Sunday, July 19, 2015


Just...we're trying to wake up. Dreaming of doing our business over a plastic bucket in the dark, in an oppressive humid heat over 100 degrees. Earlier, or before, we had the dream of being in a monastery or abbey. Walking around alone into and out of places and spaces we weren't supposed to be in. Mostly empty, these rooms with few adornments, one guy in a robe came in and told us to get out. Hmm, typical. Whatever. So what? Who cares? Can't we go back to sleep or at least, have a proper, cool, clear, and clean place to do the business? A-men!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Looking For A Nutritionist

 So, I looked up an address for the local Nutritionist and followed not much of anything but instinct, and by golly, it was replaced by a Snow Monster! In my fit of pique, I opted for 2, glazed, "vegan", blueberry, cake doughnuts. I think it was a good choice, for a 12 year old boy who doesn't know any thing about nutrition, and the deleterious effects of eating a bunch of crap!