Monday, December 28, 2015


 And so, you have a company, you've been dead for low on 100 years, and your company still cranks out stories for the screen that promote moxie driven chutzpah full of it inexperienced youthful people, in this case 2 girls in 2 separate films, and, there could be more, (and this is perfectly fine, but you know I just wish someone buy mine-yes, bitter), ‎who somehow charge over and through all the scenery, catching on in seconds to what would take real people in real life a life time, some of us...and, yeah, it's only a movie and maybe this explains Joseph Campbell's Hero Of A Thousand Faces, but what I know of heroes is that they don't have dog tags, they have toe tags, if even they have a body. They put dog tags away and went on a mission so secret not even their bosses would recognize them or their actions. In fact, maybe they'd be put shot for treason. Who knows? Most of us will NEVER hear of or from them. They're ghosts, appropriately so. They live and they die behind the smokescreen of the cognoscenti the powers that be want you to believe is the 'reality of the world'. They, these heroes make the real sacrifices. And film makers and actors are no heroes, but do get life handed to them to make films and act in films life lived by heroes, which real people in turn may want really to emulate, and that is a dangerous thing, esp sic we find out some times later we went off to war only because a president had a small dick complex or wanted to marry his third cousin twice removed, or whatever bunch of dog shit as that. It's not only unconscionable, it's untenable, to, for, of, by, me, but, it happens. It exists, and, well, it will continue to, I reckon, forever, because humans are simply incapable of changing out of their wicked nature's for long. They're basically UN-REDEEMABLE! They thwart abdicate, threaten and thrive it seems on torture and killing of one another, any old thing to get what for them it seems real as love for their own damned selves. Yes. That's right. They all seem to do it, for LOVE. Yes. I know. It gives it a foul head up a frog's ass taste in y'all's mouth, don't it? And so, what's the point in all this crap, all these "shenanigans"? Nothing, I don't reckon. And so, there it is. Life in a nut shell. Peanuts, for, some are good and some bad. So what? And so.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


STEVE HARVEY wishing everyone a Merry Easter was an odd headline for me, getting on line the other day. I'd just come to the conclusion that, we're all planets or bubbles, and going for happiness is the thing.
Saw a movie or a snippet of a classic with Cary Grant as this angel or something pouring wine into glasses over and over again with just a pointing of his black and white finger film so old...and then he said something about us all being from different planets and it's how or why we're all unique and what makes things interesting. I recalled an old article in Mirabella, the long defunct, to my knowledge women's magazine where someone quoted Unamuno saying inside our heads are universes, and thought rang out where we're all searching for happiness, and if you want, you can put 100 dollar bills rolled up inside those plastic Easter eggs and shove them up your arse. And, if you want you can hop out naked in your back yard, with bunny ears and a big fluffy cotton tail, fangs with blood and poop out the eggy-weggs for all the neighborhood children if you enjoy that kind of thing. You know? MERRY EASTER!!! Whatever floats your boat melts your butter turns your stomach or what as that. I mean, it'd be foolish to tell a psychopath or even a sociopath to DO YOUR OWN THING, but, basically it's what we all want for our do whatever the thing is that moves us, finds us in bliss and be able to do it forever. To do so and be in contentment. Making it happen and not being interrupted or permanently stopped or even slightly waylaid all along the way. That's it in a "nut" shell, right?

Friday, December 04, 2015



 At least blogger suggests that you can't write with them any more, and tumblr just ignores you. While actually, both with some due diligence, allow you to write with them from your pc, only blogger of the two allows me still to send posts via email, without any extra text and allows me to see on the dashboard page, the whole posted text. Tumblr on the other hand posts extra text and if you are on the dashboard page, the title is the only thing that is revealed, and, I cannot edit it at all.
 Word Press works in any set circumstances, but, so, why don't I use it more? I cannot understand why I just won't delete my accounts. I don't even post on livejournal any more, or haven't in yonks. That one takes a special deal of using my pin number to do it via email. I cannot handle any of this dogshit any more. Why I even fucking bother. I want Tumblr to work, because my posts are right there with others in an ongoing live post with like minded idiots vis-à-vis facebook. Like real clever people on it instead of the crap shit fb has, which is why I've all but left it behind.

well at least

At least blogger works and wordpress works as far as writing an email and not having to get all this diacritical markings bullfuckshit in the text body of the blog post. But not tumblr. Oh no. I can blog from the desktop browser and not get it, but not from sending an email from the phone. I used to be able to, but somehow yahoo happened and all that got changed. No wonder people get all bent out of shape. I w....

