Saturday, July 18, 2009

Journal Entry For The Day...Thus Far

SATURDAY, JULY 18th, 2009
1. You must write.
2. You must finish what you write.
3. You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order.
4. You must put the work on the market.
5. You must keep the work on the market until it is sold.
These are from Robert A. Heinlein, his “rules for writing speculative fiction,”
written in 1947. Still hold true for today I think. Powell agrees with all of them except for #3. But, I just don’t think he read it properly…but he (Powell) said on his blog that his earlier drafts are a bit rough, and need some re-writes. Every one’s does…and I think what Heinlein meant was that, it’s too easily ruined, every piece of writing if the writer has a critical eye of any kind, to destroy a work through too much go through.
I have my smart phone now. It was a harrowing day getting it. We’re going to go to maybe one or three stores and just went to one and just getting the bit down to go to a place to eat first was a pain in the arse. Then, in the store, I’m asked a question by my mother and she doesn’t like or doesn’t get my answer and then makes this: “That’s what I wanted to know,” comment when finally I spoke the words and way she needed to hear what she was asking, and I just went off. Cussing and criticizing how arrogant she comes across as, and how I do too…that I hate her doing it and I hate me doing it…and she was trying to get me to calm down and I just sat down and cooled off. Didn’t do any breathing exercises or any thing…just, I cooled off. Glad. Grateful.
The day was fine, I’d decided to get my self a phone. I heard her talk and was told that we’d try to get a two for one…and later I told her that, I’d do it, I thought, but only if she would NOT ask me to help her with her phone, because I would have to go through the shit and I’m NOT going to do that; getting mad at her, her not listening to me, etc. For get it.
Yoga, I was late for because the deal came about that the pass was for 7 days, not 7 sessions, like I’d planned, or thought…and they let me go but I was late, and for the second time in a row and it derailed me. I hated it. I couldn’t concentrate…people kept coming into the class late and it was an annoying thing. I can’t. I can’t. I kept saying about all these simple poses…and just…I had to get up and leave and it was awful.
On the way home I saw a cat that had had it’s right rear paw or leg freshly fucked up, in traffic, and facing east and crying like mad. Fuck this shit! I almost drove to a massage place but figured I need my money, I might just plop down cash for this thing…the “rebate” is a mail in. Fuckers! There was 2 amounts of $50.00 off of the purchase, and it came in at (Because they charged tax on the full phone price: the fuckers!) $219.99, and there will be a $70.00 "very-zone-e" Debit Card, with that amount on it coming from, who knows where. The rebate had me mail two items with specificity to an errant P.O. Box in El Paso, TX. But I bet I get the card/rebate, from New York or Florida or Maine for some dumb-arse reason.
YES, I mailed the original receipt plus the cut off cardboard serial number etc card on the side of my box, destroying the fucker for good (in order to return the thing, 30 days, whatever, you have to have the original packaging, etc.), so, it’s my phone for sure now, eh? Like it or don’t!
But, I do. I think there’s a duplicate with the email. As far as, I get my mail already on it, and can get and did load but well, what do I need the thing twice for? I’ll check on it. I have my gmail account, which I never use and my excite account, I’ve not had success loading. I loaded up Opera Mini…but it won’t allow me to type a lower case letter for the first letter of the email/password entry to get into Facebook! How lame is that? Because, my email and password are NOT capitalized on the first word, or any, and so that sucks. But, whatever. I’ve set my alarm. I’ve got a couple of photos taken.
I can’t send mms. Which is a photo with the text message over the phone, but can go through the motions as if I could, which means I can take a photo and get a photo and track ball through the menu to send it, but, maybe it’s just that the recipient (my sister) doesn’t have that capability. I’ll try it with Bim Budless. He has the storm, and it might at least work that way.

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mrken said...

bberry to bberry mms works fine.