Monday, November 09, 2009

I Am In Pain

Both mental and physical I am in pain. Not like a lot of people, mine is simple and mundane. Most people to hear it would shrug, toss it off and say if any thing at all, what's the big deal? Join the club. My point is I don't want to. This is not for me. Not that it can't happen or denial: this is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening (As tempting as this is, I've tried it!).
It hurts! I am in pain and there's nothing to do but ride it out. I could spend money on doctors, face horror of horrors in embarrassing situations, but I'd rather not. I'd rather not. So publicly I share it. Spock (TV character on Star Trek, TOS) once told actress Jill Ireland (I forget her name in this episode with "The Spores".) "We all live in our own self-made hell's. Mine can be no worse than any other." I'd like to think it was a line written my that master of the tale then: D.C. Fontana, she was a genius!
{From the Handheld}

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