Friday, August 28, 2015


 Biggest greatest gift I see in all this is not hokey news programs and magazine articles about one of the biggest storms of our lives and horrible aftermath, government malfeasance maybe, ineptitude, etc. Is the RESILIANCE and PERSEVERANCE that, folks who survived, because many lost lives among other things, but how the living move on!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Just...we're trying to wake up. Dreaming of doing our business over a plastic bucket in the dark, in an oppressive humid heat over 100 degrees. Earlier, or before, we had the dream of being in a monastery or abbey. Walking around alone into and out of places and spaces we weren't supposed to be in. Mostly empty, these rooms with few adornments, one guy in a robe came in and told us to get out. Hmm, typical. Whatever. So what? Who cares? Can't we go back to sleep or at least, have a proper, cool, clear, and clean place to do the business? A-men!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Looking For A Nutritionist

 So, I looked up an address for the local Nutritionist and followed not much of anything but instinct, and by golly, it was replaced by a Snow Monster! In my fit of pique, I opted for 2, glazed, "vegan", blueberry, cake doughnuts. I think it was a good choice, for a 12 year old boy who doesn't know any thing about nutrition, and the deleterious effects of eating a bunch of crap!

Saturday, June 06, 2015


Yeah, and I don't care. I am I think and have thought a couple of times, to back up my photos and text and oh, I'll have to you know, get my Final Draft software down too. Yeah. Ok. New computer on the horizon is next. Yeah. So much new stuff. Why do you have to buy a new damn computer every what, 10 years? Has it been that long? Really? Well, yeah, if this came on line in 2005. Damn. That's way too long I think. Way too long. I need a new machine, eh? New software. The new windows browser, yeah. But, a tower, and a cd player and yeah, a level one. Because this one, it's vertical, and, been a pain. Real pain. Yeah. Okay. Moving on. Moving on. Have to go to bed. Really. Sleep.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


‎New phone. New set up. How do I lose that signature bit at the bottom again?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dumb Shit

You know, everyone and their brother can tell you that: "They don't tell you that..." and, so, you can just fill in the blank with whatever that is. YOU "know" it to be "true", that is to say, it's in your heart, no doubt, that what is presented, is, unequivocally, sound. Veritas. I say to you, the 'TRUTH', in capital letters. WHY do we persist with the bullshit? Because it's the system and we just let it roll on down the hill because we can't change it, as a leopard cannot change its spots. It is what it is, etc. This is THE most insidious, hideous, vile, heinous, load of dingo's kidneys the world has on offer, and I vehemently reject it, outright!!!


Just because you have an idea, doesn't mean life is going to make it happen for you. As hard as you work, despite obstacles and mischief managed, it STILL doesn't follow that it will "HAPPEN". IT just doesn't work that way.

And you can say that your a real cool cat, you have the right religion or sexual preference and you can post some kind of idiotic diatribe that says people should post dozens of likes and reposts and things of this nature, just because, doesn't mean that it's going to work out for you. It just doesn't, and that's ALL THERE IS TO IT!!

Friday, April 03, 2015

Minutiae Nothing

WHY must you put mustard or ass-gassing loosey goosey AVOCADO, where it doesn't belong? Say, on seared Ahi Tuna? In a wheat bun? Sure, tastes great, less filling, but unless you're on OPIATES (Is everyone on opiates but me? And, should I be?), which are known arse-stoppers, (constipators), there's no reason to have wasabi mustard, or any other kind of mushroom-avocado-smeary-butt leakage, "FOOD", in your system. I've no problems "going", okay?
I can eat sushi without wasabi thank you very much. Most places put entirely TOO much of it on there and you wonder, what's "wrong" with the fish? I eat and enjoy eating a lot of different types of raw fish. No problem getting rid of it either. NO problem.
And you mushroom people, you don't even do mushrooms that feed your head-cordyceps-or help your immune system-astragalus-eh? You fart around with these plate-sized portobellos or vegetable up your dishes, with these canned, button-willows, that don't even taste very good.
If I have a need to "go", and have some thinking I need to do, I'll have some shilajit, please, and, THANKS!