Thursday, May 30, 2013


"The road for happiness is proscribed by less distinction." I love the sound and feel of this sentence, but it is quite simply untrue, I hope. Proscribed means banned. Hope is, for more joy, the less we specify, the more we give up and give in to LOVE, deep within our hearts, with each and every encounter, if we can. It's a process, it's not perfect. In fact, the Indigo Girls once said something about less definitive searching, allowing for one to be more defined. How does this magic work? Is that really how powerful love is? I say to you: It is 4 o'clock, no matter how many times you ask, no matter how many of you ask, and no matter that you ask right on top of one another, not listening to each other. If I say it with peace each and every time, in a cheerful, friendly way, it just might work. Let's help one another do this, every day, in every way.
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Friday, May 03, 2013


If 'freedom' aint free, then freedom doesn't exist. I'm all for supporting people with the guts to sign up for 'dying' because their country's politicians have small penis's and think nothing of sending their country into a downward spiral fighting what they call 'just' police actions, but it's bullfucking dogshit, and everyone and their brother knows this. Either that, or this world is just operating WAY out of hand. And, quite possibly this life is a world of senseless idiotic stupid HURT!
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