Saturday, November 28, 2015


  I'm so rude and crude online. But, damnit, I'm not getting what I want need or am implicitly promised when it comes to internet or wireless "service", and the internet is dogshit of late. Probably because it's all you know, another shooting. Someone goes off. Well, Colorado. Guns and Dope. DUH!? Dunno. Dunno. Dunno. Dunno. At least we just are rude with words and we self immolate. It really should be a practice for more people. People should NEVER be able to strike out at another person, whether it's with guns knives or drones. People should just blow up from the inside, you know? There should be rooms booths alongside highways and in office buildings with vents and sound proofing. It's no one else's fault for your anger outburst right? Go off by your self and destruct on your own, sans harming another soul or property, you know what I mean? Even the Buddhist monks in Vietnam, they'd just douse their self in petroleum and flicker Bic or Zippo and be done with it.

Just Who Are All These Jackasses?

Who are all these jackasses at 6 o'clock in the morning in their nylon jackets and shorts, socks with slip-on sandals and messed up head hair going into the coffee shops on Saturday mornings late November before the sun comes up? High Blood Pressure Testosterone Supplement quaffing assholes out for the paper before more ball games begin on the TV?
You and I both can't stand these people and it's not enough to take our guns away but we won't shoot them. No way. The world needs assholes. What else is there to write about but love? When there's anger and hate, it's well defined. Words come together, feeling's divine. Just like love, forever and ever. All down through the ages and ages. So Be It. The End.

Friday, November 27, 2015


 Can't understand why they tell you things are fantastic over here or there, and, you pay them money and get over there, however, a red hot fire-poker iron rod is rammed up yer arse and no one said dick about any thing before hand. Besides which, nothing is like they say and they continue to say things are like that, "paradise" they describe.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


I love BLOGGER. I can get on the site and write away. At least on the phone I can. Not that I want to. It's far simpler and easier and thank the gods at Blogger for making it easy, to do an email and post.
But Shiva help you post from the desktop. All manner of hell greets you there. Yeah. You need a new browser, it quips. Fuck You, Blogger. Nothing's "wrong" with my goddamn browser. What's wrong is YOUR fucking sod-ware that doesn't work with pc desktops any more. THAT'S what's "wrong".

Secret Society's Super Secrets Places

SUBTITLE: It's A Confederacy Of Dunces or, Stupid Is As Stupid Does

 A man asked why was this written in the comments section. I replied, and had a hell of a job ‎NOT being able to simply copy cut and paste in an email, what I wanted to do here.  

 The guy, whose name is Richard, obviously a dick, asked why was this article done and then why did he read it. 
 It was the comments, embedded in fb and I wrote in the available window:

WHY RICHARD? It's here/there, and, not a lot of people know about it, or the ancillary links too, are of interest to read. Plus, one might now seriously consider joining a college in Utah to do a "career" in computers, but, heh-heh, if you're nice, fill in some of the required electives courses by selecting some ETHICS classes. ;)

 But I was NOT able to get my goddamn brand fucking new computer to copy after selecting, and paste to the email, this message. I instead, as a work around, sent 2 fucking messages to my gmail account, which I have inboxing here on my phone, and then opened, here on my phone, a new message, from my Web based other email account, a new message, to this otherwise pain in the arse web-blog, I've had problems with this weekend and past week and month...but I digress, because I do. I mean, I tried to get it done in a cockument yes cockument and I saved it and changed the format and tried that too, to send it, but even that, my goddamn brand fucking new computer couldn't wouldn't co-operate and allow me to put all the text in one place to do this fucking simple dumbassed thing: All these words, in this place, as a blog post. The End. (For Now)


 Yeah, and even THAT email trick, and, why's it a fucking trick? Why does it have to be? The simple fucking email doesn't print/show on the blog page. Some it does, I'm speaking in general, and some, only the title shows, but no body of the text. It depends on if I'm looking at the dashboard or not, or something, and then, so too, there's this: I can't just simply do things. The internet computing it's all supposed to be just that! Why won't it comply? Confederacy Of Dunces! It's Stupid, As Stupid Does!!! THE END, Of This Entry Of NONSENSE. 
At least THIS one works!!! Fucking Suck on That, Tumblr!

