Friday, September 30, 2011

How I Wish

Left our party early. Dunno why exactly. Ate well, up to a point, and then I ate crap, and had to leave, big time. I felt like crap. So sad lonely tired. Didn't know just what to do. My eyes were weepy. Had to leave. Didn't care. Just, left. Didn't say any thing to any one, and I don't think any one noticed. Felt like a ghost at my own funeral, or wake. Sad. Terrible. Ineffectual. How I wish I could have rewound the thing, started over, in a great mood, and enjoyed myself. Couldn't Can't Didn't Won't Don't. How I wish...nothing. Nothing now. Now I don't care. I'm here, I want some great food and good company, but I don't care. I want to write all the words down in order, that I thought about exactly as they came, this morning. I don't want to make something else up. I want exact, what I had, to come flowing, through pen, I like, exact, and know, and KNOW I know. The End.
{From The Handheld}

Monday, September 26, 2011

Simple Fix

And so, to fix the thing, because it didn't say or tell me directly in an email: Hey, we're changing the way you email mobile, I had to go in and find out for my self. Well, I changed the address in the Contacts file, and hope is, I won't have to keep now answering my computer's prompt here for which address? Because I deleted or changed the old one. So, how do I do that? Keep the BB here from asking me which one? I typed it already, and it popped out both with a window, asking...ah well, as long as the site accepts my addresses. That's the main thing. I went into the web site settings and selected Post Immediately for the options to these emails I send. And then just changed, but I guess maybe I shouldn't have, because now and maybe forever it will ask? Well, it wasn't on there, the secret words box, a box literally said that, and I was considering, well, let's think of something clever to put in there? Do I need to? What was there before? So. Here we go. Post!
{From The Handheld}

I Would Love To Be Able To

Kick people in the face, in the head, whenever they make you feel uncomfortable. They probably deserve it, and they have NO right making You, Mr Wisdom, Miss Innocent, out of sorts. A good quick blow to the noggin, which puts them out, allows for slow memory recovery, or none at all, is just what all these idjit-galoots deserve. Where do they get off, you know? Obviously not at the previous stop, which is where they'd be (Away from your proximity.), if they'd gone and done the sensible thing. But, they're not sensible folk, are they? That's why they're in your face, getting frustrated, then taking it out on you. Stupid.
Delivered Via Akasha

Saturday, September 10, 2011


OK. Enough! Time to END the Patriot Act. Stop all the fecking feckless corn-fed dog-shiite policies (foreign and domestic), and get back to business. Real Good Business. Good Neighbor Policies, etc. Do it. Do it Right. Do It Right NOW!!!