Saturday, February 28, 2015

Crusades R US

‎Why are we all so nervous, raw, twisted, wrong? What's with all the misdirected, prestidigitation by the powers that be? Do we instinctively sense that looming, 'something wrong', just around the river bend?
Is the U.S. Economy going to take a dive when the dollar dies? The rich are well taken care of, of course, naturally. No question there. But what about the rest of us? Too stupid to wait on tax filing, hurriedly done. Dutiful, and now, later of course, we'll see the ways being erred? To err is human after all. Too bad so many of us cannot forgive, and thus, will never experience divine.
 Why in hell on this earth, can we not leave one another alone? Do we actually realize how critical we are of each other? Can we? Do we do so this criticism out of insecurity over our own ineptitude and inequalities? We're not like the others. No shit, and neither should we be, but so too, we probably shouldn't be critical. No way should we judge and jury everyone in the court of public opinion. Yeah, we string one another up with reckless abandon. This too, same thing, in a way, even though it's meant as a cautionary or, well, rant in and of itself really, isn't it? Yeah, it's that too. But, hey, Zeus, this constant Public / Monkey Mind-Set Diurnal Crucifixion Contest Crap, should fricken STOP! (Just saying, right?)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Light Where There Wasn't Any Before

Heaven was dark. Spock dies, and then:

"Suddenly, there was light in the dark room." Someone says, in Hangul. A pretty, tall, Koren-born woman, with long, black hair, speaking in an Australian accent, when she says it in English.

 And actually, also on this date, (in 2003 was it?), Fred Rogers, "MR. ROGERS", died. Yes. True. Correct. Just a few days ago, Venus, Mars and the Moon were all sorted out near one another. Heck, just a couple of days ago, I noticed Jupiter in the East, Moon overhead, and then in the West, Venus and nearby but slightly off that line, tiny red light Mars. Not too shabby for some celestial shenanigans. Wonder what they were up to on this date in 2003? Can someone find out for me? No one cares, SpongeBob, I know. But, it'd be nice to know, see if any of this correlates. It doesn't, but would be cool if it did.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why Aubrey de Grey Takes an Interdisciplinary Approach to Aging

Watch this video I found on Vimeo:

‎Great, another f-tard who has facial hair and can still manage to convince people to pay him in order to live a life in the manner he's accustomed. P.T. Barnum was correct. Every minute. Or maybe not. Who cares? I can't. And I'm NOT going to be completely satisfied until I can do what my innate talent says I can and be paid in order to live in the manner to which I'm accustomed. Nothing Else Matters Right Now. NOTHING!

THURSDAY -- My Friday

‎THUR. FEB. 19th, 2015
  Ten years ago, this weekend, there was a storm over the south land. Reports also suggest, possibility of rain, this weekend. Ten years ago I was contemplating a trip to Los Angeles, just like I was then. Back then, Hunter Stockton Thompson was alive and then he killed himself. I hope I never do that. Wish or so wished I could write for a living, but it appears I'm doing this, have been, at a place, which, has been here 60 years in July of this year, and the ride I work, in the building I'm in a lot and am scheduled in today, it as well, has been in existence, ten (10) years, this March, 17th. This May, we'll start our work's 60 year celebration. My Dad, moved to Mexico 10 years ago. Imagine that!
 I'm grateful for the supremely easy simple ride I've had, all these years, and though I still complain about fits and stops and false starts that go nowhere, I keep on going, so far, so good, I guess. I'm one of the lucky ones. One of the luckiest ones around.
 Never wanted a man or woman to be my partner, not full time all around. At least not a man, not like that. A woman, sure, pure, beautiful images, wants, desires, but none of it included kids, children, offspring. Ridiculous. In what I call, this world. No. Absolutely not. Feel a little bad for my parents I mean if that's what they've wanted for me. I've only wanted to be able to take care of my self. So far, I've not done that completely very successfully, so, I've reason to live, plenty, and goals to accomplish, I'd say, I guess. Moving on. I've got friends and one major enemy. The friends are loyal great and few. The enemy is you know who. The one you look at in the mirror, the one inside, the one who doesn't always hide or keep its foul mouth shut. Hoo!

 Not much reading accomplished and more books/reading material acquired. What a waste. So too clothing. Get rid of it, the excess. Trim down, Slim. Cut it out! Cancer growing? Melting down. Burning out. Molding on. Who knows what crap is going on, eh? Geez, please. Get it going, get it gone, get it done already, and, move on!!! School Online. Class. DO something other, DO something else!! NOW!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saint Valentino's Day

SAT. FEB. 14th, 2015
  They say, all you need is love. Money would be nice. In this world I need that in order to live with love. Actually, it's all about POWER! I'd rather have the instant immediate 'power' to do and not do, whatever I want, whenever I want, and, however I want. THAT'S what it's all about, forget about that ever elusive hokey-pokey!!!
 You want power, tuned in and turned on. You want power to feel better and help others feel better, in an instant of pain or disgrace; calamity, injustice. POWER, tuned in, and, turned on. POWER.
  Essentially, it's authority. You want it, and you don't want your self having to fight it, like some Cougar or Mellencamp John, who always fights it, but, authority, always wins. No. Even Eddie Cochran, he fought the law, and the law won. That's a loss of power or control, over one's life. In this world, that's what it's truly all about, forget about all that 'jiggery-pokery', movie flim-flam, 'preverted', Dr. Strangelove stuff. You Want Power/Control, over life, over your own life, over death, essentially. Yikes! What am I saying here?
 We want basically the ability to know and to take care of what we know. This is what made you sick or killed so-n-so. Well then, let's do this that, the other, and put a stop to that, right away, you know? Isn't that what it's all about? Power, right? Control, over all the elements as it were?
 I love it when things go my way. Hate it when things go away from me.
 Love is, a store needing to be open at 7 a.m., when you happen to be driving by, and it is. Love is, dropping your pen cap when you grab your coffee from the drive through window lady, but the guy in the car behind you doesn't pull up into the space you left behind, in order for you to walk back there and pick it up, without being run down, without being hurt, and having to live with that, for the rest of your life. Yeah, that's love.
  Love is needing from the store the purified fish oil caps and you're not finding them, anxious, having to go to the bathroom, and having a store that always has one available, easy access, even when the odd thing of a broken urinal's involved. You exit said bathroom and then you go back to the shelf to look at fish oil and you find it, THE one you want, AND, it's on SUPER SALE, mark down discount.
  (Better take them now, right? They must be old? BAH! Negative. They have a lot. Willing to be generous, give. In this case, a break on the pricing.)
  Well, that's love, and I like that. No? I LOVE that.
  But you/we don't have a lot of control over things. And things though they might be reminders, or triggers, it doesn't mean you have to pull them. Some of them, right. Buttons you have to press, yes. But meanwhile, it's all about what's happening inside you, inside, all of us. We control it, but not always. Some times we do and we love it. Some times we don't, and we hate it. But, it is what it is. This is this. And, it is the truth. This much is true. I know this much is true.

Friday, February 06, 2015

When Things Go Wrong

    I'd do anything, to turn you on...well, except maybe for that. That, I would NOT do. No, I'd NEVER do that.
    What was it you were trying to say? How was that? You were saying something. Trying for something somehow. I didn't understand. No, not quite that, but, something. Something else. Quite. Yeah. WHAT? I don't know. No. Not that. Not anyhow. Never. Anyway. Not no way, not no how. Hmm. What was it?