Thursday, April 14, 2016

Here's The Thing

We don't want pets, spouses, or offspring. We don't need pets, spouses, or offspring.
We hardly manage as it is. Why must we complicate things?
We've no tattoo's, implants, or mutilations. Our clothes though we still do layers when it's comfortable, fit well. That is to say, we could run in them without having to pull up and then hold onto pants to do so. Colors match or are complimentary. Only some times contrasting, but muted now, not like the harsh assortments we used to display. Nothing so gaudy or flashy anymore. That's about the only real change. It's rare we get just because of the "name", for the recog, as we were heavily into in our younger days. Most folks missed the points on us anyway, sad to say: 'pearls before swine'.
We just want space, a place, some things to do that can at least contribute a little bit socially. If not then definitely not done to harm. However we're not going to have to do everything in the world to please all manner of species and subspecies just to exist.
If LIFE can't figure out we want to be left alone, then LIFE, is fucking stupid!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Since April Two Thousand Six

We've been doing this writing thing in the blog here since April, 2006. It's 2016 now. I don't have the time now to go through this too much but it sure is nice to be able to do this. A few people set it up, allowing us to work this way and to let it happen. I am so grateful! That's my happy easter to everyone. Thanks!

Friday, February 26, 2016


WHO do I have to appeal to? What do I have to do to get internet connectivity 24/7/365?!!!! WHO? WHO? WHO?!!!! WHO THE FUCK IS IN CHARGE? WHAT THE FUCK IS "WRONG"? And WHAT IN THE UNHOLY FUCK IN ABSOLUTE HELL DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET & KEEP THIS GAD-BLASTED BULL-FUCK-SHIT ON, AND ON, FOR EV-OR??!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016


Can't stand looking at this blog page. It fucking jumps. Like looking at a goddamn fucking fluorescent light over a kitchen sink and it's flickering. No, I mean fucking clickering. It's buzzing and humming and strobe-light juddering to such an annoying extent. I won't look at a page of it. I've had it with this bullfuckshit!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Lawsuit Complete

 SO, let me get it sorted. 5.7 million dollar (U.S.), is won and the thing is, it came from some COMMENT someone made, (must have been SOME comment), which "offended" someone, and then, they, to 'sort' them out, "planted" drugs on this person, a 'teacher', I think. And then, this person, got, you know, in trouble, probably. But now, obviously, every 'thing' is "all" right. Person could buy a boat now. Now, the person, can hope is, return to 'normal' work, and the students can, in time, do so well that, they buy this person, a 'boat', if they wanted. Yeah. I guess this makes for a "happy" ending.

The Take Away, or Moral, of the "story" would be: Don't fuck with people. Get a thick skin. People are going to say things about you. How bad can it be? Bad enough to plant drugs on someone in order to 'sully' their "reputation"? Fuck that fuck! Talk about hooping up some BAD kharma for yourself. Dumb Move, to say the least. Stupid, outright. Don't do chickenshit like that. Get over it, you know? Sheesh!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Inconclusive Crap

Well, 45 minutes later, and, though my nurse practitioner didn't say anything about what happened or what actually was done, well, she thinks nothing much is, as far as signs go, nothing is probative. So, maybe that's why. Didn't get much of a bead on any thing. Seems like we all just wasted one another's time. Well, that's idiotic of life. Very dumb.

Friday, January 08, 2016

We'll Be Done In Just A Moment

 We'll be done in just a moment, it says but of course it's been saying this in a pop up for almost 2 days now. Such is the life of a patient man on wifi router hook up and nothing else better to do for the time being. Of course, we'll pop down every now and then to check up on the laundry we should have been doing hours and hours ago, but we've been terribly busy reading. Yes, reading. Damn straight. Enough of that wonderful beautiful stuff. We're reading now a book called: