong hits. Brilliant. You stupid miscreants.
Where and when did "What happened?" replace: "What's Going On?" I want to know! Where and When did TMZ get the "prestigious" role of behavior police? It's unconscionable how the sold SND footage was laughed at...the "behavior" of the man in the rant, at the purely idiotic Director Of Photography (Who though we know in big shoots doesn't much look through the camera her/himself when the shoot is "rolling"...has to know NOT to go in front of said camera then, I mean, COME ON!!! What a NIMROD!!!) is in dire need of doesn't aid anyone, one iota laughing at a Stutterer When She Stutters By pulling her top off or panties down then laughing at her when she flubs up her lines. No. Stop it already. Who put you people in charge of all this? What gives you all the right to steal someone's likeness when having a harmless little smoke or venting of some righteous volcanic fury when absolutely no one should suffer fools? WHO? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?
I mean when I was a kid, they used to play that Who song as well as others, on the radio, unedited...but then TIPPER WHORE (I mean GORE) came along with her PMRG thing and got labels of you're too stupid to be able to think for yourself on things. The songs forever artistically ruined by edits. And all this crap had to be defended by Frank Zappa of all people, king of the juvenile lyric...he had to waste his time against these "dumb-o-crats" acting like some hard-core "re-pugnicans". Remember all that? Way back when? That wasn't all that long ago...big bill and his cigar is just a cigar...Dammit. Stuuuupid Miscreants!!!

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mrken said...

I think you're absolutely correct with your column and points. Wish someone pay you big money for your illuminating opinion. Wish people did things your way, the world would certainly be improved at best, not hampered by idiocy at the very least. DRIVE ON buddy. Drive on!!!