Friday, December 19, 2014


 Yeah, there are these error messages popping up, but I'm still able to write, post, go from page to page. This is wonderful. Here now with a better connection than we've had before, and it's pleasing to say the least. We are so darn grateful. Hope is, we can continue to keep this going and make something more out of life, not just grind on down to damageville/dwindling on to dwindleville, complications leading to complications until finally we're gone!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

ESOTOURIC'S Eastside Babylon

Went on the bus, finally, Saturday, the 13th, of December. It went well. I found the cafe, The Daily Dose, and parked 2 blocks away, at a grocery store where there's a video explaining to anyone with an electronic vehicle, how to plug it in.
 Enjoyed the professionalism and thorough attention to detail everyone brought on board. I learned a lot and was able to contribute. I only hope next time I bring earplugs, or find a seat in back with a blown speaker above my seat, because it was too loud for me. I heard Richard, Kim, and Joan, all with ease, which to me, working as a carny, and having some issues from birth with regard to hearing, sinus issues, blockage, it was a surprise. I'm eagerly devouring Kim's latest book, THE KEPT GIRL, and look forward to Joan Renner's work as well. The future will definitely see me on board another bus very soon.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Well I've Got A New Printer

Couldn't sort out my old printer. Easy to use when it worked...and I'm not all sure that this new one's going to work either, but when I've opened files, they've old used printer from a lady friend I know, works fine, but maybe that's because I've got the same printer company as my computer...TIME will tell.

Can A Delivery Man Be A Turnip?

Friday, July 04, 2014

What The Hell?

‎"That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds, snakes, an aeroplanes, Lenny Bruce is not afraid..."
   --R.E.M., It's The End Of The World, As We Know It.

   Sure, Lenny Bruce was full of Heroin at the end of it, for him, so, what did he have to fear? And there's nothing now, for him. Of course he's not afraid. For the rest of us, the living, we have plenty, and it's not all right and most of us don't feel fine. We're perturbed, angry, annoyed, and pissed off. Well, I used to say to an old friend of mine: at least it's better than being pissed on. Well, unless you're into that kind of thing, and I'm not, for one, I'll tell you that right now. What the hell?! 
 Powers that be want you afraid. They want major disasters of weather (east coast), and earthquakes/fires, (west coast), in order to keep us under thumb. 
 What are we going to do about it? What are we going to do?

Friday, June 27, 2014

【Info】Akame Ga Kill is comin up! Happy to voice "Leone&q... on Twitpic

Looky Here What I Brought YOU!

Harris Maccabee

 And just Who IS this insensitive prevaricating author, HARRIS MACCABEE?

The latest drivel he's "written":

‎And bloomers? (P.S. They used to wear them when I was a kid. Had this post thing with a circle on top. Hanging down the circumference were these chains at certain spaced intervals. At the bottom of the chains, were rings. There was a board, set at an angle in the sand. Each kid would walk up the board and then jump out to the first ring, and when able, reach out for the next, and keep going until the end, which brought the said young athlete to almost complete the circle/ring, where the board was again. Then they'd drop into the sand. There was a sand pit where this post was placed in the center. All the cute girls with bloomers on under their dresses were watched by the young boys in the 1960's, very carefully.)

 Just WHAT is THAT all about?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Way of the World Or, This is what's happening or not, with THE MUTINEER

And for those of you keeping tabs on THE MUTINEER: RANTS, RAVINGS, and MISSIVES from the MOUNTAINTOP 1977 -- 2005, by Hunter S. Thompson (i.e. NONE of you!!!) doesn't post its availability 2030 (That was the first to go.) And, it no longer lists its publication date as March 1, 2014 and just indicates it's "unavailable", and, there are "unreacheable" parties which "have" it, but are asking for 4, 5, 6 hundred dollars, and at least 5 dollars for S&H. It's just fucking insane!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

THE MUTINEER: The Latest!/story.php?story_fbid=10201668114007411&id=1316331397&refid=8&_ft_=qid.5990847026616408086%3Amf_story_key.-9206149680574861755&__tn__=%2As

Urban Dictionary: adjective

Urban Dictionary: adjective

 I wondered if "shit" was an adjective. So, I looked it up and found this.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Solitude

‎There is gunfire off in the distance now. Two shots. In soledad/solitude, these things too pass before us, everyone.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book News - THE MUTINEER: Rants, Ravings, Missives from the Mountaintop, by HUNTER S. THOMPSON

 You'll not likely get any other heads up any where other than here, so, for those discriminating taste buds, we offer the latest no news news.

