Friday, August 22, 2008


"Don't you, forget about me. Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't you, forget about me. As you walk on by..."
--Simple Minds, Don't You (Forget About Me)

Well, of course you will. You're 18, you're 25, and you are just entering adulthood, and like I was, I saw many things, drank, and would cruise around the life and not know much of any thing, but, who was that older guy who...hung around passes on by and who cares? It's too difficult and painful to consider and it's all so depressing, so let's not let it cloud our minds or souls. That's negative. Please, let it go.
RIGHT, so, let it go, and fade away...let it go...I think of U2 right now. That line from that song because I was just researching Stranger, Stranger In A Strange Land, you looked at me like I was the one who should run. Which are to the best of my ability, lyrics of the U2 song. I was looking for the 1961 published book by Robert A. Heinlein. The year I was born.
I hang out with people who are decades younger than I. I am the same age as some of their parents. No wonder none of the girls will "get" with me. Still or living again at home and all, it's an embarrassment. Having no "game" or whatever the hell it is I need for sex, whether cold and impersonal or deep and meaningful, I go with out, as I assume does most of humanity, and whether it's good or not, I consider that, maybe if more of us got it, maybe we as a people, humanity in general, would be better off. Not for procreation sex, but "RECREATION", and "sanity". But, what the frack do I know? Most people who marry and this inevitably kills their sex life/drive, (Not all I assume, but, a lot.) don't bother with it as much. You got the security of the familiar. You can "more or less" get it whenever, it's not much of an issue, and no WAY do you discuss it much, whether with your peers or spouse. It's "done".
So, the point: I want now to get along with others more and have sex and have it not be such a fracking big deal. I don't want it mentioned here in blogs and all such as that. I don't need it. I would since I don't have any thing, to be able to move on as if I do. I mean, for what I wanted out of life and what I don't have, then, well, now, I want a track changed, and I demand of life, to be able to MOVE ON!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008


AND ALL I GOT for my trouble was this quote:

Quote of Note
“It's the Olympics. If you can't get up to swim in the morning, don't go."

--Michael Phelps, Swimming

And so there you go. You can't watch it live. Maybe you can catch it on Telemundo at 9 A.M. PDT, and perhaps you can't. You have to work. I on the other hand got up at 2:45 A.M. and went swimming. I got up and got going. Had some water and juice and performed Tai Chi Chuan (Yang, Long Form.), and then went to the store to get a beer and crisps. I have a headache now I'm so pissed off because I haven't been able to see the Olympics LIVE and am thinking now: fuck it and fuck them. Fuck it all. Get to reading now and maybe taking off to the local restaurant for some eggs, bacon, toast, tea, and a host of other good things before storming off to see a movie I might like. Something to do with fruit and the speedy delivery thereof (Pineapple Express). Who knows.

Less Than Enthusiastic...

We are less than enthusiastic about the internet. It's not living up to its promises of ubiquity, re: portable phone hook-up ease. The irony here is that this is being written and saved auto-magically every minute or so, by a on-line program. In less than two hours now the live feed by "?" will broadcast here (The most eastern portion of the "western" United States-So. Cal. is farther east than say Washington State.) the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics at Beijing, China. Looking forward to it, 5.08 A.M. will be 8.08 P.M. their time, supposedly. Friday still the guess. Whatever. Was thinking it was yesterday or something like that. Maybe tomorrow already. It can't really be live can it? Has to have a delay, not just for terroristas accionnes, but just because you just can't get it real/instant, right there just yet.
It's like the internet. There's a bit of a delay. Just like the ubiquitous jet-pack every one was "supposed" to have by now. And what about flying cars? Uber-ridiculous. Some one has to have "control" over all these things and that's what's holding us up. Sure, the internet is great for some communications, it's massive chaotic flows, but when it's just drivel for the most part, why bother? When computers themselves after a few days of scurfing (A combination of scurge surf and frustration: Requisite yelling, screaming, and cursing the life out of life.) and every thing's slow. You get a virus and it's awful...slow...and all the while you have safeguards and walls and scans and software updates and still it goes the speed. You have to pay inordinate amounts to get faster connections: T2 or whatnot as that. They advertise stuff you can't get: FIOS, etc., over and over and over again. It's frustrating to no end. You just want to kill yourself, because you're in the way with your stupid wants and needs (That every one else thinks are ridiculous: Double Ring cell phone choices, WI-FI phone, VOIP on it as well, 10 hour battery use.), and the very fact you write that publically, is insane as well. Stupid. Idiotic. If one could write the ultimate be all/end all letter, as to why you jumped or shoved the knife or took the pills or whatver, it still would not be enough. It's stupid. This whole thing is. Forget about it, no? Move on.
Take the most lame arsed idiot in the world, what have you got? This one. This one person. And why can't he make something of himself? And what he has made, so what? What of it? It's nothing. Dust in the wind. All is vanity.