Sunday, October 04, 2009

Left Ear Clicks As Does Right

My right ear has been clicking clear of late. Ringing is most always around. Tonight my left ear is plugged; not very fun. At least we've no dizzyness.
Called Dad. Bad connection. Horrible buzz. Barely heard Dad. But Dad heard me. Told him I'd get on the computer and use Skype. After one two three tries, it worked. Found out it's hot there and cool at night. Green and rainy season is over. Oh well. Maybe it'll stay green for my stay. Wish me luck.
I've bought a bunch of crap but useful stuff, from Walgreen's tonight, after getting that Instant Coffee they have for sample free this weekend from Starbucks. November Vanity Fair and lighter fluid, cotton balls, sun-block, toothpaste, hand-cleaner, cool new gloves for pool pole work and ah, the junk in the pool this afternoon as a direct result of the wind. So much to do with the house...and what the crap all else here. Got cotton balls from the grocery store before where I got bananas and meat from the Deli counter. Not Walgreen's like I said. The meat (Turkey-Jenny-O.) A buck less from the usual per lb I get and have gotten for years, but so big the slices...will just have to use only a couple of pieces and flop them over on the bread. Time for bed. Enough for now. Wish me luck. Late start tomorrow and then early start the day after, FUN!
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