Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hot Dry Weather Welcome To Fall In Southern California

 FUG! Every fugging year it's the same thing. Why doesn't anyone, the one's who complain about how ugly dry hot it is, the Santa Ana/Santana's Wind(s), those counter clockwise winds/front, coming down from northern Utah/Nevada, picking up speed as they get here, well, it makes people go crazy, it does, and so what? EVERY YEAR, esp sic at about NOW, there's this 'wind', and constant dry skin crinkly itchy irri-fecki-tating "condition", and people complain like, it's FALL! There's no FALL weather. No rain. Sure there is. From time to time there's rain, and though I know it's been dry and a 100 year drought going on, more people now than 100 years ago here. We buy our water and we punish our citizens for using it, and they scrimp and save and we don't use as much and have to charge them higher prices next year and it's just not fair. Farmer's use the most, but so what? STOP complaining. You're Stupid! REMEMBER! Each and every year, it's the same damn thing. The rains really hit in JANUARY/FEBRUARY. So Shut The Front Door. I don't want to hear about it any more.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

At Least Here We Can Jump Up To The Title Box...

 Create a title, before we begin, and then easily enough jump down here and write away and not have the conniptions like we have with TUMBLR of late. DAMN, that blog site, once the deal, so easily appealed, esp sic mobile applications.
 And what IS wrong with this ol' desktop that it defies the hold of fricken time management, goes on instantly with the power-strip? WHAT? Mystery thickens? I've reverted back to an old time/date or the Restore Point...and, working with this thing, have turned it on and off a couple of times, including turning off the power strip, and it's only just revealed, the clock's not 'moving'. So, whatever, eh? It's on and working now, but, when turned off? What? All that magic Well, never mind. Been threatening to get a new computer...and...besides an old thing where a virus company called and I updated the browser...well, downloaded software for...but, it's I dunno. Never DID see the click here open it up box, who knows what? Quien Sabe Que?

Saturday, October 10, 2015


 Why is this important and that not? There were 19 shooting incidences in L.A., just last week, but Oregon gets the press. WHY? It's all terrible, horrible, inevitable, stupid, lame, insane. And all of us must ask: WHY?!
 So too we must all of us ask really and truly, what REALLY will put an end to it. I mean SERIOUSLY. One would have to CHANGE inextricably, forever, human behavior, I think, to be honest, in order for this NEVER to occur EVER again, which I think is everyone's goal, esp sic all those so hell bent on removing everyone's ability to defend their selves against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Really. I mean, come on, let's be honest here. Let's be "REAL". 
 How could it? HOW could things change? Even if you went around and took away everyone's gun from their dead, cold and lifeless hands. I'm sure the outlaws would find guns if need be in their sense of the world, if teachers or ex-military were armed and employed protecting the schools, and all the legal stuff was duly worked. It seems it'd still happen. I mean people still have fucked with planes, commercial jet air liners, and we've been reacting and over reacting AFTER the fact. And so what if we all consider whatever we do next, as being PRO-ACTIVE. It's all a bunch of bullshit. We lose it. We're humans. And some do so much more than others. It's news, it's crimes, it's blood, guts, gore, sensation and more. What Can You Do?
 What ultimately is the goal, stop behavior(s), or the litigation from the behavior? 
 Eons ago you drove your car sans seat belts. You road the tram without doors. People played with lead based paint. So what? Now all of us are "protected". There are seat belts, though we're not racing them. There are doors and signs and announcements on the trams. My car causes cancer. My place of work uses things which causes cancer. My drinks, according to the signs on the shelves, causes cancer. And since there's a sign, a warning, head's up, you can't sue. No lawsuit pending...but what in the fuck?
 Can you litigate proof every thing? Can you just de-incentivize people from doing whatever behavior you find objectionable? You're the one who's fussy. 1 complaint and the whole world has to change for you. How did you get all this power? How did my friend explain it over breakfast this morning? And, it's one thing I found to be true as well, that, the person most offended, is THE one who through their own public action, offends the most, and claims First Amendment Rights, etc. FUCK THAT SHIT! 
  Go do whatever you want to do in the privacy of your own humble abode. I really don't give a shit. Just don't make the air/water/land and or laws of the land, so restricting for the rest of us, because you've complained and won lawsuits too many times to the point you get to have the world we share, exactly the way YOU want it to be.
 The ironic thing is, we all want I think things to be precisely how it is we find most comfortable, and, leave the other person out in the cold or heat: don't fuck them, at least not in the way they want. No Golden Rule here. Gimmie What I Want/Need, Too Bad for the rest.
 Well, in my synapse, that just doesn't fly! I think y'all ought shut the hell up and get whatever it is melting your butter, done behind closed shutters, and, I don't need to know or care what you give a rat's arse for/on, you know?

Friday, October 02, 2015


인정할게. 그건 매력적인 제안이야.

English example:
I admit, it is an attractive offer.

   IN ANY language, getting rid of all the guns lawyers money, SOUNDS attractive.