Test Subject Reality Starr

Starr Williams was once the biggest star in the rodeo (row-day-oh) circuit, of the 30's & 40's, (The 2030 & 2040's). She/He messed about on the open plain and took on all comers, goers, and everyone or anyone in-between. She/He wasn't shy about furiously demonstrating STARR's ability, capability, compatability, resilience, adaptability, compliance, and intestinal fortitude towards involvement in, of, to, for, LIFE! Life, with all cylinders firing, all bolts blown and pistons pumping, or, at least all forms of the stuff of stars burning!

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976)

Don't Do Drugs, Kids!

It All Reminds Me How Dumb Every Thing Is

 Stupid guy or dream about some dipshit who, having met his near infant son the day before at work, having said hello, returns and, in an improvisational non-impulse on my part, I was just was wherever I was mentally and emotionally and physically, and I just went with it, my odd situation. 
 Which was, working, minding my own business, and the guy and his son presumably, show up, and he the father, foists the son on me. I'm cradling the lad in my arms, and you know, in a moment of love, of life, a gesture, shake my arms back and forth, sort of like I was jolted by an electrical charge. Looking at the kid, and he me, we are not in pain or fear, just are in the moment and we say, look who's here! Who have we here? Or some idiotic statement of non-definition what ever. And, then, the father who foisted, takes him and hands him off and I don't see to whom. He the father is zeroed in on my eyes, and is ready for lawsuit like I'm the crazy infant shaker syndrome. And I'm just so bowled over I don't know how to deal with it. I'm walking away, silent, stunned, and, this idiot has locked eyes with me and is all manner so self-righteously inc‎ensed. Like I'm the instigator and propagator and problem. Holy Fucking COW! After I gather my wits, I begin to ask, well, where's your son? Where's your son? What did you do with your baby? And he's all, he's with his other father. And om I'm okay, thinking to my self. Say nothing. Saying nothing. Thinking, just keep walking. I'm walking. He the Foisting Father Out For Lawsuit, is walking with me and zeroed in my eyes with lock look crazy pursuit. I'm walking home back to my apartment. I get to the locked metal screen exterior door of it, and he's already there, opening it up and going inside, amidst other tennants, doing the same. I'm real nervous to say the least, approaching fear for my life and frustration as well. What in HELL is this dickshits' PROBLEM? Is he in love with me? Stalker obsessed? How asinine! What ever in hell did I do to him? I don't know him from the man in the moon. He comes to my place of work and entraps me in some bullfuckshit shenanigans, for what-dumb-fuck-ever "logic" he's got going in his labyrinthine innerscope, and I'm infinitely part parcel his magnum opus, and, am powerless it seems to me, to extricate myself of this madness. That to me is what life is from time to time. I recall, after talking to him, with the kid, and his putting the kid off some place, or to someone, another occasion, this before I walked, and he followed before he disappeared and then suddenly re-appeared later at my/his/our apartment building, being at work, and there being, and this is the funny part, 2 different dogs. 2 of same I saw this past week for real, at work, owned by 2 different owners. 1, a young bulldog, not even a year old. 2, a gray, great dane dog, spotted weakly, by some spots on his coat, like a dalmation. I pet one then the other, and then, went away. Then the guy follows me to the apartment. Sort of like the latest James Bond film. It (these both), made no real sense, logically, as they were fiction, in the true sense of no real sense to them that the guy is in a building which blows up in a film, and in my dream is there at work. Both disappear, then reappear, fine and presumably dandy, only to torture us mercilously, in some preposterous, intricate, complicated scheme, that, in real world time, would take months to plan, and they'd both have to BE me, if they knew I'd be going to such and such place after, and look for and fall for which and whatever just so. Impossible But True. Such is life. Quite stupid and idiotic from time to time. Have to laugh at it, so sad. But we do get and go consequently because of its maddening permutations insane from time to time. AAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015


