Friday, December 19, 2014


 Yeah, there are these error messages popping up, but I'm still able to write, post, go from page to page. This is wonderful. Here now with a better connection than we've had before, and it's pleasing to say the least. We are so darn grateful. Hope is, we can continue to keep this going and make something more out of life, not just grind on down to damageville/dwindling on to dwindleville, complications leading to complications until finally we're gone!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

ESOTOURIC'S Eastside Babylon

Went on the bus, finally, Saturday, the 13th, of December. It went well. I found the cafe, The Daily Dose, and parked 2 blocks away, at a grocery store where there's a video explaining to anyone with an electronic vehicle, how to plug it in.
 Enjoyed the professionalism and thorough attention to detail everyone brought on board. I learned a lot and was able to contribute. I only hope next time I bring earplugs, or find a seat in back with a blown speaker above my seat, because it was too loud for me. I heard Richard, Kim, and Joan, all with ease, which to me, working as a carny, and having some issues from birth with regard to hearing, sinus issues, blockage, it was a surprise. I'm eagerly devouring Kim's latest book, THE KEPT GIRL, and look forward to Joan Renner's work as well. The future will definitely see me on board another bus very soon.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Well I've Got A New Printer

Couldn't sort out my old printer. Easy to use when it worked...and I'm not all sure that this new one's going to work either, but when I've opened files, they've old used printer from a lady friend I know, works fine, but maybe that's because I've got the same printer company as my computer...TIME will tell.

Can A Delivery Man Be A Turnip?