Friday, October 16, 2009

If I Can Just...

Maintain, maintain, maintain! Take an energy pill, eh? What in the hell tore up your tummy besides Salsa, Corn chips, and Beer of unknown Vintage and brew properties, that was your snack and bebidas on the plane from LAX to GDL this morning/last night. Well, next Friday's Eight A.M. Departure will be ... What? Besides only a skosh of nervousness/fear did it for us back then aboard the all gray leather seats throughout Smilin' Eskimo's was an easy trip down here. Flew on by. I was just surmising (if that's correct) I should have more stamina now...and I do, but golly, FEAR too, STILL! And gosh darn it all, now the fuzzy feeling of falling every now and again. Guess it's from lack of sleep. Hope I can really sleep-in, tomorrow. Willing ready and able to give it a try. Last I was here I had a Carbuncle the size of a golfball on my neck. Travelled here in May in all times past. Every thing's brown then. Verdant now. Odd. Bellissima now too and unknown to me. But I like it. P.S. Surprise I saved for myself is was waiting till on the plane for headset work. Poo! Didn't work. Oh well. There's Wal+Mart in town. Must have workin' earpieces there if not at some other local place.
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