Saturday, November 21, 2015

Secret Society's Super Secrets Places

SUBTITLE: It's A Confederacy Of Dunces or, Stupid Is As Stupid Does

 A man asked why was this written in the comments section. I replied, and had a hell of a job ‎NOT being able to simply copy cut and paste in an email, what I wanted to do here.  

 The guy, whose name is Richard, obviously a dick, asked why was this article done and then why did he read it. 
 It was the comments, embedded in fb and I wrote in the available window:

WHY RICHARD? It's here/there, and, not a lot of people know about it, or the ancillary links too, are of interest to read. Plus, one might now seriously consider joining a college in Utah to do a "career" in computers, but, heh-heh, if you're nice, fill in some of the required electives courses by selecting some ETHICS classes. ;)

 But I was NOT able to get my goddamn brand fucking new computer to copy after selecting, and paste to the email, this message. I instead, as a work around, sent 2 fucking messages to my gmail account, which I have inboxing here on my phone, and then opened, here on my phone, a new message, from my Web based other email account, a new message, to this otherwise pain in the arse web-blog, I've had problems with this weekend and past week and month...but I digress, because I do. I mean, I tried to get it done in a cockument yes cockument and I saved it and changed the format and tried that too, to send it, but even that, my goddamn brand fucking new computer couldn't wouldn't co-operate and allow me to put all the text in one place to do this fucking simple dumbassed thing: All these words, in this place, as a blog post. The End. (For Now)


 Yeah, and even THAT email trick, and, why's it a fucking trick? Why does it have to be? The simple fucking email doesn't print/show on the blog page. Some it does, I'm speaking in general, and some, only the title shows, but no body of the text. It depends on if I'm looking at the dashboard or not, or something, and then, so too, there's this: I can't just simply do things. The internet computing it's all supposed to be just that! Why won't it comply? Confederacy Of Dunces! It's Stupid, As Stupid Does!!! THE END, Of This Entry Of NONSENSE. 
At least THIS one works!!! Fucking Suck on That, Tumblr!

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