 Saturday, March 1st, 2014, the book of letters, etc is expected to be released. Those of us who showed initiative to get it when it was first announced in 2010, will not be given any special privilege. We won't all of a sudden have a copy Saturday morning jet-post or in the afternoon by slug sailor. No. It will, if it comes at all, be delivered, my best guess, Wednesday, of next week, which puts it 4 days after publication and possibly in stores already, what few will be, in some major markets, and, you can forget about getting it in, say, Mississippi, unless Lemuria in Jackson has something going for it, or Books on the Square, in Oxford will. No. Not even in Orange County, California, probably...maybe the Huntington Beach or Newport, Fashion Island, Barnes and Noble's will carry a copy or three. But where to put it on the shelves? Where indeed! 
 Nonfiction. Not to be confused with anything such as like the Vegas book, which was listed as, but really was mostly Fiction. Doesn't matter, and ultimately, nothing does, but damn it all, I want some news on the thing now. And I want it delivered Saturday afternoon. I want a letter, an email rather, in today's box, telling me, my book has shipped! So far, nothing! Which suggests to me, my Wednesday guess may just be correct. And, I could be wrong. It could hit next Saturday, after the Penguins / Ducks game and wanting nothing to do with the week ahead of that, but...we plod on, mercilessly.

AND checking my ORDER-March 6, and by the Monday following, March 10th, is the "it should be in your hands" delivery by 8 p.m.

It's just frustrating. I've done 2 of these now. No one can find them by looking. I posted on someone's Goodreads post and subsequently deleted them and even that was a major hassle. Back and forth emails with the Goodreads ambassador there. Terrible thing. Why Why Why? It's a wonder anything gets done at all. How can anyone legitimately believe in conspiracies? Things are too easily inadvertently lost or failing that (hah) fucked up.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Mutineer: Rants Ravings and Missives from The Mountaintop

 The book, by Hunter S. Thompson, a book of letters and the lot, of his work or writings, from 1977-2005, is, we hope, due to drop, this Friday, March 1st, 2014. 
 It was first announced, if memory serves, in 2010, when I first put an order in on it, in the online bookseller-plus-company, named after a rapidly disappearing jungle. Well, the publication date did the same thing, and we all felt raped, cheated, put upon. And now on its eve, we still feel a bit off, to say the least. There's nothing about its release in Vanity Fair, there's nothing about its release in Rolling Stone, and only the barely workable site for readers (frustrated, would be writers), to review books they read, has a thing on it. And the U.K., book seller plus site. And it's bitter and sad in that department too.
 Some suggest a lawsuit is/was involved. Hell, who knows? And, "Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson?" a book of essays by known associates and admirer's, is yet another thorn in this writer's side. Why can't it be brought out as well? Especially now? Nothing. There is nothing there. Ron the editor / Publisher at Last Gasp Press has told me repeatedly it's in the final stages, just waiting on Hinckle's essay to be finished. Well, dump on that! 
 Rumors abound it and the Mutineer book have both been out already, and I can't believe a word of it. Garbage, Nonsense, you people can't be trusted. None of you, and because of a lawsuit probably, some kind of gag order. Not even Simon & Schuster's idiotic website can cull the thing, and they're the publisher for hell's sake!!
 Wife Anita Thompson's website, the Gonzo one, nothing. Off the Web, for a damn long time. All a part of the demented plan for sure. Let's kill this project. Well, a-men, bruddah. You did. 
 I hope the book arrives and I enjoy it. Bet it won't arrive until Wednesday of the first full week of March, but I'll enjoy it what I can nonetheless. It's been a bummer that's for sure.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


 SO. Remember that album from that rich guy who used to be with another group which went on to be gigantic when compared to him and his work, eventually? 
 Remember when in grade school or something it was, SO? Such an insult? Some girl or guy professing their interest, would be so floored, just by one, simple, curt, response, by the single person audience being told, some heartfelt emotion: SO?
  So she is gay. How brave. And the gay comic is dying, of cancer. How sad. 
   What's really important, we miss. People are living. 
   What is it about sex, their preference, and capability to announce it to the world and its capacious and ravenous appetite to regurgitate the news? Who cares? What business is it of ours? And, if they're dying of some horrible disease, wouldn't you think a person would want it kept private? And, for that matter, their sexual peccadilloes as well?


I Wonder As I Wander

‎ The only way to guess or even try to figure things out is to wonder as you wander. Do something and after a time you'll want care and think of nothing but anything else. What can you do about it? Nothing. You can't do anything with, to, for, about, any of it, regardless.

