Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Boy's Spanish is Pretty Good

Well now I would not say that, but certainly I'd like to give it a go. Learn some rules, languages, jump in and swim.
We're here amongst agave and other sundry huddled against Mexico's mountain range known as the Sierra Madre. Northwest of Mexico City. And just a 3 hour drive to Puerto Vallarta, about 5 thousand, 2 hundred feet above sea level.
Been here 5 days already. Today is the first day I've worn shorts. It's been too cool for me and we've been under the weather since before coming. I'm okay though. Getting by, getting by.
Not doing much. Don't want to. Can't afford it any way. No Spanish (Castilian or other) fluency, and tons of general fear of being incapable of negotiating buses; routes, maps, timetables; my own sense or body needs...ah who knows, you know? Best deal here now and all is to sit read write and chillax, right? Right.
I'm writing on this thing and am doing so like a duck takes to water. What could be mas bueno?
Ya tu sabe. Salud Amigos.
from the handheld

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