Friday, January 02, 2009

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It would seem to me that some where some how there is a reading public for every one going...just like there is a person with whom one can share certain "intimacies" in life, for every one...but whether or not any one meets up with that certain someone, is, any one's guess...just as whether or not a painter sells a painting, or even wants to...a photographer has a show some place or another, a horse rider gets to ride and perform before others their host of tricks learned together with their "mount"'s any one's guess whether or not any one can "make it".
Looking for something else in the bookshop tonight I found a book written by a woman a friend of mine knew fairly well...this only person in the world from life long long dissipated surfaced tonight in the form of an author...a book, on the shelf, and I duly purchased her "first" novel. I'm excited to read it. I hope she does well. If I find her giving a reading some where in town, I will make DAMN sure to be there. Something told me: It's going to happen. It's going to happen...meaning It will happen for me too...if only certain things take, I write some things and two I get some publishing going.
The idea now is to copyright and or otherwise protect what I have in addition to getting or going for an agent with it...getting it listed hooked up with some of the more popular electronic publishing venues...the book place on line and the portable text reader thing as well...yes, it's going to cost me some money, about 2 hundred bucks or so all told...but it is worth it I feel. Takes money to make it...can't just make money in real estate over night without any money to first buy some...then, you have to sell it, don't you? Yes, of course you do...and good luck to's a buyer's market right now, not a sellers. Buena Suerte Suckers!!!

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