Saturday, November 28, 2015


  I'm so rude and crude online. But, damnit, I'm not getting what I want need or am implicitly promised when it comes to internet or wireless "service", and the internet is dogshit of late. Probably because it's all you know, another shooting. Someone goes off. Well, Colorado. Guns and Dope. DUH!? Dunno. Dunno. Dunno. Dunno. At least we just are rude with words and we self immolate. It really should be a practice for more people. People should NEVER be able to strike out at another person, whether it's with guns knives or drones. People should just blow up from the inside, you know? There should be rooms booths alongside highways and in office buildings with vents and sound proofing. It's no one else's fault for your anger outburst right? Go off by your self and destruct on your own, sans harming another soul or property, you know what I mean? Even the Buddhist monks in Vietnam, they'd just douse their self in petroleum and flicker Bic or Zippo and be done with it.

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