Saturday, February 14, 2009

play music to get you through the night

FOR THE BENEFIT of Mr. Kite and every one else out in the land of no lovers and absolutely no sex unless it’s done on your own, I have this message: Fuck You Hallmark! That and Mother’s day in May and Lucky Charms day next month and Snakes on a Planet not our own day next year, all of it. Fuck You.
Do your laundry. Get on line and search repository things because no one will be on line and bandwidth will be easily spread. There will be simple down load ease, because who could be on line? Every one will be texting, that’s done on the phone, right? Simple email to loved ones…ah, fuck, hang the sense of it, but don’t hang yourself in your own closet in Claremont, California. Where the hell was your wife all this time Foster? Dammit! What the hell? Tristan, fuck your parents for calling you that! Egolf…what did you find there in Oxford, Mississippi that didn’t save you? The fact your girlfriend was the reason you hooked up for a literary life? And Thompson, your gal pal was leaving? You old man you, how long had you been around? 67 years! That’s a long time. You had to have figured something out without love, eh? No one can make it, eh? No one? Damn, that sucks. That really sucks.
Yeah, it’s winter and it bites, even here in happy-go-lucky Shell City, California, where I live. It’s COLD. 40 degrees. Must feed the cat. Must get out and get it done. Must get moving and have at it with my laundry and like that. Damn, what nuisance. What’s going to shave me? (A play on that, Midnight Oil song: Who’s Going To Save Me(?) or whatever song title Blue Skies, it may be. Too many songs with that title. I think of the blues tune. Blue Skies, smiling at me.) Peter Garrett, you giant, bald-headed, freak! Not enough going to save your homeland…it burned. And what’s with the planes of late? All fall down. Ashes To Ashes, All Fall Down.
Picture this Deadheads: Ashes To Ashes: All Fall Down, and the TWO towers fall. No love there. What a long strange trip it’s been. But, at least I’m enjoying the ride(?) We will survive, we will get by. Keep Going! Keep Going!!!

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