Monday, August 31, 2009


Been bitchy about bitching about not reading so much of late. And finally I am capable of professing here loud and clear that I have in fact plowed or systematically been through some books.
Enjoyed What If Our World Was Their Heaven, Interviews with Philip Kindred Dick. Countless Manga and Manwha titles. Finally completed St. Leon, by William Godwin, the book that launched others. Notably, Frankenstein, by Godwin's daughter, Mary Shelly. And I'm about to finish Ancient Gonzo Wisdom, Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson. His last "book" Mutineer, will be out in late October, but if we're lucky, it will be early, and I'll be able to carry it with me to Mexico for my trip. But I'd really rather have finished The Plumed Serpent, by D.H.Lawrence. Bought and started that one prior to several trips to Mexico, several years ago it seems to me. There are plenty more where that came from and not, which I'm determined to finish before I die a horrible death of natural causes. I HAVE to finish!
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