Saturday, December 26, 2015


STEVE HARVEY wishing everyone a Merry Easter was an odd headline for me, getting on line the other day. I'd just come to the conclusion that, we're all planets or bubbles, and going for happiness is the thing.
Saw a movie or a snippet of a classic with Cary Grant as this angel or something pouring wine into glasses over and over again with just a pointing of his black and white finger film so old...and then he said something about us all being from different planets and it's how or why we're all unique and what makes things interesting. I recalled an old article in Mirabella, the long defunct, to my knowledge women's magazine where someone quoted Unamuno saying inside our heads are universes, and thought rang out where we're all searching for happiness, and if you want, you can put 100 dollar bills rolled up inside those plastic Easter eggs and shove them up your arse. And, if you want you can hop out naked in your back yard, with bunny ears and a big fluffy cotton tail, fangs with blood and poop out the eggy-weggs for all the neighborhood children if you enjoy that kind of thing. You know? MERRY EASTER!!! Whatever floats your boat melts your butter turns your stomach or what as that. I mean, it'd be foolish to tell a psychopath or even a sociopath to DO YOUR OWN THING, but, basically it's what we all want for our do whatever the thing is that moves us, finds us in bliss and be able to do it forever. To do so and be in contentment. Making it happen and not being interrupted or permanently stopped or even slightly waylaid all along the way. That's it in a "nut" shell, right?

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