Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time Is Irreverent

"WAKE UP! He can't remember where he was." --James Douglas Morrison.

Yesterday I saw a small baggy with red watermelon pieces in it. It struck me as odd because just a few minutes before, I witnessed a similar bag with same type fruit, in my meat and cheese drawer at home.
Today, I woke at what I thought was 2:30. What the hell. I get up at 3. I'm awake. Might as well get to it. Later, I noticed the time on the clocks in the kitchen while preparing the meals for the day. It's not even 2!! What the F?!
Needless to say, I ate the watermelon. Plenty of time to digest AND read a comic book, before heading to work to eat the apple, banana, etc. Yeah. Someone ran over that bag of melon yesterday. Dragged it all over that part of the lot. I will be EXHAUSTED come 2 o'clock THIS afternoon.
Delivered Via Akasha