Friday, August 31, 2007


This thing we do, blog. Blogging...flogging, exposing our parts, nether spots and yon...dur. I know for personal reasons I don't need to do a lot of see me nude here? There's nothing to look at. I'm not that interesting. I hope I never am. But I do want a certain amount of people want to read me. At least that...perhaps it's best after, when I'm gone, and so I should just worry as ever like I do, on writing and write and read so that I'll get and stay in the mood to write and just keep on doing it like that, you know?
I've completed the VOICES FROM THE STREET book by Philip Kindred Dick, and Spook Country, by William Gibson. I think I've mentioned here I finished Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis as well. If not, I have now. I've got most of the book called JUNKY by William S. Burroughs through, and am about to pick up Bad Monkey's by Matt Ruff.
Got a great price on Berlin Alexanderplatz, by Alfred Doblin. It's being processed by some one back east, near my sister's place, but as irony would have it or coincidence or something, I couldn't have her pick it up at a place closer, and mail it, because for the time and gas and shipping, it'd be, found I did another listing, in a town still in her state, but I don't know where this place is exactly, for even less money than the price of the store listing the book in the town very near by her...and soon I'll get the prompt I hope via e-mail, to click and get the thing paid for....
I've ordered those Vasque shoes. Laces and holes from the shoe laces at that, none of the material hanging off the shoe or the tabs and the laces wrapping around and ultimately getting loose as I wear them....sure, made in China, isn't every thing? Our (the U.S. of A's) down fall too I'm sure. Did you know we are borrowing money from China? HELLO!!! Millions of Americans out there. Did you know that? What the hell? And just who is funding all the military arms we're fighting against? China no doubt. I have no proof of this, but reason from paranoid psychosis, it's true.
Any way, there's The Rum Diary to read again and several graphic novels. Some I've read and some I'm reading and some things, thin books, I'm plowing if I could only get to that staggering sack full bag of stacked magazines...and read them too...get those buggers out of the with the books I've got in addition, Charles Stross, Hiassen, Rankin, etc...I could sit and write some inbetween? Yeah. Right. Okay. I'm thinking and it's coming here and there in bits and pieces and if I could only just get the shit down, you know? Dammit!!!
Fix my phone whose screen is cutting out. Watch which will be the...I don't know...very expensive, I'd like to cash it in and but what for? It's good and I want better eyes to see the dial at night and want brighter luminescence on the arms and hour markers...the new modern safe material...and I could for the price I have to fix the thing, get a new watch, so why don't I do that?
And get my full cap on tooth, because the partial crown thing isn't making it and what else? Whatever? As ever, the storage money there...etc. Whatever. Moving on. Something to eat now, will feel better later...hope is...

