Friday, October 15, 2010

No Facebook Weekend

No Facebook this weekend, and I can honestly say, I miss it. Miss posting and reading posts. Idea was, to not post, or get on to read posts, until Sunday morning, at 3 a.m., at least. 18:12 on this beautiful cloudy Friday evening, and I've not been on it, not once. And I do miss it, do indeed, regardless if some of the links people post can't be picked up on Mobile or even bothered with on Twitter, another I think I'll stay off of this week end.
There's that red bordered 'asterisk' on-screen, with the number 2, indicating some posts are pending to be read. Won't know what until Sunday, my Monday, at the earliest.
Thing to note here at Miss Elle's in Shell City, as I still smell that dark-blue dressed woman's sweet, nice, perfume, on my lips; face, shirt, that, well, huh, uhh. I'm writing. I'm posting. Blogging. And as I write, I can't recall if this one is the one I need to put a code on to get it to publish. I have three Blogs. And I can post via email, which is infinitely superior to trying to access them via internet browser, etc. on this hand-held. Oh yeah! Peachy. Big, clear, letters, screen, of email, regardless if the text will be changed on two of them, and not in the best of ways either. Oh, well.
{From The Handheld}

Wisdom From The Past

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
Ah, yes, up for coffee, or maybe not. I just had a couple of shots of some wildly inaccurate truth serum, and lately, it occurs to me, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Truth that is. It’s supposed to set you free. Knowing is part of the game I guess, if there need be a game and all (there’s a debate raging there), but I don’t know that it is freeing more than complexifying. It’s making things more complex. Truth’s a let down. It’s a relative term, etc. The sudden realization that, sex is more better, in your head. That’s a truth, and is probably only where it lies…ha! That that, is where is the actual act is (going on), when things external are happening. My, how complex all this is. See what I mean? It’s not elucidating or satisfying at all. It’s conundumbrating. Confounding. Confusing…a muddling to say the least. Oh well, hang the sense of it. Fuck off already, eh? Fuck off. Another month. Another calendar page. Another journal entry, tra-lah-lah-lah.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Shen-sha, Truth, The Thing Is...

We were told, after 9/11, that, the First Casualty of War is the TRUTH. For my money, we’ve been at war for longer than, (and well BEFORE), September 11th, 2001, at least as far as mine eyes have seen the glory. There is a mind-set, “hive” mind, “borg” placement in “cosmic-consciousness”, that says, the mylar balloon that landed or was found in your pool this morning at 5 A.M. is “BLUE” in color. There has to be for that, right? But there DOES NOT have to be a mind-set to believe what is told us when the TV news constantly, persistently “indicates” that there’s to be a MOSQUE at ground zero. No, because that is simply NOT TRUE!!! A community center, yes. Because according to my sources, there are other buildings, in fact mosques, nearer the site of the world trade center in New York City, than this proposed community center. And, ground zero, is in Kansas. The first time I heard that phrase, it was in conjunction with “the end of the world”, and someone figured the low ground point, where all the bombs would rain down and life as we know it would end, was in Kansas, the state, of the United States, of America. And my friend, who was principally a camera operator of video equipment for local San Francisco Bay Area television stations at the time, had told me he intended to be there at ground zero for the shooting of the event. Bay Area. I’m from the Bay Area. Which one? Tampa? Chesapeake? Hudson? When on the West Coast of the United States of America, you say or hear someone say; ‘I’m from the Bay Area’, you “naturally” assume, (Just like the balloon is blue.), San Francisco Bay Area. I don’t, not anymore, because I meet people from all kinds and sorts of Bay Areas. Ground Zero? There are many ground zeros. There’s a coffee shop on Haight Street in San Francisco, near where I used to live in the “lower height” or Western Addition. Several people died in three (3) separate plane-crash locations, on that “fateful” day. There was Shanksville, Pa., and, the “urban village” or “unincorporated” area of Arlington, Va., where the Pentagon is. And, of course, the place in New York City, where once stood two very seriously tall buildings, which were actually about three each tall buildings atop one another. So, there were or are several ground zero’s. Not one. And, for that matter, the world trade center? There’s one in Long Beach, California. There might be more, right here in these ‘United’ States of ‘America’. Point is, it all depends on your mind-set, reference point, hive mind, locus. Just what, your ‘point-of-view’ is. Sure, we all need it, in order to agree that, for all intents and purposes, that that balloon I found in my pool this morning is/was “blue”, but we don’t need it for not getting the facts right about where a mosque is or what a mosque is or whether or not a beautiful community center is going to be built. It IS, thank, goodness. It is, and jews and muslims and christians and atheists and anarchists all are welcome I’m sure. And all will be able to become members and enjoy the fruits of the labor of many people who put it up and maintain it. And none of this should have any bearing on all those people who died on that or any other tragic day in their lifetime. Life should go on. People should get over or through terrible tragedy catastrophe devastation. Blimps Blowing up, bridges falling down, Ships sinking, and, The Unsinkable Molly Brown. All of it. Life. And it should go on.