Thursday, April 14, 2016

Here's The Thing

We don't want pets, spouses, or offspring. We don't need pets, spouses, or offspring.
We hardly manage as it is. Why must we complicate things?
We've no tattoo's, implants, or mutilations. Our clothes though we still do layers when it's comfortable, fit well. That is to say, we could run in them without having to pull up and then hold onto pants to do so. Colors match or are complimentary. Only some times contrasting, but muted now, not like the harsh assortments we used to display. Nothing so gaudy or flashy anymore. That's about the only real change. It's rare we get just because of the "name", for the recog, as we were heavily into in our younger days. Most folks missed the points on us anyway, sad to say: 'pearls before swine'.
We just want space, a place, some things to do that can at least contribute a little bit socially. If not then definitely not done to harm. However we're not going to have to do everything in the world to please all manner of species and subspecies just to exist.
If LIFE can't figure out we want to be left alone, then LIFE, is fucking stupid!