Friday, November 20, 2015

It All Reminds Me How Dumb Every Thing Is

 Stupid guy or dream about some dipshit who, having met his near infant son the day before at work, having said hello, returns and, in an improvisational non-impulse on my part, I was just was wherever I was mentally and emotionally and physically, and I just went with it, my odd situation. 
 Which was, working, minding my own business, and the guy and his son presumably, show up, and he the father, foists the son on me. I'm cradling the lad in my arms, and you know, in a moment of love, of life, a gesture, shake my arms back and forth, sort of like I was jolted by an electrical charge. Looking at the kid, and he me, we are not in pain or fear, just are in the moment and we say, look who's here! Who have we here? Or some idiotic statement of non-definition what ever. And, then, the father who foisted, takes him and hands him off and I don't see to whom. He the father is zeroed in on my eyes, and is ready for lawsuit like I'm the crazy infant shaker syndrome. And I'm just so bowled over I don't know how to deal with it. I'm walking away, silent, stunned, and, this idiot has locked eyes with me and is all manner so self-righteously inc‎ensed. Like I'm the instigator and propagator and problem. Holy Fucking COW! After I gather my wits, I begin to ask, well, where's your son? Where's your son? What did you do with your baby? And he's all, he's with his other father. And om I'm okay, thinking to my self. Say nothing. Saying nothing. Thinking, just keep walking. I'm walking. He the Foisting Father Out For Lawsuit, is walking with me and zeroed in my eyes with lock look crazy pursuit. I'm walking home back to my apartment. I get to the locked metal screen exterior door of it, and he's already there, opening it up and going inside, amidst other tennants, doing the same. I'm real nervous to say the least, approaching fear for my life and frustration as well. What in HELL is this dickshits' PROBLEM? Is he in love with me? Stalker obsessed? How asinine! What ever in hell did I do to him? I don't know him from the man in the moon. He comes to my place of work and entraps me in some bullfuckshit shenanigans, for what-dumb-fuck-ever "logic" he's got going in his labyrinthine innerscope, and I'm infinitely part parcel his magnum opus, and, am powerless it seems to me, to extricate myself of this madness. That to me is what life is from time to time. I recall, after talking to him, with the kid, and his putting the kid off some place, or to someone, another occasion, this before I walked, and he followed before he disappeared and then suddenly re-appeared later at my/his/our apartment building, being at work, and there being, and this is the funny part, 2 different dogs. 2 of same I saw this past week for real, at work, owned by 2 different owners. 1, a young bulldog, not even a year old. 2, a gray, great dane dog, spotted weakly, by some spots on his coat, like a dalmation. I pet one then the other, and then, went away. Then the guy follows me to the apartment. Sort of like the latest James Bond film. It (these both), made no real sense, logically, as they were fiction, in the true sense of no real sense to them that the guy is in a building which blows up in a film, and in my dream is there at work. Both disappear, then reappear, fine and presumably dandy, only to torture us mercilously, in some preposterous, intricate, complicated scheme, that, in real world time, would take months to plan, and they'd both have to BE me, if they knew I'd be going to such and such place after, and look for and fall for which and whatever just so. Impossible But True. Such is life. Quite stupid and idiotic from time to time. Have to laugh at it, so sad. But we do get and go consequently because of its maddening permutations insane from time to time. AAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

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