Sunday, September 20, 2009


Motivation, and how to get it. How to utilize this handy tool (instead of handling your own all the time till you've got scabs or at least until you need glasses), to get even more.
This will be the subject of our discussion over the next several seconds; minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, to come.
Remind me about it from time to time. I'll get back to you. I have to step out just now. There's an urgent matter elsewhere, which I have to attend to right away...
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Farcical Aquatic Twit

How about this then: The true story, autobiographical telling of the ultimate loser. A loner who has no purpose or function in life. But get this, it has a happy ending and it's not done in suicide.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Have half a mind to go hiking in the woods right now, but of course as I write this (if one can call this hunt and peck w/thumbs writing) one needs to sit on a rock outcropping and log. Perhaps one day will come when I can do just that, maybe that will cure it.
Snot flows down back of throat, ears clear, and ringing isn't so bad, but when I walk today, the disequalibrium is pronounced to feel like the water level in the glass going back and forth, just so. Precisely. Like a film show. Back and forth.
It's a combination of many things perhaps. Stiff neck due to sleep/snoring. Sinuses...problems there. Snoring. Stiff neck muscles/blood flow or lack thereof. Allergies. And they all revert one to the other.
6 of 750 mg NAC (n- acetyl cysteine) in the morning and once again at night. Supposed to help clear out sinuses. I am my own doctor in/on this. Practising on me, on my own.
There was time yesterday that I was out of the woods, into the light. Over it. But every time I noticed it wasn't, it was once again, just a little bit, ever so slightly. What is up with this malady?
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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Strange Weekend

Over now, my MOST expensive one in quite a while. Don't know HOW I'm going to pay for it all. Don't know quite how all these women I visited reconcile their "day's" without some odd/bizarre ablutions. Just don't see it.
How it is I so wish I could write to you openly and honestly and not bore you to tears.
I want to tell you how poor and stupid I am and how out of control as well. And how simple it'd be if I could just get my self going where it needs, where it really SHOULD be going, it'd be so much easier, no?
I just want to be able to get going with some money and creativity and get done, some of the basics of love, and sex, and work/job/whatever, to be able to afford it all.
How difficult does it have to be? Life can't be all LAME, can it?
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