Friday, January 30, 2009

Frustrated Minions

To The Frustrated Minions Of Millions: We are all consumers of some sort of another. Energy, Art, Commerce...and there is our detritus, our trail come behind after we've left our "experience". We are in this closed, locked, "system", and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Most of us will chew and chew and chew. Some will say, to hell with it, and escape. Some will. Some will literally leave, at the expense of...?...and "go" by their own hand(s). Others just plod on mercilessly, hitting heads against the impermeable, inpenetratable solid substance of life. And then with luck the pain is gone because we die. At least we think over here, in this "place" that, all pain or whatnot as we have "here", is gone...we don't know, and we won't until we too make that "journey", travel, along that "path"; passing on as it were. No one knows for sure what's what, and never let any one tell you different. As far as it goes now, nothing and no one can know for sure: 1. What's what. 2. What's "next".

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Story So Far

So, we love AMANDA PALMER. We're delirously happy for HUSSEIN OBAMA. We're struck by how awesome the Samsung OMNIA works/looks\and seems. We say "appears" because we know there are other attributes and even "down sides" to this latest clever communication/personal organization device, that haven't been brought to the fore by the independent reviewers and even the Samsung/Verizon advertising, promoting-PUSHING-interactive sites.(And you think they would let us know all they can. They have a device. It's clam dever. They want to make money. Why do they hold back?)
THERE ARE BOOKS to be had...and February seems to be the holds terror and pleasure. Sadness in that it is the month which hides deep the sorrow and pain of those who have passed on and reminds us virulently that winter is biting down hard and is a bit reluctant for spring to take over. Book releases. International Pen Show in Los Angeles (actually in Manhattan Beach). Books on Hunter Thompson and by others will arrive. Hold on to your book store gift cards. Don't cash them in just yet. Pen show at a bad time once again. We've no money and one must arrive there with CASH to get purchases of really cool things. But bills are due and can you log in today and still get the day off and will you be able to use Sick Pay to fill the hours for that one day off of your week? Can you still get paid? Wouldn't that be NICE! But, February, viewed from here, though only a few days away, seems like an eternety off of the map of following time we have to pass to get to.
Bills are due. Bills are due. We sing their sad refrain. We have, ah-yes, the taxes due as well. Another bill. But what we have to pay will play well if we don't have money in the account when the accounting is made. How to deal. How to figure. We can't. We have to have the flux capacitor full to run forwards and backwards in time, and it will only be at the stroke of the right moment, wherein we'll be able to hook up with the line that allows us to pay off what we have to pay off, and sail on from there to freedom of other things.
We're struck by the allure of shirts, watches, shoes. Where does all this crap come from? We have stuff galore. We have no room for it. Why must we be victim to its thrall? Why can't we get rid of it? Why can't we, sit in our chairs and read the damn books and magazines we have stacked up everywhere, and why can't we be satisfied with the time pieces and fully ridiculously stacked piles of clothing and footware we have teetering/tottering all around us, in this, their ever-accumulating dust-ridden space here in Shell City?
Our throat is limned with scum and we scrum like werewolves trying to clear it, making it sore. It is in pain in the morning and again at night. Why? Snoring? Sleep Apnea? Found a dentist yesterday on line nearby who treats (Non-surgical methods!) just this type of thing...was looking for a TM center. Many eons ago there weren't any in the O.C., now there's one, just down the road as it were. About time! We need to learn to chill. Get the right mixture of herbalistics and action of inaction of meditation; tai chi chuan, and yoga. That and all the while, all along the way, writing...oh, goodness, please: WRITING. Writing stories. Publishing them, and being happy...oh yes, and getting a new job this year in addition to writing, right? And NOT having something untoward happen that derails and in general does not allow us to move on like we should. Into the happiness center we so richly deserve. We're sick and tired of vomit central. Enough already. Time, more than high time, to move the corpus on.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frustration With The Post

