Saturday, September 05, 2009

Strange Weekend

Over now, my MOST expensive one in quite a while. Don't know HOW I'm going to pay for it all. Don't know quite how all these women I visited reconcile their "day's" without some odd/bizarre ablutions. Just don't see it.
How it is I so wish I could write to you openly and honestly and not bore you to tears.
I want to tell you how poor and stupid I am and how out of control as well. And how simple it'd be if I could just get my self going where it needs, where it really SHOULD be going, it'd be so much easier, no?
I just want to be able to get going with some money and creativity and get done, some of the basics of love, and sex, and work/job/whatever, to be able to afford it all.
How difficult does it have to be? Life can't be all LAME, can it?
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