Tuesday, May 17, 2011


OKAY! Right then. No more confessional CEO AD’s on TV, saying how we’re human, behind you, and every thing’s going to be okay. Sure, there’s plenty of oil in the U.S., in the North of America, but so what? For all that steam processing to get the shale out of the ground and into something useful, it’s going to kill us 4 thousand times over. And, 2030 is not that far away, right? We won’t have the infrastructure, the biosphere to subsist, much less exist. STOP IT ALREADY! And stop killing people over seas just to get oil in the guise of we’re doing this for democrazy. Whose? Yours? Mine? OURS? Certainly not THEIRS! That’s imperialism, insanity! STOP IT ALREADY!!

Why do we have to pay good money out for people who just can’t live alongside one another? People who say they’re so damned oppressed and crucified, HA! In the court of public opinion, that have camps for others they say are always hitting them first, and, we’re only retaliating because they bombed us. Well, who has them in Camps? Sections of the city you supposedly control and maintain with guns and razor wire? F-THAT, and F-YOU!! STOP IT ALREADY! I say the whole place is holy. Okay. Right. On that we agree, right?
Okay. FENCE THE PLACE OFF. KICK EVERY ONE OUT! NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN OR OUT, PERIOD! Install 20’ tall fencing, topped with glass and barbed wire that is electrified, and that if some one so much as goes within 10 feet of it, they’re reduced to ash, much like those “Ground Snakes” fire works you can still get at or around fireworks times in the U.S.A. Yes, you’re ground snakes, dark gray ash material. Vaporized I’d like to see. Lasers on turrets doing the trick, auto-magically. It’s holy after all, right? Right! Stop it already! We’re borrowing money from China to exist. We’re invading other countries like cysts or cancerous lesions, it’s crazy. WHY? To root out terror, evil? We’re the terrorists! We’re the EVIL! It’s US! Why are we going in for their oil? To bankrupt them? It’s bankrupting US, dumb-shits! Stop It Already!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thought I Was Going To Sierra Nevada

Went on a trip today. That's about the size of it. Went on a trip today and while I thought for sure the GOLD LINE Metro Rail was finished and was going to go the whole route, I went what I could and spent not a lot of money, but had one hell of a day just riding trains.
First a Japanese light rail Vehicle. Then, an Italian one. Next came the Deutsche, or German one...and that was the nice clean (newest) bugger of all three rail Vehicles that Los Angeles Metro Rail has. Quiet as well. By far the most quiet of the three. Most clean and new things are. But not all. Some clean and new things don't work worth a crap or damn or whatever. But not any of these trains. They ALL worked quite well, regardless of where they were "from". The Japanese trains had seats made in Canada. I don't know exactly where the others came from. Doesn't matter. Same bit of ugly multi-colored fuzzy carpet on the backs and seats. Majorly Dodger blue with colored balls on them, the colors of the various trains, and on the maps and route indicator placards, there are round colored circles on them with the same color scheme. Coincidence? DEFINITELY! They didn't plan this crap, no freaking way!
Guess I'll drive to Temecula tomorrow...or something like that. Maybe not. I'll let you know.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Man With No Point

NEED seven 8 or at least three beers right about now. Acually 9 hours of sunlight just like this and this much warmth. I don't need any noise, just the ringing in my ears. I don't want any one calling me but for to come over and put some serious fox on my pox. I don't know otherwise. She won't call. Never did. But how is it she was insanely intense on me? Laughing, throwing her head back. What did she think? Who am I? That's what I was considering. Who am I? What am I doing here and when am I going to go back? When will I be able to? It's depressing, I tell you. All I want to do here is sit and read, and I can't even do that!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sam Juan Hill