Friday, February 14, 2014


It was a massacre. They did it sloppy and quick. Shotgun. Hand Gun. Sub-Machine gun. If one guy and this dog had not survived (The man from injuries sustained from the slaughter did later, after telling authorities: who, what, where, when, how, succumb.), the crying dog alerting folks earlier than they would have been, due to its wailing for its dead master, alerting new, post scene event witnesses. But you know they all died horribly in their own way, did the killers. At least, you tell yourself that. And the killed, were thugs from some other gang(s) too. Bad guys, no doubt. But so what? Still killed. Killing. Dead. Not coming back. Brutally butchered. Love gone horribly wrong. Acts of love taken to extreme. Love for the gang, actions of loyalty to the bosses, love twisted all out of purportion. You know they were scared, afraid of being killed by cops if caught in the act, or stopped by others...they couldn't even kill the damn dog, idiots. You do a thing like that, you shoot the dog too. If you go beast, brutal, you do it all the way. Chickenshit Pansies!! Yeah, easy to say, but it's true. What kind of horrible person writes this? Someone without love? Who does such a thing as that? Killing other people? In a warehouse room? On Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

2nd Month, A Realization

THUR. FEB. 6th, 2014
 Two Zero One Four. Who'd a thunket? We're here, in the Second Month of twenty-fourteen!!! Isn't it exciting?! I think so. Funny though is it how the daily grind to get past another sunrise how dull turgid it quickly becomes. Terrible thing. Let's reflect on how grateful we are to be here alive and to notice any old thing. At very least it may be the best we can be or do. Shrug shoulders. Move on. Oy, smile. Grin wryly. Sigh. Be at rest with peace.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Superior Bowle Le

 The Big foot ball game in America is today or yesterday and tomorrow for some. After work I'll be missing only just first bits, and wondering how the folks back home are doing as I feel my way across the field in my mind at Puh-sod-inn-uh, the Rose Bowl, back in...86? 87 maybe. The Steelers vs. The Rams. Up With People, did the half time show. Ushers handed out squares of mirror mylar for us to be a part. I was young, sober, shouting: This Game Is Fixed!, and people were turning around and then looking at one another saying, 'You know, he's probably right.' Of course I was, but so what?‎
 I'll be sober again by the time after work I reach the house. No one will be yelling or betting on the plays, point spread, or winners. It will be a dull puppy trot. I mean, I feel for both teams. I want Seattle. I'd like Peyton to win and then quit football for good. I don't want to hear the crap when or if Seattle loses, in the way of excuses. I just don't. I have a feeling there will be a lot, if they do lose. (They won't, right?) Anyway, who cares? The toughest defense, will it reign again? Or will it lose and break that? And who will be traded or quit after this game, never able to fully realize next year's possibility with their championship/division winning team going all the way next year, because they could, but, won't. The network has made damn sure there aren't any more Green Bay/Steeler Lombardi sucking teams 3 and 4 years in a row. That shit is long over. No more horse or barn for that show. They killed the dog on that one. Too bad. I kind of liked stuff like that. Back then it really meant something to be with a team to the end. Now, it's just an endorsement or broadcasting deal post game scars. 

Friday, January 24, 2014


 We're off doing our own thing. We're not helping one another.
 Secret revealed, truth, be told. We can do no such thing. We can't do either very well. We just make some noise, splash around. Try as we may/might-we hardly make any sense (of it) before all time, sense of place, whatever, what have you, falls and, it's over--done--you die.
 Hang the sense of it. Purpose meaning reason answer(s), be damned. Fuck it. Fuck it because it's there or here. Get on with it. Live as best you can and then die. Don't worry. Be not concerned. It doesn't matter. Take it not upon yourself to care too much, too deep(ly), because there is no way of knowing, ultimately, for sure, not here, not now, not in this. And if ever there is. If in death you'll know, then that's for then. It's not for this 'now'. And there's never actually reason to rush or hurry to, for, of, by, whatever. Just to BE, is plenty.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Does Not Match The Run Time

Yeah, getting errors about this but you know, this blog is easier to operate easier than livejournal, easier than tumblr (which looks the best) and easier than wordpress. I am a writer therefore I have no money and am highly stressed and sensitive and I just want need it working and easy to work as well, in all formats on all machines. So, it looks like this year I may just flush the hell out of all of them but this one. And if I can you know remember to email from you know, any of my 2 addresses, to this easy to get into the post from the email, having the address and having this site recognize the sender and having it post with out gobbly-gunk on it as well like tumblr is doing of late when I post photos there...if if IF IF IF, i'll have a merry groovy new year!!!