Yup, nice song. Wonderful, clever, ever so "cheeky" tune. Cloyingly, sickeningly effective, but gat-damned annoying! Yes, BAD timing. It's NOVEMBER, fucking 13th, a FRIDAY no less, and I'm trying to enjoy my coffee and egg/cheese/and un-cooked, bacon croissant, while the twin blonds are in the corner, one hacking their lungs out sick, and this lame-arsed,  musick selection comes on through the speakers, annnnnnd I'm OUT side. Like I had planned. There in my nylon, Kuhl brand, cargo pocket, shorts, pinch-free, Duluth Trading, underwear, thick socks, black leather, Nike, All Conditions Gear, (ACG, except for this one, they're much too small. They've always hurt my feet, in fact, my top left smashed ever for sharp in pain effective, forever. Bought originally for work on The Matterhorn. ), and my black, Fruit of The Loom, short-sleeved, single, left-pocket shirt, under my long-sleeved, white, crew-neck, compression shirt, from Russell Athletics, my mock turtle-neck shirt, (long sleeves of course) and black, from J.Crew or L.L.Bean, or maybe Land's End, my ICE-BREAKER half-zip specialized wool shirt, and over that, finally, my heavy but movable black Minus 33 Degrees hoody, almost all of these items made in CHINA, with the cotton exceptions, they're made in Honduras or Mexico, funny, I'm out on the sidewalk with all the stupid people and their stupid dogs. They all have stupid fucking dogs.

Saturday, November 07, 2015


Mine Gud. But my internet connection is slow. At least I have a new computer and I am writing on it. It has the 2T storage I wanted when I put a digital package on the old one. I have nothing on this machine and I'm really just hoofing it. I will eventually get internet like we all should have, from right here in my room. And then it will sing, right? Or, I just might be able to do school online from when ever....Wish Me Luck

testing my pc is crap these days I am heartbroken but spirit lies

Wonder how this thing works, and if it does. In life we live despite our selves or our own best interests or natural instinctual flow. In fact we spend a life time wasting what energies we have perhaps alloted maybe not, on fighting idiotic systems, those of life and it's random frustrationals, and those of human kind, through, no fault of its own, has made it nearly impossible to write a letter to someone, asking them for something, getting a response in a timely manner, and getting it sorted in a few days. Nope, the whole damned affair is a cock up tits up waste. Fuck it! Or rather, don't! Damn it all. Wish we could. Start over. With this knowledge! Ultimately nothing matters. How fucking depressing is that? That's your answer or secret message they tell you but don't tell you near the end of that Think and Grow Rich, positive mental attitude book, from way back when. Either that is the most zazen book in the world, or it as well can go to complete oblivion, like that book of books called book-bible. Don't mix linen and wool. Nonsense! What horse shit. Damn, even horse shit has more use than that advice. Nothing matters. Well, of course it does, from the scientific point of view. Hmm. Pondering on.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hot Dry Weather Welcome To Fall In Southern California

 FUG! Every fugging year it's the same thing. Why doesn't anyone, the one's who complain about how ugly dry hot it is, the Santa Ana/Santana's Wind(s), those counter clockwise winds/front, coming down from northern Utah/Nevada, picking up speed as they get here, well, it makes people go crazy, it does, and so what? EVERY YEAR, esp sic at about NOW, there's this 'wind', and constant dry skin crinkly itchy irri-fecki-tating "condition", and people complain like, it's FALL! There's no FALL weather. No rain. Sure there is. From time to time there's rain, and though I know it's been dry and a 100 year drought going on, more people now than 100 years ago here. We buy our water and we punish our citizens for using it, and they scrimp and save and we don't use as much and have to charge them higher prices next year and it's just not fair. Farmer's use the most, but so what? STOP complaining. You're Stupid! REMEMBER! Each and every year, it's the same damn thing. The rains really hit in JANUARY/FEBRUARY. So Shut The Front Door. I don't want to hear about it any more.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

At Least Here We Can Jump Up To The Title Box...

 Create a title, before we begin, and then easily enough jump down here and write away and not have the conniptions like we have with TUMBLR of late. DAMN, that blog site, once the deal, so easily appealed, esp sic mobile applications.
 And what IS wrong with this ol' desktop that it defies the hold of fricken time management, goes on instantly with the power-strip? WHAT? Mystery thickens? I've reverted back to an old time/date or the Restore Point...and, working with this thing, have turned it on and off a couple of times, including turning off the power strip, and it's only just revealed, the clock's not 'moving'. So, whatever, eh? It's on and working now, but, when turned off? What? All that magic Well, never mind. Been threatening to get a new computer...and...besides an old thing where a virus company called and I updated the browser...well, downloaded software for...but, it's I dunno. Never DID see the click here open it up box, who knows what? Quien Sabe Que?

