Saturday, October 24, 2015

At Least Here We Can Jump Up To The Title Box...

 Create a title, before we begin, and then easily enough jump down here and write away and not have the conniptions like we have with TUMBLR of late. DAMN, that blog site, once the deal, so easily appealed, esp sic mobile applications.
 And what IS wrong with this ol' desktop that it defies the hold of fricken time management, goes on instantly with the power-strip? WHAT? Mystery thickens? I've reverted back to an old time/date or the Restore Point...and, working with this thing, have turned it on and off a couple of times, including turning off the power strip, and it's only just revealed, the clock's not 'moving'. So, whatever, eh? It's on and working now, but, when turned off? What? All that magic Well, never mind. Been threatening to get a new computer...and...besides an old thing where a virus company called and I updated the browser...well, downloaded software for...but, it's I dunno. Never DID see the click here open it up box, who knows what? Quien Sabe Que?

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