Friday, April 03, 2015

Minutiae Nothing

WHY must you put mustard or ass-gassing loosey goosey AVOCADO, where it doesn't belong? Say, on seared Ahi Tuna? In a wheat bun? Sure, tastes great, less filling, but unless you're on OPIATES (Is everyone on opiates but me? And, should I be?), which are known arse-stoppers, (constipators), there's no reason to have wasabi mustard, or any other kind of mushroom-avocado-smeary-butt leakage, "FOOD", in your system. I've no problems "going", okay?
I can eat sushi without wasabi thank you very much. Most places put entirely TOO much of it on there and you wonder, what's "wrong" with the fish? I eat and enjoy eating a lot of different types of raw fish. No problem getting rid of it either. NO problem.
And you mushroom people, you don't even do mushrooms that feed your head-cordyceps-or help your immune system-astragalus-eh? You fart around with these plate-sized portobellos or vegetable up your dishes, with these canned, button-willows, that don't even taste very good.
If I have a need to "go", and have some thinking I need to do, I'll have some shilajit, please, and, THANKS!

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