Saturday, May 16, 2009


Have had SO much food and liquid today. I feel bloated, full, and yet, somewhat empty. Simply put, it's a knowledge here that all this is just temporary and it will be replaced with the stagnant sameness that was once before...after of course what could be terrible or just all right or okay on the way back, a couple of aeroplane trips. One from PIT to IAH and one from IAH to SNA.
Went onto the Strip today, had a pastry that had spinach and goat cheese but before that it was a cheese omelette, potatoes and rye toast and coffee over ice. I also had a pastry with cinnamon/powdered sugar, and some kind of cream inside it. Started the day off with one glass of water, 2 glasses of grapefruit juice (Florida's Natural Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice of course.), a Gala apple and a banana.
Then we took off to Mt. Lebanon (LEB-en-nen), for a bit of some ATM action for one member in our group, and some health food store shopping as well. Picked up Vitamin E (dry e, with lecithin and selenium) and some NAC. I'd run out at home...and so, there we go. But, going to the strip, it was incredible. I could have walked away with 2 shirts. A distressed silkscreen iron on a black shirt to express my support for the PENS (Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Team), and or a RED POLO shirt, in English with POLISH: Polska, and the country's flag/bird icon thing on it. I didn't. Don't know exactly why and really, it doesn't matter, but somehow it seems we cannot some how rid it from the synapse. Perhaps tomorrow when we visit (for the second time) PNC park, to watch the Pirates play, I'll be able to find a vendor on the street selling some less than 20.00 t-shirt with Penguins on it...hope is with the proper coloring. I saw another one, a gray one but it didn't come in my size. Oh well.
There was a great steak burger or something I don't know later on, after going to a place in the Strip area that served Red Seal Ale and a Rye Pale Ale I really enjoyed...also tried Anderson Valley's Summer Solstice or something like that as well. Very good. The burger and that simply sinful cinnamon pastry thing I went for later...we put in 5 dollars on the Preakness and I lost four. Won only a dollar. My horse came in third. Not bad. Just a simple bet/pool/thing here at home, South Hills area of Western Pennsylvania.
AH--To tomorrow...I guess.

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