Friday, May 29, 2009


Is supposedly available via:

And I guess you'll have to select and copy and paste that in your browser, because it's not friendly here. Sorry about that chief. Oh well. Please buy my book. I have had a major connipition getting the damn thing together. It wouldn't put on my photo and it just selected it and sat there and then my damn computer would not shut down the windows or close programs fast enough for me....I blew the fuck up. Real pissed. I'm head-achy. 9.56 P.M. Pacific, and I'm still hot in the head. The SOJU didn't help. I was getting all head-achy just putting the file in order...real pain in the ass. Gat-dammit! My head is yelling at me. I hurt like a man in terminal cancer stages or some thing...I need some rice milk and magnesium and slumber. OUCH. Gat-dammit!!! FUCK! BUY MY BOOK NOW BEFORE I'M DEAD!!

This is the link. I apologize if you have to copy cut and paste, but, it IS worth it. Do it now. Order. I have.

Thanks. Lots of love, William McKenzie Neal.


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