Friday, August 28, 2009

Fw: A Few Quick Notes: From This Week

Subject: A Few Quick Notes: From This Week

AUG. 23:

Are you still around? Ever thinking of California? It's "different" out here now. Folks are dead, grown up, or married w/children.


Mom's gone now. Probably well into sleep in her stateroom by now. Hope so. Met her this morning at 2.30, and I had been in bed for a few hours. She had not.


AUG. 27, THUR.

My Friday

It was a great week for us by and by. We'll see if I can handle a bit of "self imposed" style dehydration, as opposed to the just being at work and what's wrong with me re: "dizzyness".

I think it's the weather change/allergy bit what really does this "dis-equalibrium" thing inside, and I believe water exercise and LOTS of NAC will do the trick to rid my body of this irritating nonsense.

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