‪‪  "What in Sam Hill has gotten into you?" My Mother used to say. And "Jimminy Cricket!"
I consider 'ON' would be more apropos, no? What ON Sam Hill...if it's a Hill, and not...what, a person? Right. So, you know, San Juan. That was the Hill they stormed 'ON', right? WRONG! It was another next to it, a hummock, [Kettle Hill] that sounded less interesting, and so San Juan it was. Like, "He's Dead, Jim. He's dead." Okay. Proof! You don't need it. Take my word for it, all right? We don't do that kind of thing around here. Well, well, yes, in fact we do. But so what? When you go to get your passport, you get money to the original source, and they sort of make an original for you. And that's not a long form, and no one bitches and moans about it. In time your passport arrives, and these days, with an RFID. You could get a long/record of ... but that wouldn't be necessary. Because it just isn't. The long thing is something else. Part and parcel of your birth record, but so what? Jimminy Cricket! People, there are more important issues at stake. We're killing in Afghanistan; Cambodia, Laos, Paris, Paraguay, Iran, Syria, Iraq; wherever there's oil, right? People are being beaten at Sporting events for no good reason...and, as if there were a good one? What then? It's a Sporting event. We're all here/there to watch a show. Leave one another be. What in or on Sam Juan Hill, has gotten into you, onto us?‬
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Monday, May 09, 2011


Ate Chicken Fried Steak, Green Beans, Mashed Potato and gravy. Had 4 small dinner rolls and some iced tea. Yet, am cold. I should be plenty warm, but I'm cold. It might be that I have a tiny abrasion on my skull, something to cry about, because my skull has been on fire these past few days, but nothing I put on would stop the itch. Tried several sprays and aloe-tea tree mix salves, and just nothing has done it...except caffeine, had a lot of late and that's even helped my pulled muscle or what as that on my right side, what pop-popped a week ago I can't say, but it's on/from a side I've had problems with from time to time, leaning over and bumping things and causing pain for about a month, which takes its time to abate. Whatever. Who cares? I scraped the skull just before going in for our meal out on the town this evening. Oh well. Hockey game in 25 minutes. Wish I had a beer and someone to have sex with. A large beer. An average sized, good-looking woman, who knows what I want, and can take care of me, with minor intervention on my part. I enjoy a smart woman, I must say.
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There We Go

There we go. Had a pot of coffee yesterday, last night in fact, and STILL went pretty much right to bed. I've not had a pot of coffee (about 4 or 5 cups on this one), in years! Last I did that, I was up all night, walked to Hillsdale Shopping Center from my home in Foster City, and had the worst diarrhea anyone has ever known. It was two pots of espresso beans, and I was all by my self trying to write or not be bored or something. Dangerous either way, I tell you!
Went asleep last night with a pain in my head that visits today as well, and a pain that jumped on my chest at the last minute before slumber. (Chest pain, indigestion, is not evident now.)
I had been up super late the night before, and got up fairly early, and so I was going up doing most of the day with friends and some coffee, not a whole lot, but had some booze as well. 3 small beers, one, a Dos Equis 'amber' (headache inducer I think, but allergies do it most), and a Pacifico, which I enjoy more, then a pint bottle of extra hoppy stuff from Coronado, CA.
Then, later on, some Laprohaig whisky, and a Nat Sherman cigar. I only had a small snifter glass of the hard stuff, and a cube of ice with that. The cigar was good and bad, and I smoked it furiously as far down as I could. Tasting wet nasty-assed dirty tray flavored every now and again. Oh, well!
Couldn't concentrate or even relax much by myself then to watch some TV I'd recorded. I deleted several after only a few minutes. Was so bored. It's okay, but my headache...persists. Wish I could just you know, get on a plane or train in first class and have phone and tablet I want need and service that's as advertised, and just read and write and post away! I have so many too many fricken things to read, and not enough people to read me, or pay my way through this wonky syrupy sludge of an inexplicable, confusing existence. Enjoy!!
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Sunday, May 08, 2011


HEADACHE. I mean HEADACHE. Wish it was because I've not had a cup of coffee for three days in a row but such is not the case. Wish it was because I have not had 6 or 8 small sized solid milk chocolate candy Easter Eggs, but such is not true. No. I've got a headache the size of Milwaukee and I don't know the culprit. I see all right. I haven't been reading...been in the house and I'm a little off. Don't know why.
This is the first journal entry in here in a while. I don't know why. I can't get my brain around it. I don't have the mobile blog effort going. I can't blog there. I don't know how/why. It's annoying. I could text if I could get it going but don't want to text blog. That's DUMB. Besides, the links they tell you to go to and what to do to get it going, doesn't work so far...so, F that...besides, I don't need to be texting in my posts. The blog is for sentences and paragraphs. Concepts. Things. Ideas. Stories! So, they don't happen with Tweets. Which is what texting is to me. I don't want to use all my Texts for the month on this.