Saturday, January 31, 2015


    It occurs that an organization of thoughts themes concepts has to take place. There's too much going on, so much to do, and it appears, and I so feel, that I'm not able to properly deal with it all.
    A moth, about seven inches in diameter arrives. Now, sure, it's winter and so when do moths appear? Are you in a place where they're year around and appearances aren't noticeable? Not for me, not for that size and so, especially so, after what occurred in the big life event of, my Aunt just had a stroke, and it coincidentally occurred on a day or night prior to...the moth was happening at the same time as near I can tell and it seems this is or was a portent, an omen, and in this case, it wasn't of the moth's demise, but degradation in the life of a loved one, and I can't communicate with them, nor can they communicate with me. Had a previously passed loved one signaled a warning, a head's up? Did I miss it? Should I have thought, figured, to look more?

Saturday, January 17, 2015


‎NO. NO NO NO. Just because it's a book, a story, fact, or legend, doesn't necessarily make it great or even good. A book, the laws, rules, regulations, philosophy, psychological intent, the forces which commence after the ideas, knowledge inside, are taken and made action upon doesn't for all make good. Once you believe in a book, it doesn't always follow you're better, or that the world is. Not no way, not no how. 
 THIS doesn't mean the book has to be burned, destroyed completely, or banned, kept from libraries, schools, bookstores, or general use. It should still exist. Just because. It's a record. It's valuable knowledge. The information can illuminate for example, say, how stupid we can be. How ignorant we were. Knowing about its existence could be just enough. A good or great motivation for doing, being better, trying for our best behavior. Some times the best response in a situation or circumstance,  is NO RESPONSE. None whatsoever.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Tomorrow's A New One

 Yeah, tomorrow's a new day. We'll we all hope a good one is made of it. Hope is we can relax and recuperate, whatever befalls.