Friday, August 17, 2007


And So Now, Later On...2.57 AM:
Taken a shower and have done my Tai Chi Chuan exercise. I feel great! Pouring down some Florida's Natural: Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice from a wide mouthed clear glass mug from IKEA, made in Russia, with a split in the handle, up near the top. How come I didn't notice that before? Was it always there? How come I didn't notice that Book Soup in Costa Mesa died, moved, and is no more until one day I stopped by the South Coast Plaza shopping mall, in order to get the latest Vanity Fair or some such drivel thing, and VOOP! It wasn't there. Dammit!
Put on my blue Royal Robbins hot weather "puckerwear" type shirt, I can't say pucker wear or some such, as I'm sure Patagonia has that copyrighted or something...that's their hot weather shirt, or one of the, "AC yarn-dyed shirts", one of theirs too....but I don't have one of those, and am not interested. I am interested in a 30 dollar (it's normally 60) Patagonia puckerwear shirt at my local A-16 store. It's an outdoor adventure supply store, chock full of stuff like that. Why I get these fixations, and have to buy things for which I have no room is beyond me. It's a sickness I guess.
What can happen, is you see something you want, you'd better buy it right then, because if you wait, if you come back tomorrow, it might not be there. I wear their medium sized Pup shirts. I'm calling it many things here because I don't want any thing to fuck me over by this bullshit of mfrs. lawsuits, etc. Who knows, eh? No one cares here. I'm not making any money off this and for sure there's no one reading my writing, so what could it matter? I should gleefully tab and hyperlink shit like most every one does, willy-nilly. So what, you know? Make a stink. Get noticed. Be someone.
I want something for my sisters birthday, which was yesterday and she lives in Pittsburgh, PA., and I want to get that shirt plus some white cotton t-shirts with pockets, but not having to spend a lot of money on them. I want to see a movie for free, I have a card that came from the frequent movie watching deal I have with one of the local theatres. I also want that puce ducer frapple bap torso cover I've peeped and mentioned at the head of this article.
There's the latest U.S. gentleman's quarterly (GQ) magazine I want, (Clive Owen on cover.), and the latest Esquire (Sean Penn has a film to promote.), and the latest MAD magazine (Bart Simpson/Alfred E. Newman cover.) as well as an issue of Entertainment Weekly or Week or some such, with that gawd she looks different here Reese Witherspoon on the cover; what project is this doll promoting?
Going to need some nectarines, peaches and apples soon and after that, a couple of bananas. But first I think I'm going to get me another glass full of Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, then sit down and read some more of Anita Thompson's The Gonzo Way, Warren Ellis' Bad Signals' 2, and of course, William Gibson's latest: SPOOK COUNTRY. I've picked up the 50th Anniversary of William S. Burroughs' JUNKY, and am toying with reading that concurrent with Spook Country, and I've also got a copy of Matt Ruff's latest: BAD MONKEY'S.
Then it's off to coffee and hard facts: Food: Eggs, Bacon, Toast, maybe some pancakes and Lingonberries from Ikea. Then chocolate chip cookies. Then? A reception for a friend's father's funeral. Then maybe the comic book store to redeem a coupon and a TPB (Trade Paperback-A single book with the same content of several of the single issues content wise, all in one book.) of some series I'm interested in. Last Man or some such...perhaps an old Neil Gaiman cover. I've got a paperback copy of his book Anansi Boys. I want some Ian Rankin's, the Orion print (U.K. releases) of Inspector Rebus titles I don't have, but I'm having trouble collating what I've read already. And all this despite other titles here in my room gathering dust by plenty of other authors: Greene, Hiaasen, Dick, etc.
I'll have to do laundry. Every thing. All of it. Wash and organize the counter with the fucking mess in the bathroom sink, the toilet again and perhaps another go at the shower. I'd like to do Newport, Fashion Island, get some Hemp oil for body spray. I like that scent of theirs. And, perhaps a look into L'Occitaine, see what's up there.

NEWS AT 12.10 AM

It is now 12.24 and I am up, wide awake, and in gray cotton shorts and a sleeveless white nylon holy shirt, after peeing...and wondering...well, that was a nice nap. Went to sleep at...? But, got in bed at around 6 PM the night before, and woke up...several times to leak the lizard, and I drank some more water every time into bed, and I was wondering just now, sleepy but not asleep, what it looked like when it was dark, when the sun went I've not been around for that for quite some time.
Usually I'm in bed at 6 and asleep by 6.30 and though I wake and sleep throughout some times, I am rested and not so bothered as I have been. It's okay. I'm glad of the peaceful nature I've had of late. REALLY glad. I've not known how light/dark it is with the sun down...I've gone to bed and have been asleep through that transition...but have been awake and here throughout the transition from night to day. Wonderful. Peaceful for the most part. Quiet. Clean.
The sleep has been interrupted. So quiet? No one here? HOT. I could go back to sleep, but I wonder now as I continue to write, if I will....but what time will I then go to sleep and what shit will I get into/out of if I go from there?
Hungry, but I dare not eat, not now. Don't get into that stuff mister, you know? This is WAY too early to get up. And will I would I move around for the Winter? Possibly...because this time of day will be WAY too COLD to be messing around in shorts and a special hole punched type of nylon shirt, where there are all these divots I'd say on the surface of the shirt, making it holy as it were, open to air to "breathe", but yet still be together, to have a surface over all.
Go back to bed after posting? I love the graphics of tumblr blog, hate them here, but HATE like HELL the tiny text on tumblr. It took me a while to get to this page. I've not posted in yonks, have I?
And I've not had a look at my pen light in a while. Three batteries: 4 A powercells on a pen light, and they're open/exposed, and the flashlight still works, but doesn't click on any more...fucked up some how...wonder if I can send the thing back to Streamlight and get it fixed. Blue LED, but the batteries...discolored...must have oozed into the button head area, messing that up and is this shit going to eat the skin off my hands? I've washed them...
All this reminds me and boring bores the hell out of readers the cassette tape recorder with messed up batteries of the tape player in the drawer in the storage space that I've still not cleared out and need to...and will but lately have the idea to do so with help and a truck and a trash can on the drive way like I originally had the idea to do...certainly don't want to get into it now in all this heat. Wish I could just do it now. I mean literally drive down there now...but it's 12.38 in the morning...don't you think you should just get back to sleep? Oh how I do, but when to wake up and what to do then?