Saturday, October 10, 2015


 Why is this important and that not? There were 19 shooting incidences in L.A., just last week, but Oregon gets the press. WHY? It's all terrible, horrible, inevitable, stupid, lame, insane. And all of us must ask: WHY?!
 So too we must all of us ask really and truly, what REALLY will put an end to it. I mean SERIOUSLY. One would have to CHANGE inextricably, forever, human behavior, I think, to be honest, in order for this NEVER to occur EVER again, which I think is everyone's goal, esp sic all those so hell bent on removing everyone's ability to defend their selves against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Really. I mean, come on, let's be honest here. Let's be "REAL". 
 How could it? HOW could things change? Even if you went around and took away everyone's gun from their dead, cold and lifeless hands. I'm sure the outlaws would find guns if need be in their sense of the world, if teachers or ex-military were armed and employed protecting the schools, and all the legal stuff was duly worked. It seems it'd still happen. I mean people still have fucked with planes, commercial jet air liners, and we've been reacting and over reacting AFTER the fact. And so what if we all consider whatever we do next, as being PRO-ACTIVE. It's all a bunch of bullshit. We lose it. We're humans. And some do so much more than others. It's news, it's crimes, it's blood, guts, gore, sensation and more. What Can You Do?
 What ultimately is the goal, stop behavior(s), or the litigation from the behavior? 
 Eons ago you drove your car sans seat belts. You road the tram without doors. People played with lead based paint. So what? Now all of us are "protected". There are seat belts, though we're not racing them. There are doors and signs and announcements on the trams. My car causes cancer. My place of work uses things which causes cancer. My drinks, according to the signs on the shelves, causes cancer. And since there's a sign, a warning, head's up, you can't sue. No lawsuit pending...but what in the fuck?
 Can you litigate proof every thing? Can you just de-incentivize people from doing whatever behavior you find objectionable? You're the one who's fussy. 1 complaint and the whole world has to change for you. How did you get all this power? How did my friend explain it over breakfast this morning? And, it's one thing I found to be true as well, that, the person most offended, is THE one who through their own public action, offends the most, and claims First Amendment Rights, etc. FUCK THAT SHIT! 
  Go do whatever you want to do in the privacy of your own humble abode. I really don't give a shit. Just don't make the air/water/land and or laws of the land, so restricting for the rest of us, because you've complained and won lawsuits too many times to the point you get to have the world we share, exactly the way YOU want it to be.
 The ironic thing is, we all want I think things to be precisely how it is we find most comfortable, and, leave the other person out in the cold or heat: don't fuck them, at least not in the way they want. No Golden Rule here. Gimmie What I Want/Need, Too Bad for the rest.
 Well, in my synapse, that just doesn't fly! I think y'all ought shut the hell up and get whatever it is melting your butter, done behind closed shutters, and, I don't need to know or care what you give a rat's arse for/on, you know?

Friday, October 02, 2015


인정할게. 그건 매력적인 제안이야.

English example:
I admit, it is an attractive offer.

   IN ANY language, getting rid of all the guns lawyers money, SOUNDS attractive.

Friday, August 28, 2015


 Biggest greatest gift I see in all this is not hokey news programs and magazine articles about one of the biggest storms of our lives and horrible aftermath, government malfeasance maybe, ineptitude, etc. Is the RESILIANCE and PERSEVERANCE that, folks who survived, because many lost lives among other things, but how the living move on!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Just...we're trying to wake up. Dreaming of doing our business over a plastic bucket in the dark, in an oppressive humid heat over 100 degrees. Earlier, or before, we had the dream of being in a monastery or abbey. Walking around alone into and out of places and spaces we weren't supposed to be in. Mostly empty, these rooms with few adornments, one guy in a robe came in and told us to get out. Hmm, typical. Whatever. So what? Who cares? Can't we go back to sleep or at least, have a proper, cool, clear, and clean place to do the business? A-men!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Looking For A Nutritionist

 So, I looked up an address for the local Nutritionist and followed not much of anything but instinct, and by golly, it was replaced by a Snow Monster! In my fit of pique, I opted for 2, glazed, "vegan", blueberry, cake doughnuts. I think it was a good choice, for a 12 year old boy who doesn't know any thing about nutrition, and the deleterious effects of eating a bunch of crap!

