Monday, June 27, 2011

Facebook vs Twitter

The action is on Twitter. People are funnier. Both tend to ignore you however, unless you're super clever, or insulting.

Friday, June 24, 2011


This is this, this is this. What the hell does that mean? This is this? It's not something else, Stanley. Not something else.
The Deer Hunter. A movie by Michael Cimino, was a real nut-cracker for people when it came out. Real good flick. American's dealing with Viet Nam, the war and how it affected us, in a small Pennsylvania town. Yeah. Impact. Crazy. Damn. Good film. Should see it again. If you've not. You should. It's not meant as any disrespect for any one who has served in the Military. It's just about people and their dealing with the crap of life. Real good, even or in spite of the dramatics of the piece. I mean, it is a movie after all. Every thing in that form, or book or play has a sort of arch drama to it...heightning things, presenting ideas emotions, trying to get keep you involved. Some times things work. Some times they do not. I tell ya, this one for the most part all works. Pretty much. Enjoy. The Deer Hunter.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Last Hour, A DRAG!

That last hour before your parentals left for the weekend to leave you alone, was always a drag, completely the worst. You did yourself no favor by starting in early on your misdeeds, or, even waiting 45 minutes. Your best bet was to sit quietly or take a shower and clean your room, even then waiting at least 1\2 hour after they left, just to be sure.
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