See, I think I know why the people who make websites don't make it so that their search engines actually find what's on their sites. It's quite simple. If you could find it right away...Say, I don't know; Type in the data and it loads right away? Voop! You'd be out and on to email or whatever it is you'd rather be doing besides cursing the writers of the blog, the administrators, etc. Yes...'that would make sense', we say at work. So, it's not done. Great.
See, it's to THEIR advantage to get you to stay. So, it doesn't pay for them to make their site work right. Get it? Make it a little retarded. Don't allow the search engine to cough up the correct spelling listing that, if only after hours of searching\spending time on their site, it brings it up. DAMMIT! You frackin' bastards! What is wrong with you? Are you members of the American Medical Association? Do you get a kickback with every conniption/stroke/heart attack victim you get from when we can't find the simplest things? Dammit! The world is lame. Really fricken lame.
Palm has a new machine. Only available at Sprint. Sweet. Guess who has a better deal through Verizon? Yes, that's right. Yours truly. The Frustrated Blogger. Not frustrated because his blog is lame and no one visits and add comments like the really clever: OH I concur, or, I know how you feel sport, have a beer or three, it's not that big of a deal. (YES IT IS!) Things are stupid and should be improved.
See, we live in a world where Celery takes more energy to consume than you can ever get any thing out of it, by eating it. How lame is that? VERY STUPID INDEED!!!
You can cure your skin condition only if you get more sun exposure...only trouble is, the more you expose yourself to the sun, the more you expose yourself to more skin more rashes that itch, blisters that are embarrassing to look at, no! Bio Oil indeed!! No, then you'd have Cancer, and REALLY have a skin problem to deal with. How smart is that? Not at all. It's dumb, stupid, lame. And this is the world we live in and have to deal with. Oh well.
I was trying to search on CBS.COM for my mother's appearance and the story regarding her trying to get people to make gray haired wigs for Cancer victims. Go ahead. Try to find that. It was on TV today, several times here in Southern California. On KCAL 9 news. The local L.A. station. (KCAL 9, the station owned by CBS, as well as CBS itself ran the segment. There were several appearances. 2:50 on KCAL 9 and 5:50 on CBS.) I dare you to try to find it with their search engine and then give me the url hyperlink, when you find it. Let me know how long it took you to get it. You won't find it with a regular search. Hence I prove my arguement with flying colors for how/why the world is lame.
Say for example there's a particular pen you like. A color or pen refill. You can't contact the company direct and get it. Sure, they could just walk over to production line and give you one. Put it in a box, even charge you for it, because you asked. But, no. There's some kind of idiotic Business Law, that doesn't allow it. And this just gets my panties in a, I guess the moral of this blog is: Stop Wearing Panties.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The World's Mess and It's Not In Your Kiss

There is a song, a number by the quintessential L.A. band of the A.D. period (After The Doors, and ironically early albums were produced by Ray Manzarek.), called: X and it's rocking hard stuff mostly...a few rockabilly influences, but mostly strained singing and raw sound, that's good. Rock. Yeah! I won't even mention the fact that they got mixed up in some kind of "movement" way back then in the early 80's when folks thought of hair bands and such. Which may have "besmirched" their passing through to other things which would have happened, dammit, if not for being corralled with "that" munk mess. And that "music" was much different. The thing I refer to here is a line from one of their tunes: The World's A Mess, It's In Your Kiss.
For me, the world is a mess and probably always was and will be, but especially now, the events near/far/wide...and in my home here in Shell City. Flooring done. Wiring. Plumbing. MESS! The stuff of the house in these areas is all over the place. It smells of concrete sealer (Which requires 3 days of don't walk there!!!) then the cork, then the dark red (beyond burgundy) coloring wood's going to make it loud in here, damnit! And it also smells of chuffed up dry wall. It's dusty with that fine white powder, oh well. (Paste now in your teeth. YES.)
There is no kiss. My storage place is closed and I'm slightly amiss. There's no place for the clothing I pulled out and then last night washed...days...days...they go by and thank goodness I got it all sorted out. Cleared out. NAMI MUN book signing appearance:
My goodness, why do I have any thing? I'm bereft of logic, thought, sense and it's amazing I still go forth. But press on I do.
The world's a mess and nothing is in your kiss. I'm amazed. I think I thought and I come and I go. Where am I now? So demonstrably enabled to...sit and cogitate but am unable it appears to make a dent in this place called: LIFE/THE WORLD, with any thing I do but get in trouble and on occasion make people laugh...and I do include my self in that equasion. I do laugh quite heartily from moment to moment in my daily routine...along with the cursings of things...talking out loud to pieces of soap, boxes I'm holding up to get put into the attic I don't know where...leaves that fall out of the net as I bend and stoop to gather up more into the holy bag attached to a pole, which is stuffed into the swimming pool again and again to clean. (Moon's Full. Air Is Dry and Blowing stuff every where.) It's life as I know it. The world's a mess and it's not in your kiss.

Friday, January 02, 2009

More Content

It would seem to me that some where some how there is a reading public for every one going...just like there is a person with whom one can share certain "intimacies" in life, for every one...but whether or not any one meets up with that certain someone, is, any one's guess...just as whether or not a painter sells a painting, or even wants to...a photographer has a show some place or another, a horse rider gets to ride and perform before others their host of tricks learned together with their "mount"'s any one's guess whether or not any one can "make it".
Looking for something else in the bookshop tonight I found a book written by a woman a friend of mine knew fairly well...this only person in the world from life long long dissipated surfaced tonight in the form of an author...a book, on the shelf, and I duly purchased her "first" novel. I'm excited to read it. I hope she does well. If I find her giving a reading some where in town, I will make DAMN sure to be there. Something told me: It's going to happen. It's going to happen...meaning It will happen for me too...if only certain things take, I write some things and two I get some publishing going.
The idea now is to copyright and or otherwise protect what I have in addition to getting or going for an agent with it...getting it listed hooked up with some of the more popular electronic publishing venues...the book place on line and the portable text reader thing as well...yes, it's going to cost me some money, about 2 hundred bucks or so all told...but it is worth it I feel. Takes money to make it...can't just make money in real estate over night without any money to first buy some...then, you have to sell it, don't you? Yes, of course you do...and good luck to's a buyer's market right now, not a sellers. Buena Suerte Suckers!!!