Saturday, June 06, 2015


Yeah, and I don't care. I am I think and have thought a couple of times, to back up my photos and text and oh, I'll have to you know, get my Final Draft software down too. Yeah. Ok. New computer on the horizon is next. Yeah. So much new stuff. Why do you have to buy a new damn computer every what, 10 years? Has it been that long? Really? Well, yeah, if this came on line in 2005. Damn. That's way too long I think. Way too long. I need a new machine, eh? New software. The new windows browser, yeah. But, a tower, and a cd player and yeah, a level one. Because this one, it's vertical, and, been a pain. Real pain. Yeah. Okay. Moving on. Moving on. Have to go to bed. Really. Sleep.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


‎New phone. New set up. How do I lose that signature bit at the bottom again?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dumb Shit

You know, everyone and their brother can tell you that: "They don't tell you that..." and, so, you can just fill in the blank with whatever that is. YOU "know" it to be "true", that is to say, it's in your heart, no doubt, that what is presented, is, unequivocally, sound. Veritas. I say to you, the 'TRUTH', in capital letters. WHY do we persist with the bullshit? Because it's the system and we just let it roll on down the hill because we can't change it, as a leopard cannot change its spots. It is what it is, etc. This is THE most insidious, hideous, vile, heinous, load of dingo's kidneys the world has on offer, and I vehemently reject it, outright!!!


Just because you have an idea, doesn't mean life is going to make it happen for you. As hard as you work, despite obstacles and mischief managed, it STILL doesn't follow that it will "HAPPEN". IT just doesn't work that way.

And you can say that your a real cool cat, you have the right religion or sexual preference and you can post some kind of idiotic diatribe that says people should post dozens of likes and reposts and things of this nature, just because, doesn't mean that it's going to work out for you. It just doesn't, and that's ALL THERE IS TO IT!!

Friday, April 03, 2015

Minutiae Nothing

WHY must you put mustard or ass-gassing loosey goosey AVOCADO, where it doesn't belong? Say, on seared Ahi Tuna? In a wheat bun? Sure, tastes great, less filling, but unless you're on OPIATES (Is everyone on opiates but me? And, should I be?), which are known arse-stoppers, (constipators), there's no reason to have wasabi mustard, or any other kind of mushroom-avocado-smeary-butt leakage, "FOOD", in your system. I've no problems "going", okay?
I can eat sushi without wasabi thank you very much. Most places put entirely TOO much of it on there and you wonder, what's "wrong" with the fish? I eat and enjoy eating a lot of different types of raw fish. No problem getting rid of it either. NO problem.
And you mushroom people, you don't even do mushrooms that feed your head-cordyceps-or help your immune system-astragalus-eh? You fart around with these plate-sized portobellos or vegetable up your dishes, with these canned, button-willows, that don't even taste very good.
If I have a need to "go", and have some thinking I need to do, I'll have some shilajit, please, and, THANKS!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


There is a bird what sings an ugly annoying song...
Yeah the bird up front seems to be saying Hey, Look Up Here, Look Up Here! Or, Look At You, Look At You! Or, What's With You, What's With You? All depending on your mood when you wake up on account of its incessant chirping, mocking jay nonsense. It flies back and forth, back and forth, like it has a blocked bowel, and is crying in pain. Hops from one back yard to another, and over and over again, to make sure all and sundry are awake and know full well its message, sage words no doubt, spoken in a language only those of its kind can understand. Unique, Cute, Hunh?

Sunday, March 15, 2015


66 degrees at 4:39 of a Sunday morning. RUN!!! It takes a couple of days for the water to heat up in the pool when the surrounding temperatures have risen. Despite how hot it is outside. Yeah. Run! Or not. Swim. Not for me. Not today. Rough night. Went so many places, not all of them pretty, friendly, or fun. One such was on a thin, narrow beam, down to a, ah, er, uhm, 'sunless sea'. And the word was, imminent, well, eminent, as in eminent domain. They, those who were facing ocean front property in Arizona, were told;  "We're going to take your houses away and start the war". That was the story and people were deciding whether to end their lives at that point, but some little voice inside said NO! Not going to do that. And somehow it stopped. The nightmare had ended and it was all over from there.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Crusades R US

