Saturday, March 28, 2015


There is a bird what sings an ugly annoying song...
Yeah the bird up front seems to be saying Hey, Look Up Here, Look Up Here! Or, Look At You, Look At You! Or, What's With You, What's With You? All depending on your mood when you wake up on account of its incessant chirping, mocking jay nonsense. It flies back and forth, back and forth, like it has a blocked bowel, and is crying in pain. Hops from one back yard to another, and over and over again, to make sure all and sundry are awake and know full well its message, sage words no doubt, spoken in a language only those of its kind can understand. Unique, Cute, Hunh?

Sunday, March 15, 2015


66 degrees at 4:39 of a Sunday morning. RUN!!! It takes a couple of days for the water to heat up in the pool when the surrounding temperatures have risen. Despite how hot it is outside. Yeah. Run! Or not. Swim. Not for me. Not today. Rough night. Went so many places, not all of them pretty, friendly, or fun. One such was on a thin, narrow beam, down to a, ah, er, uhm, 'sunless sea'. And the word was, imminent, well, eminent, as in eminent domain. They, those who were facing ocean front property in Arizona, were told;  "We're going to take your houses away and start the war". That was the story and people were deciding whether to end their lives at that point, but some little voice inside said NO! Not going to do that. And somehow it stopped. The nightmare had ended and it was all over from there.