Friday, February 20, 2009

"I've had twree dallahs, I've had twree million dallahs, day-er boff duh same."

And so now there's this: We just sit and wait and watch things happen, right? What the heck? I have to do something...I'm ever so tired of that...really. I'm sick and tired of that...and not doing the simple daily life attributes...but I am doing that...I'm getting stuff done...but like I want? Not always but not always flaking either...and so what? What schedule program whatever is there and do we have to do things by any way? Isn't that stuff over rated any way? I certainly think so. Just as full of it as any thing else. The stuff of accumulate. Work hard. Get do family ugh ugh is just as full of it and stupid as not doing any thing. They're both the same. I think Donald DeSimone was correct: "Life Aint Nothin' But A Wastepaper Basket."

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