‎Why are we all so nervous, raw, twisted, wrong? What's with all the misdirected, prestidigitation by the powers that be? Do we instinctively sense that looming, 'something wrong', just around the river bend?
Is the U.S. Economy going to take a dive when the dollar dies? The rich are well taken care of, of course, naturally. No question there. But what about the rest of us? Too stupid to wait on tax filing, hurriedly done. Dutiful, and now, later of course, we'll see the ways being erred? To err is human after all. Too bad so many of us cannot forgive, and thus, will never experience divine.
 Why in hell on this earth, can we not leave one another alone? Do we actually realize how critical we are of each other? Can we? Do we do so this criticism out of insecurity over our own ineptitude and inequalities? We're not like the others. No shit, and neither should we be, but so too, we probably shouldn't be critical. No way should we judge and jury everyone in the court of public opinion. Yeah, we string one another up with reckless abandon. This too, same thing, in a way, even though it's meant as a cautionary or, well, rant in and of itself really, isn't it? Yeah, it's that too. But, hey, Zeus, this constant Public / Monkey Mind-Set Diurnal Crucifixion Contest Crap, should fricken STOP! (Just saying, right?)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Light Where There Wasn't Any Before

Heaven was dark. Spock dies, and then:

"Suddenly, there was light in the dark room." Someone says, in Hangul. A pretty, tall, Koren-born woman, with long, black hair, speaking in an Australian accent, when she says it in English.

 And actually, also on this date, (in 2003 was it?), Fred Rogers, "MR. ROGERS", died. Yes. True. Correct. Just a few days ago, Venus, Mars and the Moon were all sorted out near one another. Heck, just a couple of days ago, I noticed Jupiter in the East, Moon overhead, and then in the West, Venus and nearby but slightly off that line, tiny red light Mars. Not too shabby for some celestial shenanigans. Wonder what they were up to on this date in 2003? Can someone find out for me? No one cares, SpongeBob, I know. But, it'd be nice to know, see if any of this correlates. It doesn't, but would be cool if it did.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why Aubrey de Grey Takes an Interdisciplinary Approach to Aging

Watch this video I found on Vimeo:

‎Great, another f-tard who has facial hair and can still manage to convince people to pay him in order to live a life in the manner he's accustomed. P.T. Barnum was correct. Every minute. Or maybe not. Who cares? I can't. And I'm NOT going to be completely satisfied until I can do what my innate talent says I can and be paid in order to live in the manner to which I'm accustomed. Nothing Else Matters Right Now. NOTHING!

THURSDAY -- My Friday

‎THUR. FEB. 19th, 2015
  Ten years ago, this weekend, there was a storm over the south land. Reports also suggest, possibility of rain, this weekend. Ten years ago I was contemplating a trip to Los Angeles, just like I was then. Back then, Hunter Stockton Thompson was alive and then he killed himself. I hope I never do that. Wish or so wished I could write for a living, but it appears I'm doing this, have been, at a place, which, has been here 60 years in July of this year, and the ride I work, in the building I'm in a lot and am scheduled in today, it as well, has been in existence, ten (10) years, this March, 17th. This May, we'll start our work's 60 year celebration. My Dad, moved to Mexico 10 years ago. Imagine that!
 I'm grateful for the supremely easy simple ride I've had, all these years, and though I still complain about fits and stops and false starts that go nowhere, I keep on going, so far, so good, I guess. I'm one of the lucky ones. One of the luckiest ones around.
 Never wanted a man or woman to be my partner, not full time all around. At least not a man, not like that. A woman, sure, pure, beautiful images, wants, desires, but none of it included kids, children, offspring. Ridiculous. In what I call, this world. No. Absolutely not. Feel a little bad for my parents I mean if that's what they've wanted for me. I've only wanted to be able to take care of my self. So far, I've not done that completely very successfully, so, I've reason to live, plenty, and goals to accomplish, I'd say, I guess. Moving on. I've got friends and one major enemy. The friends are loyal great and few. The enemy is you know who. The one you look at in the mirror, the one inside, the one who doesn't always hide or keep its foul mouth shut. Hoo!

 Not much reading accomplished and more books/reading material acquired. What a waste. So too clothing. Get rid of it, the excess. Trim down, Slim. Cut it out! Cancer growing? Melting down. Burning out. Molding on. Who knows what crap is going on, eh? Geez, please. Get it going, get it gone, get it done already, and, move on!!! School Online. Class. DO something other, DO something else!! NOW!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saint Valentino's Day

