Thursday, September 10, 2009


Have half a mind to go hiking in the woods right now, but of course as I write this (if one can call this hunt and peck w/thumbs writing) one needs to sit on a rock outcropping and log. Perhaps one day will come when I can do just that, maybe that will cure it.
Snot flows down back of throat, ears clear, and ringing isn't so bad, but when I walk today, the disequalibrium is pronounced to feel like the water level in the glass going back and forth, just so. Precisely. Like a film show. Back and forth.
It's a combination of many things perhaps. Stiff neck due to sleep/snoring. Sinuses...problems there. Snoring. Stiff neck muscles/blood flow or lack thereof. Allergies. And they all revert one to the other.
6 of 750 mg NAC (n- acetyl cysteine) in the morning and once again at night. Supposed to help clear out sinuses. I am my own doctor in/on this. Practising on me, on my own.
There was time yesterday that I was out of the woods, into the light. Over it. But every time I noticed it wasn't, it was once again, just a little bit, ever so slightly. What is up with this malady?
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