Friday, January 30, 2009

Frustrated Minions

To The Frustrated Minions Of Millions: We are all consumers of some sort of another. Energy, Art, Commerce...and there is our detritus, our trail come behind after we've left our "experience". We are in this closed, locked, "system", and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Most of us will chew and chew and chew. Some will say, to hell with it, and escape. Some will. Some will literally leave, at the expense of...?...and "go" by their own hand(s). Others just plod on mercilessly, hitting heads against the impermeable, inpenetratable solid substance of life. And then with luck the pain is gone because we die. At least we think over here, in this "place" that, all pain or whatnot as we have "here", is gone...we don't know, and we won't until we too make that "journey", travel, along that "path"; passing on as it were. No one knows for sure what's what, and never let any one tell you different. As far as it goes now, nothing and no one can know for sure: 1. What's what. 2. What's "next".

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