Thursday, August 29, 2013

You Big Banana Head!

THUR. AUG. 29th, 2013
  AND, explain to me again why we have to take Syria? It's not the same old boy oil network thing again designed in the guise of humanitarian effort like that Police Action in Vietnam? When we're supposedly only in Vietnam to stop the spread of communism and finally just said well, we lost the war and won the region, the ideology, and about bankrupt everyone. But we weren't in Laos or Cambodia or anywhere else over there, either, were we? No. Bullshit! We were there. We were in the Philippines and crusing the coasts in the China Sea, to be sure.
 Who was it who said the warring leaders must meet in an area where the public will witness them with socks filled with manure, and they hit and hit and slap one another till a draw is made. Or they languish after sex like in a pillow fight, and smoke THC oil with vape smokers, and later at a party smirk or go their separate ways. Why can't we leave this shit alone? I didn't vote for one administration to get into another war just to foist it off onto another at term's end. Fuck this shit!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Monsters Are

Monsters Fairies Goblins don't exist. They're just stories we tell one another and our children to explain events and our own peripatetic motivated behaviors.