Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frustration With The Post

See, I think I know why the people who make websites don't make it so that their search engines actually find what's on their sites. It's quite simple. If you could find it right away...Say, I don't know; Type in the data and it loads right away? Voop! You'd be out and on to email or whatever it is you'd rather be doing besides cursing the writers of the blog, the administrators, etc. Yes...'that would make sense', we say at work. So, it's not done. Great.
See, it's to THEIR advantage to get you to stay. So, it doesn't pay for them to make their site work right. Get it? Make it a little retarded. Don't allow the search engine to cough up the correct spelling listing that, if only after hours of searching\spending time on their site, it brings it up. DAMMIT! You frackin' bastards! What is wrong with you? Are you members of the American Medical Association? Do you get a kickback with every conniption/stroke/heart attack victim you get from when we can't find the simplest things? Dammit! The world is lame. Really fricken lame.
Palm has a new machine. Only available at Sprint. Sweet. Guess who has a better deal through Verizon? Yes, that's right. Yours truly. The Frustrated Blogger. Not frustrated because his blog is lame and no one visits and add comments like the really clever: OH I concur, or, I know how you feel sport, have a beer or three, it's not that big of a deal. (YES IT IS!) Things are stupid and should be improved.
See, we live in a world where Celery takes more energy to consume than you can ever get any thing out of it, by eating it. How lame is that? VERY STUPID INDEED!!!
You can cure your skin condition only if you get more sun exposure...only trouble is, the more you expose yourself to the sun, the more you expose yourself to more skin problems...no more rashes that itch, blisters that are embarrassing to look at, no! Bio Oil indeed!! No, then you'd have Cancer, and REALLY have a skin problem to deal with. How smart is that? Not at all. It's dumb, stupid, lame. And this is the world we live in and have to deal with. Oh well.
I was trying to search on CBS.COM for my mother's appearance and the story regarding her trying to get people to make gray haired wigs for Cancer victims. Go ahead. Try to find that. It was on TV today, several times here in Southern California. On KCAL 9 news. The local L.A. station. (KCAL 9, the station owned by CBS, as well as CBS itself ran the segment. There were several appearances. 2:50 on KCAL 9 and 5:50 on CBS.) I dare you to try to find it with their search engine and then give me the url hyperlink, when you find it. Let me know how long it took you to get it. You won't find it with a regular search. Hence I prove my arguement with flying colors for how/why the world is lame.
Say for example there's a particular pen you like. A color or pen refill. You can't contact the company direct and get it. Sure, they could just walk over to production line and give you one. Put it in a box, even charge you for it, because you asked. But, no. There's some kind of idiotic Business Law, that doesn't allow it. And this just gets my panties in a knot...so, I guess the moral of this blog is: Stop Wearing Panties.

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