Saturday, February 28, 2015

Crusades R US

‎Why are we all so nervous, raw, twisted, wrong? What's with all the misdirected, prestidigitation by the powers that be? Do we instinctively sense that looming, 'something wrong', just around the river bend?
Is the U.S. Economy going to take a dive when the dollar dies? The rich are well taken care of, of course, naturally. No question there. But what about the rest of us? Too stupid to wait on tax filing, hurriedly done. Dutiful, and now, later of course, we'll see the ways being erred? To err is human after all. Too bad so many of us cannot forgive, and thus, will never experience divine.
 Why in hell on this earth, can we not leave one another alone? Do we actually realize how critical we are of each other? Can we? Do we do so this criticism out of insecurity over our own ineptitude and inequalities? We're not like the others. No shit, and neither should we be, but so too, we probably shouldn't be critical. No way should we judge and jury everyone in the court of public opinion. Yeah, we string one another up with reckless abandon. This too, same thing, in a way, even though it's meant as a cautionary or, well, rant in and of itself really, isn't it? Yeah, it's that too. But, hey, Zeus, this constant Public / Monkey Mind-Set Diurnal Crucifixion Contest Crap, should fricken STOP! (Just saying, right?)

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