Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Evening New Year

Happy New Year, ya bloody wankers! Nepal and half of Russia are already there. And since no one really takes you serious on this thing (unless of course they want to criticize and belittle your thoughts, prayers, meditations) I'm determined tonight to be in bed asleep well before midnight and all of ya's! I'm going to get messed up with a painted red haired lady, smoke some cigars, have a few beans, and a chocolate macaroni salad apple pie. (P.S. On New Year's Day I'm going to wake up, grab myself a beer for breakfast, and listen to the Doors, on my out door speakers, at FULL Volume, while I swim, and probably drown.)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What I Did Today After Work

‎Tumor has been removed from the Mumster's visage. And the other spots on back and shoulder seem cool too. Catching some 2nd Hand Skunk weed smoke here Norwalk style before perusing the latest bit from RALPH STEADMAN! Regency 8 has FOR NO GOOD REASON. And so for that, the very same, I'm here to watch this Documentary. The girl asked pointedly if I was aware of the fact. And I said, oh yeah, very much so. Big Fan, etc. Norwalk. Nothing to do. Same thing. Redundancy. Skate in the parking lot between blunts in yer 64 Impala, I suppose. I couldn't do it. Makes me sick. (Both all everything.) Hello, Big Brother. Blow a doobie for me. Catch y'all later at ELBOWS, in Cerritos.