SAT. FEB. 14th, 2015
  They say, all you need is love. Money would be nice. In this world I need that in order to live with love. Actually, it's all about POWER! I'd rather have the instant immediate 'power' to do and not do, whatever I want, whenever I want, and, however I want. THAT'S what it's all about, forget about that ever elusive hokey-pokey!!!
 You want power, tuned in and turned on. You want power to feel better and help others feel better, in an instant of pain or disgrace; calamity, injustice. POWER, tuned in, and, turned on. POWER.
  Essentially, it's authority. You want it, and you don't want your self having to fight it, like some Cougar or Mellencamp John, who always fights it, but, authority, always wins. No. Even Eddie Cochran, he fought the law, and the law won. That's a loss of power or control, over one's life. In this world, that's what it's truly all about, forget about all that 'jiggery-pokery', movie flim-flam, 'preverted', Dr. Strangelove stuff. You Want Power/Control, over life, over your own life, over death, essentially. Yikes! What am I saying here?
 We want basically the ability to know and to take care of what we know. This is what made you sick or killed so-n-so. Well then, let's do this that, the other, and put a stop to that, right away, you know? Isn't that what it's all about? Power, right? Control, over all the elements as it were?
 I love it when things go my way. Hate it when things go away from me.
 Love is, a store needing to be open at 7 a.m., when you happen to be driving by, and it is. Love is, dropping your pen cap when you grab your coffee from the drive through window lady, but the guy in the car behind you doesn't pull up into the space you left behind, in order for you to walk back there and pick it up, without being run down, without being hurt, and having to live with that, for the rest of your life. Yeah, that's love.
  Love is needing from the store the purified fish oil caps and you're not finding them, anxious, having to go to the bathroom, and having a store that always has one available, easy access, even when the odd thing of a broken urinal's involved. You exit said bathroom and then you go back to the shelf to look at fish oil and you find it, THE one you want, AND, it's on SUPER SALE, mark down discount.
  (Better take them now, right? They must be old? BAH! Negative. They have a lot. Willing to be generous, give. In this case, a break on the pricing.)
  Well, that's love, and I like that. No? I LOVE that.
  But you/we don't have a lot of control over things. And things though they might be reminders, or triggers, it doesn't mean you have to pull them. Some of them, right. Buttons you have to press, yes. But meanwhile, it's all about what's happening inside you, inside, all of us. We control it, but not always. Some times we do and we love it. Some times we don't, and we hate it. But, it is what it is. This is this. And, it is the truth. This much is true. I know this much is true.

Friday, February 06, 2015

When Things Go Wrong

    I'd do anything, to turn you on...well, except maybe for that. That, I would NOT do. No, I'd NEVER do that.
    What was it you were trying to say? How was that? You were saying something. Trying for something somehow. I didn't understand. No, not quite that, but, something. Something else. Quite. Yeah. WHAT? I don't know. No. Not that. Not anyhow. Never. Anyway. Not no way, not no how. Hmm. What was it?

Saturday, January 31, 2015


    It occurs that an organization of thoughts themes concepts has to take place. There's too much going on, so much to do, and it appears, and I so feel, that I'm not able to properly deal with it all.
    A moth, about seven inches in diameter arrives. Now, sure, it's winter and so when do moths appear? Are you in a place where they're year around and appearances aren't noticeable? Not for me, not for that size and so, especially so, after what occurred in the big life event of, my Aunt just had a stroke, and it coincidentally occurred on a day or night prior to...the moth was happening at the same time as near I can tell and it seems this is or was a portent, an omen, and in this case, it wasn't of the moth's demise, but degradation in the life of a loved one, and I can't communicate with them, nor can they communicate with me. Had a previously passed loved one signaled a warning, a head's up? Did I miss it? Should I have thought, figured, to look more?

Saturday, January 17, 2015


‎NO. NO NO NO. Just because it's a book, a story, fact, or legend, doesn't necessarily make it great or even good. A book, the laws, rules, regulations, philosophy, psychological intent, the forces which commence after the ideas, knowledge inside, are taken and made action upon doesn't for all make good. Once you believe in a book, it doesn't always follow you're better, or that the world is. Not no way, not no how. 
 THIS doesn't mean the book has to be burned, destroyed completely, or banned, kept from libraries, schools, bookstores, or general use. It should still exist. Just because. It's a record. It's valuable knowledge. The information can illuminate for example, say, how stupid we can be. How ignorant we were. Knowing about its existence could be just enough. A good or great motivation for doing, being better, trying for our best behavior. Some times the best response in a situation or circumstance,  is NO RESPONSE. None whatsoever.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Tomorrow's A New One

 Yeah, tomorrow's a new day. We'll we all hope a good one is made of it. Hope is we can relax and recuperate, whatever befalls.